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The machine struggled. It huffed and puffed and blew out steam, and with one final movement: it collapsed into the hands of the inventor. Marcilyn paused with a look of grief. She huffed with dislike, continuing to tinker with it's mechanics. The machine lit up again for a brief moment, pouring water into the cup. For a moment, Marcilyn's eyes brightened, until the machine blew off into a final blow of steam, falling forward into it's side like a lopsided umbrella. The water sprayed everywhere, the desk drenched with tea. Marcilyn pulled the machine apart, a long winded sigh errupting from her lips.


It was ruined.

It was gone.

Her machine, the 1,000 dollar invention for her customer, done for! She desperately tried to piece the gears together again, and yanked the switch to make it work. The little bugger turned on, then turned off again. The air smelled like a mixture of oil and steam. The place stunk up quickly from the smell of melting metal. If anything, her client needed this machine by tomorrow, and she knew it couldn't happen.

Marcilyn bit her lip. "Just grand," The inventor said. "This is quite a mess, I better clean this up..."

There was little time before her next customer would arrive, to pay a thousand euros to make something useful. Or her most recent customer would come back and call her a failure, and make bad news for her business. She had asked for a working device that could make tea, yet the equipment and tools needed for it, could not compensate. She weighed her head down, clenching her fists. Living in the country of Heneurock, in the palace of Henna, these difficult situations did not make life any easier. If anything, the small tinkering of childhood had become tinkering for a living, and to serve her father's workplace was better than nothing.

She paused as the door swung open. When the bells chimed, her stomach twisted. She tsked herself, then jumped up from her spot to reach the counter. A young girl, a little younger than her, stood still by the counter, awaiting her presence. Her blonde hair curled in ways her own curly hair could never do, and her Victorian gown was so extravagant, Marcilyn was taken aback at first. But oddly, upon the top of her head, was a pair of messy goggles like hers, as if it were some odd fashion accessory. Inventors were hardly charmed by this- though Marcilyn knew otherwise... The girl was as charming as they came, and she secretly wondered what an aristocrat like her would be doing in a shabby place like this, in the lower outskirts of the Henna palace?

“Welcome to Henna South,” said Marcilyn, raising her gloved hand to shake with the young girl.

She shook her hand with a smile. “Salutations, Marcilyn! I'm delighted to meet you! I've heard many great things about your father- what a great man he is. I saw your shop and wanted to peer in! What a great inspiration for my newest project... show me around, I demand you to!”

Marcilyn froze, staring straight into the eyes of the upperclassman. Just her luck! She couldn't bare to let her see her backroom as messy as this! The young girl wouldn't ever come back, if she knew just how horrible of a time she had, fixing this invention. The girl must have been loaded with cash, her wallet as fat as her layers of clothes! Who could buy such a beautiful outfit? How does she walk with such ease in it? She couldn't let her in... not now, not ever! She'd have to stall her!

“Would you like to see my collection up front?” asked the inventor. “I'd be delighted to share with you some of my more exquisite inventions.”

They walked to a line of inventions up for grabs. Many of the inventions were armors for Drenarian soldiers, to fight against the Netheron revolutionary war. But the strange upperclassman shook her head.

“I didn't come here to commission you, nor marvel at your beauties,”  confessed the stranger. “I came to see you in action. I've heard of your talents, and your ability to create. I thought I could seek a bargain with you.”

“A bargain?”


No, no, no.

How could she seek anything with this stranger? A bargain?

“Yes, you know who I am, don't you? I'm Estelle Mari Violetta, princess of Netheron and fellow inventor. I could make you rich. I could make you famous. My family needs an outsider to help handle our costly arrangements, and I find that working with you could turn out to be a lovely thing. Don't you agree?”

Marcilyn's mouth dropped down low, but she quickly twisted it into a smile. Just her luck! A princess? A princess wants to work with her? She felt her temperature rising. What a horrible day for a princess to come in! Then she realized something. A princess. Without guards. Without family. All in the streets of Heneurock?

As if knowing she was being unappealing, Estelle's smile broke into a slight frown.

“You look pale. Are you okay? Don't worry about me, I came here alone, but my family is currently staying at my fiancee's house,” the princess surely couldn't say much else. “Could I come back? If there's anything amiss, perhaps I could help you.”

“C-come on back?” Marcilyn told her. Oh no... no, no, no! She's going to fire me before I even start! Fire me before I even have a chance to work for her...I have to do something about it! "Sure..."

She lead the princess into the back room. It was cluttered, with numerous failed and unfinished inventions alike on the shelf of the inventor, some hidden from view just in case this day would ever occur. There were a few that were finished and taking up space on her shelf- some more advanced Drenarian armors, that Marcilyn considered moving to the front shelf... had it not been for the lack of space, and the lack of want to sell those particular armors.

“Could you stand here by the entrance while I fix up something?” asked Marcilyn. “I'm certain it won't take long...”

The princess nodded her head as Marcilyn paused and scurried over to the other side of the room, away from the naïve princess. She hustled over in her ill-mannered inventor's suit, to lean over to grab a blanket from the nearest place to cover it with a blanket.

Marcilyn invited her in soon then. She tried to hide the sweat off her face, the broken nerves. If Estelle found out her latest invention was a pile of trash, would she reconsider and perhaps even vanquish her business? She didn't seem cruel... perhaps a little childlike (she looked fairly young to be traveling alone, though Marcilyn was only 14, and traveled alone all the time). She didn't seem like she'd be a mean spirted person... though everyone knew well enough, that many monsters hid behind elegance and sweetness.

“Marcilyn, it looks quite lovely in here! But whatever is this blanket for?” Estelle asked. She reached forward, a prideful step forward, and she was only inches away from unraveling the blanket, when she slipped on the mess of water and tea.

Marcilyn wanted to cry, racing to pick up the princess. In a split second, the princess yanked the blanket off, revealing the failure of an invention.

She expected the aristocrat to be pipping mad, but she appeared to be perplexed instead.  

A silence filled the air for only a moment before the princess spoke.

“What a disaster!” Marcilyn flinched at the mess, but the royal member didn't stop talking. “Oh, I pity you greatly! Come, let's clean this up together. As inventors always do.”

Marcilyn scrambled to reach for the nearest towel, tossing one to the princess for her to clean. She tensed, shoulders growing tenser.  This was it! She was in huge trouble now... the princess would never come here again!

“My apologies for the mess, your highness,” Marcilyn said in defeat. “I understand you are expecting only the best from me.”

“Nonsense!” shouted Estelle. “It's strangely euphoric to be cleaning up such messes. Reminds me of the times spent in my own laboratory! No... you'll make a fine companion. I'm sure you're not this clumsy, if so- I will beat all the clumsiness out of you, hand and foot!”

The strange princess knelled down on her knees and scrubbed the floors clean. Marcilyn couldn't help but stand there, gaping at her actions, frozen stiff. This princess... was nothing like she'd perceived her to be. Absolutely nothing like a princess.

The princess stood up to face her, puffing out her chest and crossing her arms, the rag still firmly in cusp of her hands. “When I put my mind to it, anything will get done,” Estelle told her. “And I have my mind set on you and your inventions. All you need to do, is tell me yes or no. I'll even help you with this invention.”

The inventor shifted uncomfortably. “Your highness, I'll need to think about this...” said Marcilyn. “I don't know what my parents will say about this.”

Estelle smiled slightly with her small lips.

“They don't need to have a say in this. I'm a princess...” Her smile grew into a growing smirk, and she tossed the rag aside. “Now are we going to prepare this invention? Or we will sit here doing nothing mindlessly?”

Defeated, she let the princess take a look at it. The princess sat it upright, screwed on all of the gears, placed all of the missing parts together, then eyed it carefully.

“The problem is in the structure,” she said, facing the inventor. “The steam isn't being powered by the fuse tank, the fuse tank is quite damaged, looks like it was that way to begin with. I would recommend replacing it's fuse tank with something more efficient, such as an upgraded accelerator fan.”

“The machine is a tea maker,” Marcilyn told her.

“A tea maker? Fascinating to say the least. Perhaps that's why my gown smells like tea,” said Estelle, thumbing her chin.

After that comment, Marcilyn didn't dare ask her to hand over the screwdriver. Regardless, the princess worked on the device, and within minutes had successfully improved it. Marcilyn didn't ask for her to fix it for her but the strange princess didn't need to be tempered with. Within minutes, the royal inventor placed the device down and turned the switch on. The machine sprang to life, all the cogs and gears spinning beautifully. The princess turned to her, smirking confidently.

Marcilyn just about fainted.

Estelle grinned only wider at her shock, and came to prepare a set of tea. She placed the tea cup down, opened the package and poured it into there, and Marcilyn watched as the machine spun around in motion until it began to pour out hot liquid of tea flavored drinks, without spilling over the place.

She wanted to praise the princess for helping her figure out her problems, until Estelle turned to her.

“You almost had it right. All it needed was a new part,” said the confident princess. Marcilyn pulled back a frown, knowing it was impolite to frown at a royal princess... though beyond everything that's happened between them, Estelle was sure to forgive her. “Now you have to do your own part.”

“What is my part... I'll do anything!” Marcilyn shouted hastily.

Estelle was all too eager to share it. “You will join me by my side back in Netheron country, and you will invent along side me. All other information, is confidential until we get there. You will work for me and my kingdom, and we will produce inventions to help the citizens succeed,” Estelle told her. In a matter-of-fact princess way, Estelle stood straight up, and tall, and Marcilyn admitted she felt vulnerable next the princess with her scrunched up shoulders, despite being taller than her. “Understand?”

“Yes, your highness... I accept...” said Marcilyn in defeat. Estelle would not take no for an answer... she was sure of it. And what better chance to prove her worth, than to be a princess's inventor and sidekick?  But Marcilyn knew as well as anyone, Netheron was not to be tampered with. Perhaps she was too hasty with her words... or perhaps...

“Great, you come with me!”

Perhaps the princess was just naive.

I find Marcilyn to become a rather quirky, fun character to write. She's got the right sort of sassy, overly worried, and overall fun personality to write about. :D It's really fun writing her, because she's so easily embarrassed about everything she does, and she's a comic relief from all of the negativity surrounding Estelle, Otto and Alexander. Mae is also quirky like her, but she's more laid back than Marcilyn.

This is dating back to when Marcilyn was first getting to know Estelle, when Estelle was 13. Marcilyn is a year older, and I chose this because it seemed appropriate. (Age does not mean Marcilyn will act more "older" than Estelle. Estelle is one heck-of-a mature 13 year old, partially due to her life-style and her crisis with her parents and the revolution... more on that later! ^^;

That said, I've really taken a liking to Marcilyn. She's humorful. She's quirky. The ideal mechanic. But she's anything but perfect, and Estelle will forgive her for it... I wanted to add something like Estelle was desperate because of the wars of Netheron, but when I tried, it really dampened this piece and I wanted to keep it light and fluffy. I just hope Estelle doesn't  come across as "perfect" because that is a big concern right there. Maybe "arrogant" or "selfish" would be what I would want, but not "perfect" Estelle is anything but perfect, as you'd find if you read my story, Netheron.

Well, in any case... I hope you do enjoy this! :) Type to you soon~
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Obelis Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how Estelle tried to cheer her up. :meow: Marcilyn seems like a perfectionist who doesn't forgive herself any mistakes. Well, I can understand this - inventors need to be responsible, but to the point of stressing out so much... Marcilyn may get problem with her nerves later. At least it's good she is trying to relax with her humor.

I like how you started this story with a problem to be solved. It gave the focus for entire story. After all, that's the formula of a good story: Problem appears-characters struggle to solve the problem-the problem is solved.
Vivyi Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Marcilyn probably is a perfectionist xD And yeah, Marcilyn's always struggled with nerves one way or another xD  But she does have a good way of solving most of her problems! With humor~ xD

Thanks! I appreciate it <33 I'm glad that worked out! I might try this sort of  formula again sometime hehehe :giggle:
lydia-san Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyy I just read this... sooo the story takes place before the netheron chapters?
And who's Alexander?? :XD: guess I have a lot to catch up~
Vivyi Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, it takes place before! :D Marcilyn was a friend and fellow inventor of Estelle...

Alexander is the leader of the rebellion. He gets mentioned towards the beginning of Netheron. I should probably draw a picture of him sometime. I currently have no artworks of him up. ^^;
lydia-san Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I didn't notice!!
Btw, are you going to write a sequel of netheron?? :D
Vivyi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm thinking about it... I've been really sick lately though. Just really drained. I'm sure I'll come up with something interesting when I'm ready. :D
lydia-san Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww it's okay,, just take a lot of rest and get well soon vivi :D
I'll be glad to see whatever you'll come up with :)
LightArcIndumati Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Vivyi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
LightArcIndumati Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
The princess doesn't seem evil...but what is it that is causing her tyranny?
Vivyi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It doesn't get said in this story... but I believe it's told in the main story itself. netheron-chronicles.deviantart… If it isn't, I believe I've written an upcoming oneshot about it, which I may post when I get my edits in by my mentor for :iconthewrittenrevolution: The oneshot explains about Estelle's background story, and a partial reason for the wars of Netheron. But as far as I know, Estelle is tyrannical because of the people who manipulate her. Or rather, the person. But at the same time, tyrannical because of her sadness.  This story was at a point in time, before her tyranny. But to say anymore may or may not be a spoiler, oh ho~ :XD:
LightArcIndumati Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Unfortunately, my web browser won't support me reading it! :cries:
Vivyi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no! :noes: You can also read it here:… or here:… hopefully these will be okay, there will be no pictures though! ^^;
LightArcIndumati Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, miss.
Vivyi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're fairly welcome~ :D
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