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A Victorian Tea Party by Vivyi A Victorian Tea Party by Vivyi
*EDIT* Added character description to characters you've not met yet. :)

*EDIT 2* Fixed the picture up a bit, via teacher's corrections.

*EDIT 3* Added contrast and lightened it a little.

Here is a sample of one of the works I have worked on for my story. By  far, this one was the most extensive and hard working pictures I have ever admitted to draw in my life! I have yet to draw 5 characters in one picture before this piece. I do admit that Mr. Monette's arms are too long.

3 out of 5 of those characters you haven't met yet. Here are their names -

Alexander Brindlewood - The scruff guy staring at Drusilla with freckles and red hair. He's the leader of an rebellion.

Clarence "Otto" Othan - Side character, the blonde with a military uniform. He's the "charming flirt." He's trying to avoid staring too much at Mae, who's staring off into space, and sides with the revolution, but gets caught into a big mess.

Mr. Monette aka Julian Monette - Owner of Estelle's plantation, and seeker for the Festival of Tears. The guy with a top hat. Secretly sides with the revolution more than Estelle herself. A powerful man.

(The rest listed below: )

Evette "Mae" Victorine- Main character, an orphan child who is taken care of by Drusilla. Gets wrapped up in terrible business with the revolution, much like Otto. She is a rather tomboy character, but still knows her manners. She is the girl with the black hair tied in braids.

Drusilla Vernice Victorine - A step mother to Mae, treats her much like a real mother. She is nervous about Estelle, for what reasons Mae cannot define. She is the one with the brown short hairstyle.

(Not pictured):

Estelle Mari Violetta - The princess who they want to vanquish because of her tyrannical raid amongst the town. She is a inventor, a princess, and a tyrant all the same, but secretly despises what she's done, and has never learned proper etiquette.

Esmeralda - A servant of Estelle's. A powerful influence in the Violetta royalty, and a loyal friend of Estelle's.

My art teacher says the pictures need a common theme, so I always make a layer on multiply with my own custom gradient.  It fits the Steampunk / Victorian mood of the story. I was chatting with :iconfixelcat: in one of his livestreams about my story, he told me he would buy a hardcover version of my story with it's own signature from me. I must say, the idea is very tempting, and I would totally do it if I could, but we'll have to see.  My original idea is to have a PDF version of the entire story available for free, and I would still have it for free even if I were selling my own copies.

My pen name will probably be "Vivienne LaViolette" The name Vivienne is based on my real life nickname, and LaViolette is based on "Violetta" which is Estelle's last name. I'd rather tie my stories to my pen name than my real name. It will show up when I get the PDF put together. :D
FlapperFoxy Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awsome art!
Vivyi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you <333
FlapperFoxy Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
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