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To write a poem is to exempt life;

To break soul,
To catch breaths,
To write words;

To write a story is to exemplify love;

To build characters,
To govern lives,
To connect hope;


To draw a picture is to create gifts;

To give meaning,
To share moments,
To inspire others;

We are all gifted artists,

and we are all innovative creators;  

So I ask you...




What do YOU create for?

Creation is a must...
in the world an artist~

(Quick poem before surgery. It's going to happen in an hour... yikes!)

Well I do all 3, so I create for various reasons~ But I want this question answered! What do YOU create for?

Ex 1. I write because I want people to sympathsize for my characters.

Ex 2. I draw because I want to inspire people with my characters~

Ex 3. I write poetry to reach out to my watchers and relate to other people~

Who says you can't be multi-talented at all three? :D I will never say that you can't be an artist, a writer, and a poet all in one~ !

(says the girl who locks herself in her room everyday to create~ if you want a life, don't do what I do... :XD: )
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PeriodicFable's avatar
This is lovely, and quite existential XD hopefully you feel you create for yourself in fulfilling your three other personal reasons for creating :) Well done on conveying such a sweet message.
Vivyaii's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I would say so. xD I really love what I do. And thanks! I remember I wanted to convey something sweet and meaningful <3
PeriodicFable's avatar
And you did just that, no doubt about it :D
Vivyaii's avatar
That's good to hear :)
cerealnovels's avatar
I create because I can't not do it. I have tried after some really tough rejections to give it up, but it has always risen to the surface whether I bury it, ignore it or swear I won't risk my heart for it again. Creativity is my heart and it keeps beating.

i really enjoyed your poem.
Vivyaii's avatar
Thank you! :heart: I appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing your words with me. <33 Those are some great reasons for creating. The struggle can be real at times... I have tried to give up creating myself, and I never seem to be able to do it. It's very strong within me,  like a fiery passion. I really couldn't live without art in my life... any art. Keep on creating, always <333
Gamzguy17's avatar
These words ring very true.
Interesting way of formatting them too.

Splendid job! Let's all stay artsy! :D
Vivyaii's avatar
Thank you <3 I do love playing with formatting in poetry :D

Let's stay artsy indeed! :love:
Gamzguy17's avatar
^^ That's a really good thing to do. When done right, it adds another level of interpretation. (Be careful though, if it's randomly done then it can lead to just noise/distraction.) 

He he, yep! :highfive:
Dashieandluna's avatar
I write and draw because it used to make me feel good now it just makes me cry I basically just want to crumple all my art up into a ball and throw it in a garbage and spend all day crying over it😥
Vivyaii's avatar
Drawing and writing should be fun things to do, not to get frustrated with. One day, you will become great... but have patience. You'll get there with time.
Dashieandluna's avatar
Thank you you always know how to turn my frown:( upside down:)
Vivyaii's avatar
You're very welcome. :D There's no rush to be a brilliant creator. It all comes with time. Just keep doing the things you love, and the rest will follow.
LightArcIndumati's avatar

I'm's just...that is how I feel...
Vivyaii's avatar
/pats There there, it's alright. :) I don't mind. :glomp:
tommyboywood's avatar
the sheer pleasure
Vivyaii's avatar
Fair enough. :nod:
LMW-The-Poet's avatar
I write to inspire and to find connections in people. I will write about aspects of life that I feel are things only I know in an attempt to learn that somebody understands... And for those things I know that others understand, I try to inspire the better. And, of course, for the entertainment of others and the passing of boredom for me. :D
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