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Netheron is a graphic novel, meaning that you will see artwork alongside the story. Expect both art and writing combined in this tale.

Netheron Summary:

The revolution is here. People are in blind site of what’s right and wrong. Among them lies a girl name Mae, who is constantly kept indoors by her step mother. The doors have opened, and Mae is forced into the Festival of Tears, where one boy and one girl must fight to reach the Rose Maiden. There she meets a handsome merchant named Otto and a trainer named Mr. Monette. Her trainer desires her to capture the Rose Maiden and punish her for her actions, except the Princess might not be entirely guilty.

Hello all, welcome to the Netheron story. This is my senior project I've been boasting about all my life, my dream come true. I'm a bit early, judging by my timeline but I'm deciding to put this out and gradually put all of it out by the time it's Christmas.

I'll be posting the prologue soon. I'll be doing this on a two-week basis, meaning two days out of the week, I'll be uploading a chapter. This is to prevent my book stuff from overriding my usual stuff. In the end, I may or may not additionally upload a short prequel involving Estelle's role and why she became a villain for a brief period of time. (2 years)

Well as always, I hope you enjoy this little project of mine. I will be delighted to hear your opinions, whether it be criticism or no criticism. Though do note: This has been edited several times by my English teacher, so I hope that you don't find any grammar mistakes. ;)


           Prologue                  Poetry Opening     

Netheron Prologue by Vivyi   Netheron Poetry: Turbulent Princess by Vivyi

  Art and Writing © Vivienne Waltzer. Do not edit or reproduce without my explicit permission. I encourage however, for you to spread the word. 
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Obelis's avatar
That face inside the tear seems cruel and cold. :o Looks like people will be hurting each other a lot in this story.

I like those simple patterns that the book cover consists of. They give us feeling of something ancient and elegant.
Vivyaii's avatar
People hurt each other a lot in any of my stories :nod: Such is the given nature of human kind. ^^;

Thank you!! I was trying to go for a simple, yet complex pattern. Ancient and elegant is something I aimed for with this :)
Obelis's avatar
May sounds cruel, but it's a good thing people hurt each other. It brings adventure into life. :nod:
Vivyaii's avatar
I guess that's one way of looking at it xD Sometimes being good is boring :P Then you need to be like Estelle and kick butt as the antagonist. 
NormalIdeal's avatar
This sounds so interesting!
Vivyaii's avatar
Thank you! I've worked really hard on it.
lydia-san's avatar
OMG what a beatiful style! It's so classy, and as i read ur story, i wonder if the tear-shaped frame symbolizes festival of tears?
Vivyaii's avatar
Thank you!~ that is a very good inference. XD I think differently of the cover, but I believe it  could mean many things~ :)
lydia-san's avatar
This is perfect already!!! I like ur style :D :D
are u taking request?? :D
Vivyaii's avatar
Not currently, but I can add you to a waiting list~ I'll probably be free during Christmas break.
lydia-san's avatar
Yayyy thanks :happybounce: please do tell me when u have spare time to take request :D
Vivyaii's avatar
Ok! Adding you to the list~
cherrilu's avatar
AHH oh my goodness!! this is so gorgeous and unique!! <3
the style of text fits the illustration super well and I love how there is a reflection in the eye
gives a nice feeling of mystery

DEFINATELY will read!! /v
Vivyaii's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you're interested. I tried really hard on this!

I'll try not to disappoint! :la:
cherrilu's avatar
your hard work really payed off it looks really lovely!! :^D
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