Strange poses.

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I can't post images.
But look at this!…

Talking about horses in stranges poses.  :
She fell on her back after that and the article says she wasn't hurt.
But damn it looks really scary!


01. Please, credit me.
02. I would love to know if someone uses this, so if you do, please leave a comment or note me and send me the link so I can see and fave your creation.
03. If you want to use outside dA, please ask me first, unless it's a SIM game. You can use them on a SIM game if you just credit and show your piece. :)

But most important,
have fun and be creative!
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omg!! poor horse!

it looks like it reared up and flipped over... but can't say i've actully seen a horse looking like that before... geez...