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I got a DD.
Don't know what to say about it. Just WOW. and YAY!
Omg, it makes me so happy =D
It's so cool to get a DD ;D
And I want to thank arrsistable for suggesting it. And LawrenceDeDark of course!
Lol Im sooooo happy with it! ;D And I'm glad everyone likes that piece so much! ;D
And I'm going to repeat myself ik I make this journal much longer.
Because I'm going to say I'm happy with it again =D
And arrsistable is great. ;D And you should check her gallery!

And thanks all for the faves!
I'm sorry I don't thank you all personally, but I am very thankful and I love how you make such pretty things with my stock. :)

For important things, note me here :iconvoorikvergeet:



01. Please, credit me.
02. I would love to know if someone uses this, so if you do, please leave a comment or note me and send me the link so I can see and fave your creation.
03. If you want to use outside dA, please ask me first, unless it's a SIM game. You can use them on a SIM game if you just credit and show your piece. :)

But most important,
have fun and be creative!
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Congratulations! You deserve it, no doubt (: