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Severus and Lily

Severus Snape and Lily Evans :hug:

I was just experimenting around... I didn't know how to categorize it, since half of it is color pencil, and the other half is digital painting... and it's really messy. I need to practice using my tablet more =P
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I like the messiness... the texture has a lot of energy
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I keep coming across this piece, and although it's gorgeous, I keep feeling that there's something odd about it, and I finally realized what it's the doe! The rest of the piece is completely beautiful, fantastic colors and a feeling of movement, like a dance, but the doe, being all white and its legs being straight as they are just gives the center of the picture a total standstill feeling that really detracts from it, for me anyway...maybe you intended that?

Terrific, anyways - I could never do something like this, but I just figured I'd write up my thoughts anyway...

I LOVE the way the background blends in color! :heart:
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Thank you for the critique :)

Once I get more practice with digital painting (or any painting) I may try to redraw this!
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I hope so! This one is so gorgeous that practice will probably make it perfect next time you try :D
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Beautiful. I love the use of colour here.
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You're welcome. You have a lovely gallery.
And thank you for the llama. :)
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i absolutely LOVE this!
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love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hope you don't mind but I use it as cover photo in my fb

I just love it ! <3
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That's fine, as long as you link back to the original source!

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Nice use of color :)
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Love the colors and the doe and the hair. Brilliant!
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Fantastic picture!
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It’s my pleasure! :hug:
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Really beautiful! gentle but captivating (if that make any sense?!) :)
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