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Oh Hai Guise!!!!

I went M.I.A and for that I appologize. I'll give you a bit of an update on whats been going on this year.

First off back in December I rekindled with an old highschool friend of my moms who's a family member basically and FINALLY MET HIM!!! He's been a distant mentor for me now and has constantly helped me in questioning myself and my ambition to challenge myself. His brother owns a gallery out in New York so I was requested to do a last minute surprise birthday painting that I knocked out the fucking park. Because of that painting I am now prepping for my first selforganized gallery show. One of many to come!

So not only am I keeping my promise to myself in one upping myself each year I'm finally going to become a big sister to two beautiful butterballs. My orders have been a bit slow but likes are flying in and word have been getting out so I'm being  optimistic. After the show I plan to broaden myself in different artsy aspects like storytelling (performing arts), configuring my own brand and clothing line, and even a book in which I'm  collaborating on to bring to life. Hopefully this year continues within this positive light. Till then I will be posting progress for you all !!!

Thanks for the support!

~Viva ♡♡♡☆☆☆☆
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Commissions are open for the summer!
I took a break and haven't been on here much and for that I apologize, I had some personal business to take care of.

If you are interested in ordering from me and commissioning please don't hesitate in asking any questions.

Black & White Portrait (Pencil): $15
Black & White Portrait (Marker): $20
Colored Marker Portrait: $35

For each additional character in your order there will be an additional $5.
Free shipping if you are within the US.

It will take me a week to complete and ship your product. It will be digitally emailed to you and you will also receive a laminated 8.5 x 12 Inch drawing in the mail.

Contact: / OhStarr via Kik Messenger
  • Listening to: SZA - Warm Winds