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Pokemon - Hilda . Touko


Full resolution NFT:…

Moving art from :iconsouthern-panda:

Hilda/Touko & Pokemon © Nintendo
Art © ViViVooVoo

Done in Photoshop
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© 2013 - 2021 ViViVooVoo
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I love your shading style! This one is gorgeous :D Do you use a hard round brush for the sharp looking shadows or do you draw them in with the pen tool? I'd like to know :D
SakuraMizu's avatar… This person is trying to sell your artwork :( 
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Damn, that's gotta be a crappy shirt because I know for a fact that image is not high resolution, haha. Don't believe those samples, people!

Seems like a lot of other artists have been affected like this too, and have been in contact with the person, so eh, not too fussed to be honest. Nothing tops that guy who used my one image on a COMFORT (hump) PILLOW, lol. Thanks for the headsup, anyhow, and Happy New Year! :wave:
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Yeeeeah. I tried to at least message them about the official Pokemon images, but was just blown off because I don't own them and it's like... I doubt the Pokemon Company is going to message you personally but that doesn't mean they shouldn't care? >>

Wow o_o That must have been... an interesting request. But yes, Happy New Year to you too! <3
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This is really good. I love that pose that you did for her. She looks ready to rumble!
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you are a genius. Can you draw somthing for Serena?
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Finally! A drawing of Hilda without enlarged breasts or anything! Thank ARCEUS.
She's TEN, people! She's not a model!

I love your style! It's very fluid and smooth.
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excellent draw:)
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Your works would make top notch posters, you know? Awesome work, V.
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