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Hi guys! I'm opening commissions again for 3 slots. Write me if interested! ^_^

General info
• I have the right to post the pic in all my online galleries you have the right do whatever you want with it, it's yours.
• I accept PayPal.
• I'm going to finish it in one week counting from the day when i got a transaction. 
• If i'm late with one week term you get a 30% discount for the next commission.
• If i'm late more than 3 weeks you can claim a refund. 
• Full pay before the work starts, you can request process updates at any point.
• I can grant you minor corrections. It means if the pic is ready but you want me to slightly correct something i will do it.
• My works are kinda rough/sketchy, look at the samples and my gallery to get the idea. 
• I usually work with a rather small scale (1000px on a wide side or something close to it) if you want a larger one, specify beforehand. 

I'm not doing: mecha, gore, sometimes some other things. But we can always discuss it, i can try anything once in a while ~_^ 

• B U S T - 25$
* additional character + 15$ (maximum 5)
* no or very simple/texture bg 
Disconnected by VivienKa Void by VivienKa Noah by VivienKa

• H A L F B O D Y  - 50$
* additional character + 25$ (maximum 5)
* no or very simple/texture bg 
Hooked on a feeling by VivienKa Manibus by VivienKa Noah by VivienKa

• F U L L B O D Y - 70$
(knee-high counts full if not specified otherwise)
* additional character + 30$ (maximum 5)
* moderately detailed bg
Tree boy by VivienKa Exy is the road by VivienKa Hector by VivienKa

Special offer
If you want something special that was not listed, like: character-sheet, fake anime screenshot, full finished picture with detailed bg or whatever, let me know, i'm negotiable if i have time and we both are reasonable about it. 

How to Purchase 
Send me a note filling this form:           
Style: (sketch, halfbody, fullbody, etc.) 
Number of characters: (1-5)
Reference/details: (better pics, but words will do, if it's an OC there must be hair, skin, eyes color and general sense of personality. If you like any specific style of other artist that you would like it to resemble, you can produce links and i'll try my best to do so or explain why not =D)
Disposition: (mood of the pic, what the character is doing, anything special you want. Please do not ignore this one)

Don't do any transactions before i placed you in the slots list!
Don't ask "can i have a commission?!" just read the rules, fill the form and send it to me. I will write here when it's closed. Most likely i'll take up to 3 at once. 


Hey guys! I'm being suddenly conscious and if i ever promised you to draw something but didn't please tell me! I have multiple accounts on other websites and many notes concerning different topics here and really bad memory. ^^''
Okey dokey! So here goes the special discount list! 

Holiday discount is 5% for any kind of commission and works for one week before holidays:
Valentine's Day   

These are the stuff that i really like, so it's always a double pleasure to draw. So 5% discount for:

Probably will be updated ^_^
well hello!
i always wonder if anyone really read this. Coz as i said i don't read journals. =D
Anyways there are some news. The first is that Paypal is finally start to work in my country from October. That means i will start doing commercial commissions yey! I do remember some of the free ones that left undone and i'm still going to finish them as planed, no worries.
But i'm really exited to try commercial. Not because of the money i don't think my art is much worthy but because it's a great experience of real freelance work. ^^
The second news is that i most likely going to study in Austria for 2 years so i will have exess to Paypal even if it won't start to work in my country tehehe.

This paypal thing is all the same for all artists in Russia and Ukraine so i think some really cool artists will do commissions from now on, start to save up! ~_^

I'm starting to want some kind of pretty design like css or how do they name it? But i don't have a slightest idea where to get it, how much it will cost or if i need a premium account for it. So lame xD
Livestreaming here
Grimmjow Ichigo AU fanart ^___^
Be welcome to see and comment =)
Ok, last time i sucked. Let's try again! xD

!Free commissions! Anybody interested?

Just to make it clear:
It can be sketch or finished work. More likely a sketch =D
I'm not really into drawing real people, animals, architecture, mecha and some more things. Because i don't know how, not because i'm a bitch xD
no time limits! i supose it could last for long. but if it's too long, just remind me ~_^

so... is anybody interested at all? ^__^

PS Oh and don't say "I want it!" Say what exactly do you want!

Closed guys! Too much is too much =D
Congrats to all who left their requests i will finish them in some time. =]
well it's not like i've expected a boom and way not like i'm a super artist... but honestly nobody wants a pic at all? <.>'
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Last time i wrote here ... whoa! 2! TWO! years ago! Jeez! xDD
I even learned how to draw a little from that time. Honestly old works make me blush. Oh anyway to the point...
I have not so many watchers and that's not bothering me. I almost telling the truth. Coz really most of net-time i spend on my diary. But. I figured that on my level of drawing the main thing is practice. But i'm kinda lazy =D So here's the idea.

How about i take some free commissions? Anybody interested?  

Just to make it clear:
It can be sketch or finished work. More likely a sketch =D
I'm not really into drawing real people, animals, architecture, mecha and some more things. Because i don't knoh how, not because i'm a bitch xD
no time limits!!! i supose it could last for years! Just kidding =D But months is very likely. I have very active live journal, university and even (omg) real life too! =)))  

so... is anybody interested at all? ^__^
Hissing kitty by VivienKa

Sorry for the poor English xD
and yeah... If you're reading this i'm very surprised indeed coz i actually never read journals. XD
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Hi there!
If you're reading this i'm very surprised indeed coz i actually never read journals. XD

I have some free time right now and tried to investigate how to use all that options like journal and categories. Gues it worked out a little. I've finally took off the photoes from Featured.

Well i still have some problems... I don't know how to put avatars instead of the nick-name in text. And how use tags like [i][/i] or [b][/b] in text. Or even... [i'm so ashamed >_<] how to use smiles! T_T
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