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This was just a quick thing I did designing a new outfit for NOLA.

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Eeeee this is so sexy~ Seriously, I love the jacket and the X. *v*
If I ever draw her in this outfit, can I still draw her normal horns? They're just so... *pets horns*
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Yeah, of course.
I just kind of threw black horns on there when i was drawing this.
But i like her regular horns better too lol
revolocities's avatar
;A; She looks sooo cool! Is NOLA getting a new VB? Or is this just a redesign?
VividSpider's avatar
I don't have the time to do a new vb right now. :C
This is just an alternative outfit. : D
StaleMeat's avatar
Ha, them legs are awesome! Nice job!
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jelly on the outfit. So prettty.
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IceValaxy's avatar
Oh :D I like this design ouob GJ :D
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Ahh those colours! *u* Awesome contrasts~
VividSpider's avatar
Oh, thank you! ^_^
problematixx's avatar
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice *Q*
MishaRoute's avatar
uwaaaah so cool *A*
Sorael-Ignis's avatar
I like this, a lot X3
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Whoa, sweet threads.

Brings to mind a succubus, probably the horns that do it.
VividSpider's avatar
Thank you.
I think its the horns too.
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You deserve a heck of a lot more pageviews.
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this looks awesome!

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