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You have days like these, where life just decides to embrace its sadistic side and give you all it's got, only to reveal it's got another surprise up it's sleeve when you're thinking that it's physically impossible for your day to get worse.
How work has turned my life into one giant cliche. I remember when I started this whole affair upon graduating seven years ago; I'd noticed, and pitied, the monotony of the routine by which the rest of the working population appeared to go about their morning commute. Arrive at the train station everyday at the same time, with the same drained expression on their face; walk to the same spot on the platform to wait for the train, and unfold the same newspaper each day after they step into the same carriage as yesterday. The consistency with which this was done reminded me of The Army in some ways, but in reality closer to an army fighting a dream of someone else which they don't care for---but who are too apathetic to try defeating the system. I'd m
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Hallways of Always
In my time here, wherever I am, it seems that place never sleeps. Being unfortunate enough not to possess that luxury myself, the deliverance from nocturnal isolation is one of the few things keeping me sane. If anything, given what I've seen, you could argue that the place is not even awake as the sanguine streaks go about their disappearance from the evening sky.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six
I count those numbers, ritualistically, in tune with my breath as I traverse these limits that my life has been consigned to by the elegant forces of chaos extending beyond my control. A habit, it's beginnings I can't particularly recall; though in it's pursuit I'm subconsciously reassured of the fatality of my existence in it's whole.
Six, the day I was created. I have reached that number for as long as I can remember, and I will continue to remain trapped in this seemingly endless ring. One day, maybe, I shall find it, I shall break free and doing so disrupt the rhythms which have evolved i
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Gulag Orkestar
"Stop." Said the man in front of me with the elephant face, careening like a metronome in time with each percussive explosion. Behind him, they twirled and spun around, dancing and falling into each others arms, the satin sashes trailing from their hands fluttering in the afternoon breeze, as if moving of their own accord to the waltzes of the accordion and trumpet players beyond.
"Where am I?" Said I, whilst shielding my eyes from the autumnal sunshine, taking stock to examine the leathery creature standing in front of me. Yet I was instantly enraptured by the hypnotic gaze of his wonderful glinting elephantine eyes, distorting my reflection in them to that of myself as a young child; spinning in a circle trying to make myself dizzy; rolling down a grassy hill; finger-painting blue, red and yellow blotches upon a grimy magnolia wall. These flashes I saw and relived all at once, and yet not at all, my present figure gormlessly staring back at me from the other side of his cavernous pup
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I was an angel, once, though that was a long time ago before my descent into decadence. Though I was a victim of circumstance, a certain rendezvous with a late acquaintance initiated this transition of mine into this newfound lifestyle. Though that's all he, and in fact anyone is to me now, nothing but an acquaintance at best if they're unlucky. Religious principles are no longer a protocol I follow, with my fulfilment of the Buddhist Anatta a distinct exception; a multitude of lives many have lost attachment to as a consequence of my doings. Yet time is now short with my own soon to be an untimely addition to that list; my actions having reached the mainstream. Though as of now I have managed to stay elusive.
I remember initially, my diminutive figure and femininity had worked well in my favour. What fools they had been to underestimate my intentions and the sadism with which they would be executed. Their completion nowadays the only thing capable of bringing a crude smile to my face
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The Waves
Disjointed little shards of text had rained into the notebook he'd originally procured in order to write his novel. Like a shattered stained-glass window, there was originally a coherent message, a plan, a feasible outcome, but the current fragments gave no indication of it. Each incident of writing, an outburst, a frenzied slash of pencil through the pages covered different unrelated characters, settings and plot devices, each episode a reaction to the overflowing of his emotional capacity. Love, hate, lust, the death of his sister and his adulterous wife; each of these etched into the book. He despised the book, he hated it and wanted nothing more than to destroy it, watch it slowly burn until only embers were left with which he would dispose of in the nearby river. All tangible remnants of the book, and the worries, stress and emotions of his past, would be washed away with it. But he couldn't, it was impossible for him to do so. Like an addict, he needed the book, relied upon it an
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Nocturne .1
I stub my cigarette in the ashtray as I hear her name announced. Women -- despite how we complain when in their grasp, we cannot deny that they possess over us a hypnotic hold even at times when we are free of them. Hence I find myself here for the fourth consecutive Thursday at 11pm.
Despite our small number, she blushes upon seeing the crowd as she enters from behind the stage. Smiling, the tail of her sleek, black dress slides behind her as she makes her way to the piano. Seated now, she closes her eyes.
And lets her hands sink.
A chord resonates throughout the dimly lit bar as yet again, my breath is taken away from me. This number is a solo, yet I can feel on the inside of my ribcage a strong drumming. Two bars pass; and she opens her eyes as those fingers stroke their way up and down the piano. So smooth those elegant hands, so hard to discern where her fingertips end and the sea of ivory begins.
The drumming quickens in unison with the melodious thunk as in turn, I close my eyes
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Amalfi by Vive-Le-Roi Amalfi :iconvive-le-roi:Vive-Le-Roi 1 1
The awkward silence landed after that final sentence; it's impact like a large rock penetrating the surface of a pond; loud and clear, asserting itself on more than just one of our five senses. I shyly looked down at my feet and commanded them with effort to move, overcoming the strange heaviness that seemed to have accumulated in my thighs---as I moved up the staircase and she descended past me. I didn't need to look behind me to know she'd stopped. The silence having heightened my sentences, I only needed to hear the ceasing of the metronomical click of her heels against the stone stairwell after only three crotchety steps. As if we were both following a conductor, I stopped in unison, turning around to see her facing me with wet eyes and her bottom lip white from the pressure of her incisor.
"Look," She said. She was shaky, reflected in the quavering tone of her voice, like an opera singer losing control of their vibrato on the higher notes. She only took a moment to compose herself
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Decay by FireGlass Decay :iconfireglass:FireGlass 4 5 free. by LaarkK free. :iconlaarkk:LaarkK 12 7 london, sitting on a bench by LaarkK london, sitting on a bench :iconlaarkk:LaarkK 6 10
Mature content
Therondy For Lylah :iconmoejo:moejo 2 2
Forever by WojciechDziadosz Forever :iconwojciechdziadosz:WojciechDziadosz 266 83 Romantic settings by TearCandy Romantic settings :icontearcandy:TearCandy 3 1 WhenIt'sOver by alunaticloner WhenIt'sOver :iconalunaticloner:alunaticloner 21 2 An Eagle On Your Mind by moejo An Eagle On Your Mind :iconmoejo:moejo 77 15
the black saint
Mingus was a
punched Knepper straight in the jaw
(broke his teeth and shattered his range)
and almost flattened his pianist's fingers with his
own piano.
no one knew that at times he couldn't
muster lifting his own bass
and he wept himself to sleep.
the universal truth that binds us all together is:
a) we fuck up
b) we're fucked up
however, for all his short comings
Mingus was a magician:
the manner in which he
thumped that upright bass
mimicked our collective turbulent hearts
so miraculously.
his notes forged such an enormous
firm bridge that carried us all above
the many things that
a ferocity transmuted into unparalleled
so pogient, so visibly
moving that bit of light so much
that i place him upon my head
along with
Dolphy, 'Trane, Egon and
who were all so very
:iconmoejo:moejo 5 4
freedom speech alley
it was mid October
and i was freezing my
freshmen bum on a bench
devouring the divine comedy and
air drummin' to Frank Zappa's
Waka/Jawaka when he
on me;
crazy fat bastard sporting a sign
and a cajun accent:
I didn't mind the "boy",
nor the "question"
I was still one anyway,
"I'm a muslim"
I was
it's not that often
that someone pops up
out of nowhere
to tell you that you're
destined to rot in

before I could muster a
he pounced
at another passer by;
a young girl
hair dyed
and he continued to
spouting the same
tagged with
poor darling;
caught like a rabbit
in a hummer's
bursting into a fit of
I looked around
no one bothered to
that was
:iconmoejo:moejo 9 9
Fist full of banjo by Gurbik Fist full of banjo :icongurbik:Gurbik 7 7 Chicago Morning.One Wish by moejo
Mature content
Chicago Morning.One Wish :iconmoejo:moejo 94 17
what matters most...
sometimes i  feel like
Herrera Santoro
plucked from argentina
with a
to be fed as a midnight snack to
Teodor Lown
with a
it was a laughing matter for
ol' Santoro never stood a
he was
fighting a
22 yr old with more knockouts than
Santoro had victories and draws
"a walk in the park" everyone said
the bastards all marched to the arena screaming and hollering
like rabid dogs all desiring
Santoro had no
a boxing mantra from the pages of
stamina of a 40 yr old and a bad left
but what he lacked in
he more than made up for in
he had more fire and guts in him than
:iconmoejo:moejo 4 4
When by moejo When :iconmoejo:moejo 24 1 Alone Down There. by moejo Alone Down There. :iconmoejo:moejo 11 4 Skyliner by moejo Skyliner :iconmoejo:moejo 27 10



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Thought it'd make sense to put all of my writing up here, especially now that I'm planning on returning to the good old days when my pieces weren't horrifically sparse and generally better than what I'm churning out these days.

Of all I've written. These three, in order, would probably be the ones I'm most proud of. Not saying they're great or anything, but relatively and for me, i think they're alright.………

Don't hesitate to speak your mind on them. Think they're god-awful? Then say so -- I'd appreciate it.
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