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Thank you for giving me membership! I intend to work on a painting/drawing of Max once I get through moving house this week.
Am planning to join, but I haven't done any Revolutionary art yet. However, I am feeling profoundly, ahem! inspired, due to recently renewing my acquaintance with a certain handsome young lawyer with a northern accent, fabulous cheekbones and dashing dress-sense. I am wearing a red ribbon choker for him at present, as his anniversary approaches…
Hey! Since we have the same passion I'm sure you can help me in this Group!
I'm looking for:
the best biography about Danton, Desmoulins, Saint Just and
some book about l'hopital des enfants abandonés

Can you suggest me something?
I'm so glad I found this group! I have been left wondering, though... How long until Saint-Just gets a group of his very own? :squee: (sorry aheh)
I bet the revolution was only started because the French people were jealous of how pretty and awesome Marie Antoinette was.
She'll never be either as pretty or as awesome as Max. (And yes, that terracotta sculpture was done from life.)