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Welcome to VIVAPoets!! :D This is a group that values quality over quantity. We don't care how many members we have, we're just here for the poetry, and our love of it! If you love to write poetry, regardless of the genre or style, then this is the club for you!
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April-December 2015
Something Greater than LoveEntry #1. Something greater than love.This crossing of paths is nearly impossible to explain. I cannot fully translate my perception into words that make sense. The peak of which I reached when I was with him is indescribable. Serenity, euphoric, simplicity, symbolic, ecstasy, therapeutic, these words barely scratch at the surface of my heart. When I gently touched his scars, I peered into his estranged dark. Sometimes, our secrets are hidden in plain sight. It can cost a lot of pain to reach for any emitting light.I blindly reached for his hand, and he did not hesitate to reach for mine.When him and I were stood side by side, I would get shivers up my spine. There is this certain energy between us. It is a cosmic-magnetic feeling. The force behind our thoughts and fantasies of the future were overpowering, unknowingly. We were scared of each other, and we did not even know it. The truth behind our eyes were clouded by one another. Our anxiety-tolerated bodies were not accustomed to experiencing peace. We did not know what it meant when we smiled at each other. It was as if we have never smiled before in our lifetimes.We witnessed the hurt behind our hearts before we experienced the healing in our cores.Healing, that is what we did to each other unconsciously. We were each other's medicine. Every glance refueled scarce confidence. Every hug was a bandage. Every kiss was a crutch. The bouts of laughter was us giving life to new galaxies in our minds. When we held hands, it was as if we were filtering out the pollution of loneliness that infested us. The past that infected us slowly regrew layers of trust. As the hours past, we felt like we were slowly becoming worthy enough.It may not seem like much, but, I know in my soul this is...something greater than love.


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I feel like this is a prompt that everyone could write pages of poetry for.

Write me a poem about pushing someone, or going too far, getting carried away.

Please submit all poems to the "April-December 2015" folder, thank you.

Here are the rules of today's prompt.


1. The poem can be any style or any length

2. Please post the poem to the group! (In the April-December 2015 folder)

3.  Please leave a comment on this entry with a link to your poem so I can feature it in this journal and on our front page for all visitors to see!

4. (Optional) Add VivaPoets icon in the artists comments. Here is how it's done, just remove the spaces! :
iconvivapoets : so if you remove the spaces between the words and the : then you get :iconvivapoets:! :love:

And that's all the rules!! :D Thank you for reading them!!

Prompt Responses:

1. "Too Far" by :icondarkphoenixincarnate: Too FarYou’re okay.
You’re okay and you went too far but
You’re okay and you
Let yourself go let yourself imagine
Let yourself hope and you went too far but
You’re okay you’re okay
Just breathe, breathe and rewind, rethink but don’t relapse
You’re okay, you’re okay and your,
Fingers are trembling and chest clenching as ringing words echo in your mind as
You turn on all the lights and sit in the brightness
As your heavy throat and warm skin turns to ice
As the shivers and the joy and the pleasure go and fade and
You’re okay you’re okay this is
Always how it was supposed to end and you
Always knew you always understood and
You’re okay you will make yourself okay you
Didn’t really care in the first place you
Never really hoped in the first place you
Let it go too far, let it push the edges and
You didn’t even know where the lines were drawn but
You passed them and you broke them and
You’re okay you’re okay
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