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Throw it to the Wind

             The children giggle as they trample over branches and drooping brown vines. The wind responds with a sigh, picking up dirt and smearing it onto them as if attempting to convert their bright outfits to the drabness of their surroundings. Their attire, full of blues and reds and greens, stand out against the mounds of dirt and lifeless leaves. Dahlia picks up a twig and puts it in her hair, behind her ear. Parker picks up a leaf, laughing and counting every shade of brown, playing the game.
        A bell rings, and swiftly they drop it all. They wipe the dirt off of each other’s clothing, take the twigs and leaves out of their pockets, plucking them out of their sleeves, their hair. They walk into the vibrant complex, a maze of neon buildings, without any space between them. The children enter the first tunnel, with a high light blue ceiling and furry green carpet. The door shuts b
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 7 9
NaPoWriMo 1-4
Written on: April 1
Through the Numbers Game
It’s a number funnel,
Good luck getting through.
We roll down the path
And are sucked by the trap.
Now the wall’s closing in
And barely anyone wins.
You’ve got what it takes
But you can’t beat the race.
So forget all that stuff
We’re not good enough.
But to be fair,
It’s not just you,
So crack a smile,
Somehow, we’ll all get through.
Written on: April 2
Not Enough, Not Today
It’s not enough to create a piece
that few will like and few will see
but I will always be proud of.
It’s not enough to get it published
so more will like and more will see
my beautiful creation.
It’s not enough to win an award
that no one’s heard the name of
but I’ve been looking up to.
It’s not enough.
Because so many others create too.
And so you’re not special anymore.
You’re just a number,
and one too many,
and so they close the door.
Your piece is amazing, I’m sure, and
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 2 2
Look Back by VivaFariy Look Back :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 3 0
She glances at the photo of them on the coffee table - two people, smiling, happy, in love. The photo was fading from years sitting by the sunlight, but the frame was shiny, without a speck of dust. With a sigh, she moves towards the front hall.
She sees him blocking the front door of their apartment, his tall, strong frame trapping her inside. She drops her bags, quickly pushing them behind her in a muddled heap. He frowns at her, crossing his arms. She watches his piercing eyes as he looks her up and down, noticing her shaking fingers and her too-broad smile. She twirls her ponytail and looks away, at their attempt at a garden out the window. She gazes at the few flowers, the tulips struggling to bloom, the dying primrose and aster, the gardenias suddenly sprouting out, and the willow creeping around the morning glories. He looks past her and sees her bags, two full duffle bags in addition to her red fake leather purse. As she notices his stare, her eyes widen, and she freezes in pla
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 5 13
Hibakusha (1)

(2) 一 
(3) Her head shakes sadly, (4) Shikata ga nai (仕方が無い)
“We drove to Hatchobori, my son in my arms,
the car grew dark, I jumped into the sun,
there was no light, but the light glint of glass,
his skull a mess, my hands slick and wet.”
They say they saw a (5) pika (ピカ),
and then--Boom!-- they heard a (6) don (ドン).
The towers screeched, shattered, became chips of china,
then all fell silent in fear and desperation.

(7) He sighs at his nails, still black, still a (8) kiseki (奇跡) 
“The river brought relief, cold pierced my scorched skin,
his soles were peeling, raw red muscle showing.
I made him crawl, we ran on our arms, our legs, our heels,
until we got home, bodies both cracked and wilted.”
They woke to darknes
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 2 13
Just a goodbye
Eyes open, I see your face.
Eyes closed, I can’t escape
the thoughts of you, follow me home.
You want to leave, leave me alone.
Every memory has your touch.
To block it out is not enough.
Who am I without you here?
I can’t remember, that’s my fear.
No one sees my colors quite the way you do.
Nothing can replace the eight years we’ve been through.
But somehow, I know, now there’s no coming back.
I've called out to you, received silent replies
And you do your part, never saying a goodbye.
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 2
Continuous Challenge
Every day she sees a person walking by,
And more than anything she longs to say hi.
But before she can say a word or thought,
A voice inside her says “or maybe not”.
There's something stopping her, holding her back -
It's clear that confidence is what she lacks.
It wasn't always there, that doubtful voice.
She didn't knowingly create it, it wasn't a choice.
I know she was once outgoing and free,
And now she’s caged by insecurities.
It started years ago, when she was eleven or ten.
It isn't hard to remember, though it was way back when.
Her parents separated and left her in between.
From then on, as a family they’d never be seen.
That same year, oh, it was a difficult time.
She was forced to switch schools and leave her friends behind.
She wanted to seem fine, but it was hard to pretend,
Because at that moment her life started all over again.
It took her years to accept that those friendships had died,
That she’d never have more to say than a simple “
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 0 0
Before the Lake Dries
Only until her feet can reach the floor,
A few short days while she is still young,
When in her eyes I can do no wrong,
And she thinks I’m the father she adores,
While in my heavy arms the light bird soars,
And her little hands still string me along,
Will I believe that my small girl belongs,
To me, my love, and not to that war.
But then - that’s it - we cannot live this lie.
Your tale, your truth, I refuse to stain,
Your devotion, respect, I will not buy,
I must break the peace, though I’ll hate your pain,
But right now she swims, before the lake dries,
Water will recede, my love will not wane.
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 0 0

    I want to kick it, send it sprawling. I want to tip it over. I want to see it tumble, all the water spilling out. I want to break the little black wheels, already loose from years of play. I want to scratch off the paint, cross out his name. I don’t want to see his name.
    I want to see him.
    I want to see him smiling, sitting in the ugly, dirty wheelbarrow, begging me to push him down the street. I never thought I would ask for him to bother me that way, I always told him I was too busy. But then I’d do it anyway, and I’d have the most fun time. He could always brighten any day.
    It hurts to think of it.
    I start to push the wheelbarrow down the narrow street. The wheels creak - they must have rolled in some water. These days there is an abundance of water. I never thought I would grow to hate rain.
    I push the f
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 2

    The door slammed with a resounding finality, and Tessa wished it would swing back the way it came, sweeping her parents back into the house. Instead, all she saw was her sister, staring at her with the clenched face of someone about to cry, or whine, or throw a tantrum. 
    “Um, can we talk?” Chloe whispered, hands in the pockets of her oversized hoodie. Her words creeped up Tessa’s arms like chills in the cold.
    “Not right now. Let’s do some homework, then we’ll eat dinner together and chat, okay?” As Chloe nodded, clearly holding back several sentences, Tessa turned around, heading back towards her bedroom. Chloe’s words were now tickling the back of her neck, and Tessa shivered, even though the heater kept the rain’s cold outside.
    “Did you not hear what they just said?” Chlo
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 0
To Survive
We dreamed of success;
now we simply aim to survive.
We struggled towards popularity;
now we are all the same, our "cliques" dictated. 
We reached for the stars, but were always grounded. 
Now our touchstones - lost.
Our families - gone.
Our identities... taken.
I say "we" for it reminds me that I once had a place.
A place that would always be mine,
though I was soon to leave.
And a new destination,
that I will never discover. 
What I would give to go back to the heaven we called prison.
Now our scores - worthless.
Our visions - ignored.
Our values... fading.
I cannot let our dreams be completely forgotten.
We've become sheep, led by the stick.
I will not allow it.
We've become lifeless, waiting for the end.
I will not allow it.
For seventeen years, we've faded into oblivion.
Now we stand - slowly.
Rise as one - behind me.
Hope again... that I bring.
To bring back our dreams, I must change.
This is what we do,
to survive.
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 5
Kwidditch: Gwendolyn by VivaFariy Kwidditch: Gwendolyn :iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 12 8
Two Snowflakes
"The snow. It's so...beautiful."
Snow drifted slowly from above, creating a magical fairy-like scene. Yuki breathed it in, completely enamored.
"So amazing," she whispered to the open air, to the setting that was leaving her so breath-taken. Her radiant blue eyes gazed at the horizon and the soft, flakey substance. The snow began to accumulate on her long, piercing blue dress. Yuki looked down and realized that she was quivering. Her outfit, a beautiful design in blue and white, did not cover her shoulders, and the skirt, though floor-length in the back, barely reached her thighs in the front, Her immaculate white boots by this point had sunk into the top layer of pure white snow. She was cold...but she didn't want to leave. Not yet.
"Hello?" Bella called out. "I didn't see you at first. Your white hair - it's so long. From the back, I thought you were just the snow. Your hair blends in so well...." Bella stopped, noticing that the girl was shivering. "You must be freezing! Why don't y
:iconvivafariy:VivaFariy 1 0
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