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This is my Gnome-Shell 3.12 theme, based on my previous themes with some small tweaks.

Required Fonts: Raleway, Open Sans

Orange and Blue versions (thanks to newfyworld2) of this theme are included.

If you want to use the Screenshield and Login screen (the last two screens in the preview), you need to copy the the content of the "gnome-shell" folder in the zip to "/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme".

If you have any problems or remarks for improvement of the theme, just let me know.

The theme is not finished 100%. You can find the latest version here:…

Update 1:
- new toggle images
- unified dialog styles (logout, polkit, wifi, ...)
- multiple small fixes
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Hey, man, there's a guy who's making money with your theme, ignoring the CC-BY-NC-SA licence.…
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Thanks for the notification!
I contacted the guy. That's a very doubious website…
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That new Linux looking... simply WOW! But still can't switch to Ubuntu due to the driver problems... still not userfriendly -.-
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I am glad that you like it.
But you should really give linux a try. Except for gaming it is superior to windows, and even that is now changing. :)
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I know! I've given... but it isn't able even to install drivers for my network adapter. And I'm just an av average user and can't write drivers by myself.
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I check this archive and found that you included viva-orange which is not in github repo. So I think I will make a new AUR package seperate with current gnome-shell-theme-viva-git package
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The master branch is viva-orange, the viva-blue-3.12 branch is viva-blue.
This is due to the fact, that I personally only use the orange version, but as it turned out, the blue version was popular as well.
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I think you should name viva-blue branch 'viva-blue' instead of 'viva-blue-3.12'. So forth git aur package will usable in long-term.
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