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Gnome-Shell 3.6 Theme: viva 2 r1

By vivaeltopo
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This is a Gnome-Shell 3.6 theme I made, based upon the original Adwaita theme and my previous theme: [link]

Required Fonts: Raleway, Open Sans

If you want to use the Screenshield and Login screen (the last two screens in the preview), you need to copy the the content of the "gnome-shell" folder in the zip to "/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme".

If you have any problems or remarks for improvement of the theme, just let me know.

The theme is not finished 100%. You can find the latest version here: [link]
© 2013 - 2020 vivaeltopo
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Can you give me a link to the second wallpaper? the one with '12:15 Freitag ..." written on it. Btw I know it's conky :)
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Since I am not sure, which one you mean, here are both:

- Snowboard: [link]
- Street: [link]

And nope, no conky.
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Awesome theme! :)
Since I'm a total noob for linux distros, could someone tell me how to install this step by step
Thank you very much
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1) install gnome-tweak-tool and the user-theme extension
2) extract the content of the zip-file to the ".themes" folder in your home folder
3) Open the gnome tweak tool and select "viva" as new shell theme

if you want to have the login screen and the screen shield (the last two parts above) type the following into your terminal (after you have done the previous steps): "sudo cp ~/.themes/viva/* /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/". This will overwrite the default theme (in "/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/"), so maybe you want to save a backup of it somewhere.
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damn, I'm having trouble installing the user-theme extension
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Try installing the "gnome-shell-extensions" package, the user-themes extension should be in there.
If you are still having troubles, make a backup of /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme and move the content of the gnome-shell folder from this zip there, as I mentioned before. This will install it as the global theme.
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thx very much bud, installed ubuntu a couple of days ago, but I'm mainly sticking to windows as my tv card doesnt isnt supported/no linux drivers, otherwise I would spend much more time in ubuntu, next time I buy one I'll be sure to check if it's supported
Thx I'll try it later :)
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Very niice mate, thank you!!
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Nice theme! Looks pretty sleek.
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Could I have a link to the second wallpaper, please?
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