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If I Could Only....

....reach you.

The walls are thin tonight
Can you hear them?

Happy Samhain.
Happy Halloween.

Sorry for the crud pic.
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:wow: Wow, I love it! Great job!^^
arracraidira's avatar
Whether or not you meant this to be a real pic, It made me pause and look.. its kinda rattling. I dont want spirits to be that close and reaching out

Im faving it though because this could be the pic to illustrate the feeling on loneliness- its got that feel to it too.. Like I know these people are out there I just cant break through to them..

You certainly know how to use color.. those spirits really look cold and messed up.. and that red is really all distraught and unsettling too- good color
ryokogirle's avatar
beautiful, and i'm grateful there are people out there who understand this holiday!
leopardwolf's avatar
Wow. This picture sent a shiver down my spine. I thought it was a reflection of reaching for the spirit world even before I scrolled down and read the comments about it being for Samhain. Very well done, to convey that so clearly.

I can hear them, always around us.
anch-monkey's avatar
I really dig this piece! Nice work!

It comes across as very mysterious, and your choice of colors help that. The eerie blue-black shades and the nice soft brown of the character both really help that.

I get a real feeling of sadness in this piece too... Like this character really wants to break through this border, but maybe she shouldn't. It also feels like maybe, she could, if she tried hard enough... A lot of tension there, and I like it. I also love the detail of that one little figure is actually reaching over the barrier... neat little detail that I didn't notice at first.

The only thing that bugs me with this image is the character's right arm. While I don't think the placement is necessarily wrong, it seems just a little odd to me. I think I'd like that almost black color that goes up the stomach of the character to go all the way up it's stomach, instead of only going around the bottom of the arm. That would make it clearer visually that the arm is coming out from the other side of the torso. Right now, while I know that as a viewer, it just looks a little odd to me.

Cool piece :D
BlackWolf-Embers's avatar
it's very nice =D i really do like the idea
Fractur3d's avatar
That is astounding. o_o I really love the way you drew this. It seems so full of emotion. n-n Wondrous job, I must say.
Terra-fen's avatar
Wow! I like this picture. The coloring looks great. The 'shadows'(?) look like smoke, it seems realistic to me.
grey-heart's avatar
wow it loooks awesome! ^^ great consept! ^^
Kahvie's avatar
That is just awesome:)! I love the lighting effects^^!
sekenda-keket's avatar
Blessed be! It rained today. I love the rain.
NovemberShade27's avatar
Nice concept. Reminds me of the Matrix. :D
Muddpuppy's avatar
blue light looks very awesome. happeh halloween viva. <3
cricket00fur's avatar
crud? I really like this! Very interesting.
verdantSculpts's avatar
very beautiful imagery here.
jamaisvu's avatar
i love the concept... and the head/face and the reaching out paw on the wolf look GREAT. and the glowing eye shadows...

i don't know, since you have the advanced critique encouraged setting on... i think the origin of the other front leg/paw looks a little confusing..? like the shoulder would have to be really low to be at that angle, maybe... and the hind legs, i'm not sure if the line there is supposed to be like, two legs, or it's just a muscle line in the one..? i'm wondering if maybe a little more contrast in the shadows might make that a bit more clear... i still think it's a really great pic, though, don't get me wrong... i didn't really notice those things until i looked at it for a while. everything else looks really good, those are the only things i wasn't sure about.
vivadawolf's avatar
Oh wait I get it. Leg. Everything to the right of that line is..leg. But the rest is just..blob. Lmao.
vivadawolf's avatar
Everythings icky because I didnt..actually plan for this to be a pic lmao. I had no undersketch and just..put red blobs of colour and just ended up adding more detail... I erased a whole bunch of red to make it not look as. Blobby. But yeah, the anatomy isnt too proper. The other arm seems okay to me, I dont, the shoulder/upper arm starts The frontones armpit? Prolly not :X Leg.. yeah thats messed up lmao. I was gunna leave it trailing off.. doesnt looking right as two legs..and if its a muscleline, well, thats some..strange muscle.
jamaisvu's avatar
i think it still looks really good, though... especially if you didn't have any planning. whenever i have a leg that's going wrong, i just... crop it out. *laughs* okay, that's not the best solution, either... i think i'm probably looking at the other arm wrong, though... i think if you think it looks fine you should definitely go with that, anyway, heh.
AvivaShywolf's avatar
Blessed Samhein to you too.
sekenda-keket's avatar
oh dang. i forgot to do tarot!!
ShadowCatLurking's avatar
It... its... :heart:

*insert purring here* :+fav:

FINALLY! Someone who knows what I'm talking about when I say Happy Samhain!
I've been getting wierd looks all day... -_-''
MorbidHalfbreed's avatar
Wow, this is awesome. I love the colors, and how the whole thing isn't too detailed. It's got a very cool mood to go go with it, too. :]

+ fav
dougans's avatar
thats really interesting, its got a kond of impressionist, implied greater story while just showing a moment of whats going on
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