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Bleeding Sun

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me encanta esta imágen... tengo en proceso un libro de poesía. Esta imagen expresa perfectamente bien lo que contiene el libro...
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this just looks plain fantastic :D
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my fav piece of yours

to me the wolf feels feminine

the whole piece feels so


sigh... the enso.... lovely!
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Paradraik's avatar
Awesome silhouette. The marking on its back looks good too, against the white background.
SWhite enso on the back...very well put!
Wolfcub-Sohla's avatar
wow, call me cheesy bt i gt such a powerful feeling from this picture. i really like it a definite fav xxx
leopardwolf's avatar
So simply yet so complex. I love how it is all inky. Love the Asian feel to it, as others have already mentioned.
arracraidira's avatar
I love this, its such a Japanese Kabuki styled piece.. and a little unsettling. Uneasy feeling, but set up almost pastoral. Its awesome. You leave us wondering what the glyph is on her back, and why this is bloody red. Questions you seem content to leave us asking. Well done piece
LeadWingedAngel's avatar
i know that i favorited this a while ago, and this comment is kinda late, but i must admit that i absolutely love this picture, your artistic style is superb.
DarkDelusion's avatar
It has a stunning Oriental style. Its very captivating.
VulpesNocturnus's avatar
Very nice, I love it!
TheNarrator0903's avatar
Wow... just.. wow!
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Oooh, this is yummy.
alanlathwell's avatar
Nice graphic style!
CaptainRatty's avatar
Lovely piece, simplistic, but the red makes it alive.
RoflWolf's avatar
Nice. The sharp blade edges really stand out on the white. Not sure how I feel about the trinity of red dots, but it does bring the "bleeding sun" down toward the middle.
vivadawolf's avatar
Im not quite sure why I put the dots there, ...nor did I realize there were three on each side.. just kinda happened!
RoflWolf's avatar
Some of the best art happens that way. :D
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I love how you draw muzzles.
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