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Haunting and lovely
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I'm speechless right now...oooh
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I've been browsing pictures of spooky villages and environments for inspiration to make my own miniature village and came across this amazing illustration. This captures EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!
Everything single element in the picture is spot on and provides a unique environment - I'm instantly taken to that place the moment I look at the picture.
This is just WOW!

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this is utterly overwhelming!
the colours immerse this picture into a beautiful scene
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The lighting is just perfect, so are the colours and the details. Another brilliant piece.
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I love the colours in the sky, and the way you did the trees, they look amazing.
I also really like the reflections at the bottom, great work :)
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great job. Makes me feel like writing a poem.
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This is amazing!!!

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woooooooow O________O
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The lighting, the composition, all the wonderful trees, that house... EVERYTHING... Is so perfect..
Ahh... I'm in love with this.
So excellent. :worship:
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I love how the colours of the sky contrast with the sombre-ness of everything else. (^_^)
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Very beatiful one! ^^
Nice work.
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wow, this is so sweet, i love how that church stands there and that old lady with her cat has that mysterious witch thing going on, amazing...
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