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Sable Maze 5: Lost Souls (c)

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What a beautiful world, I would like to step in and look around!
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Something about this keeps me from looking away. I want to step through my monitor into this hauntingly beautiful world you have created. 
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how do you manage to put in such subtle details truly amazing
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Well done! It reminds me of a mix of Skyrim and Breath of the Wild (Zelda). Keep up the very good work!
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Da hora mano. Amazing.
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This is absolutely gorgeous!
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This is amazin! O: Really really reminds me of Dark souls' Firelink shrine (Probably because its my favorite game ^^; ) But The atmosphere of it is just soo eerie and this would be an amazing and creepy place to visit O:
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Wow, this is beautiful! I love the glow effect on the stone.
It's magical art! So coooooool!!
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My dudes look at this. I dare you to say this isn't art
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this is not art.. bc i have my own opinion of what art is .. and others too.. telling me not to tell u that this is not art is not very artful that its art to a sense that it is art within the spectrum of arts.
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If I had a nickel for every time you said art, I'd have seven nickels. That isn't a lot, but still. I could probably buy a soda or something. 

You have your opinions man. That's just my opinion. Don't know if you're joking though, because I probably have an IQ of 2. Although I think digital art is some heckin' real art, too. People spend hours and hours on it, so I think it counts. :)
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its art for u. i dont feel its art.. i mean other ppl can say that mine isnt art.. and i wont get offended..
bc art is supposse to be FREE from expression.. no one is forcing anyone to like something. im pretty sure the
owner of the art, doesnt want people to be force to like his or her art..
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Christ man. I'm basically saying you can have your opinions, although I think digital art truly is art.
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art /ärt/
1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. I see anywhere in this definition that art is only traditional? No. Art isn’t about what it’s made of or from. It’s a visual media used to portray feelings. Hell, I could stick a chewed up piece of gum to an action figure, saying it relates to something in society and it could technically be captivating enough to some people to be considered art. 

So, don’t go trying to tell me that art can’t be digitalized. If you think otherwise, then do you really belong in the art community? No, because you don’t even know the base definition of it. 

Also, the argument ‘I have my own opinion’ is not valid here, because digital art being a true art form is not based on opinion - it’s a fucking fact.
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No one owes anyone anything. Anyone has their own opinion of what art is. It's called freedom. 
No one should be force to like something and even force to say its Art. I guess not everyone is BRAVE
and LEGIT enough to stand up for what they believe in. Sorry but I follow myself, I dont follow others.
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Can we just appreciate that you completely ignored my argument against ‘it’s my opinion’ and just drove it into the ground even deeper? It’s kinda ironic how your stance on the matter is that digital art isn’t real art when all you have in your gallery is two DIGITAL PAINTINGS and a picture that belongs in 2015.
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If you say that my art is not art, i dont harbor hate.. I encourage people to be think " FREE".. 
no one " Owes anyone anything" therefore, simply to state it.. if u think that my art is not art.,
thank u for being honest. See.. this is what art is suppose to be.. a FREEDOM of choices.. u dont have
to like a cake and no one is forcing u to like my art.. i wish more ppl can think like that.. and not thing what
other people thinks.. art is suppose to be free from anything, even opinions.. 

your welcome.
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Congratulations my friend, you’ve officially contradicted yourself.

I didn’t say your art wasn’t art, nor am I hating on it. As a matter of fact, you show a bit of promise. However, in your own fucking words, digital art is not real art. I was simply pointing out that you draw your pictures digitally while arguing that digital art isn’t real art. 

Now, you’re telling me art is a freedom to express yourself, not based on how it is portrayed. which is it?
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u know whats art? your art.
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