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Hello, I would like permission to use your image on a notebook cover, is it possible?
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it is possible
Can I get a vector of this?  I would love to use as a wallpaper in my home office or put up in the classroom.  Please reach out!
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Hi! Sorry, there is no vector format for this. You can take this pic and try byself tracing to vector by illustrator or corel.
wow  nice :~)  can I make a of it ?
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This is absolutely amazing! 😺
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software ? corel painter ?
What program did you use?
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no, its photoshop and some brushes...
Hey I'm editing a Youtube video and there's a part in my intro where I quote Albert Einstein.  I'd love to use your painting (with full credit to you of course and a link to this page) with your permission.  Let me know!
krasblak's avatar on Facebook is using this image in case you didn't know. I have a screen-cap if you want
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Speechless, just amazing!
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What program did you use to make this? This piece is unbelievably stunning!!!
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Hi). Its Photoshop with stains or splashes brushes or something like it...
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You really know how to use the program! I'm jealous!
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Omg, what an amazing style. Wish I could do stuff like this myself, haha.
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Brilliant depiction of a brilliant man. Thank you for allowing the download. You are appreciated. 
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This is beautiful.

Я обращаюсь к Вам из Лондона, Англии, спросить, могу ли я, пожалуйста, используйте свой ​​Эйнштейна изображение на футболки дизайн? Я собираюсь быть запуск футболку бренд в весна / лето и хотел бы использовать этот образ.

Если вы в состоянии реагировать с вашего разрешения, она будет принята с благодарностью. Я был бы более чем счастлив отправить вам футболку, когда мы собираемся запустить :)

Дайте мне знать, если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы.

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I have featured this amazing work in my journal :) -…
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