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Bear Town

Living Legends - Wrath of the Beast (c)
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This is so beautiful. ;P

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интересно на какой версии фотошопа вы рисуете ?

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Очень интересный концепт. Атмосфера классная получилась.
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Wonderful statues! Love it!!
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I am amazed by your artwork. I'll definitely study your lighting & mood creation to enhance my own arts. Great work :)
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I like these kind of scenery images. Eerie, isolated. Its awesome
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Forsaken,but still been a pretty place! Thumbs up!   All setting is wonderful! clap remake 1b 
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Hi, I love your work and specially your digital artwork. I would like to use the image of "Bear Town", to promote your art on www.facebook/porelamoralarte, where I promote other artists like you, my own art, and promote art in general (painting, sculpture, digital, etc.).
Thanks in advance.

:) (Smile) 
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Looks intimidating, but I'd like to visit. 
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Very cool! It's rare to see a bear motif in a fantasy piece. Plenty of lions and dragons, but not bears. I like the originality.
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Hi there! You have been featured by Digitalists here: Digitalism v.17
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Love all the depth and detail--and all the vibrant colors set against the desaturated tones of the stonework. Beautiful work!
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i love the depth.... very nice!!
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Вы великий художник Виталий!
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So stunning !! This landscape is so magnificent and sublime despite being in ruins !! This setting really is beautiful :)
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Holy, exquisitely magnificent! This Bear Town is stunning and The Majestic Temple looks incredible! The bear statues, decor, ruins, columns, architecture,trees,flowers, vines,plant life, sky, hues, mountains, sunlight, atmosphere, textures, movement, composition,concept, uniqueness, lighting,colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Очень нравятся ваши работы.
Сколько времени уходит на подобную иллюстрацию?
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This is really awesome!
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