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Venom of Heaven- Chapter 9
Chapter 9- Old Enemies Meet
It was a bit awkward to see my old enemies again, but after learning about my heritage, I was open to meeting with them. Of course, I already knew that Oddie, my husband, had a connection with the Patterson Siblings before, because he once dated Ellen before his parents interfered and forced him to be a religious enforcer under David, before transferring him to the Fenrisúlfr Association, testing them, manipulating them. He also knew Oddie would turn his back on my uncle, because if there’s one of the things that Business Stag hates more than Agnostics and Non-Christians of any kind, it’s Atheists.
According to my husband, religion is a concept that seeks to keep Creation in line, deceiving us, brainwashing us, even render us incapable of thinking for ourselves, as well as keeping us from learning on our own. Not to mention he doesn’t acknowledge the Creator as a God, yet a sustainer of everything, the source of balance, and maker of f
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Venom of Heaven- Chapter 8 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 1 0
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Venom of Heaven- Chapter 7 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 1 0
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Venom of Heaven- Chapter 6 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 2 0
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Venom of Heaven- Chapter 1 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 1 0
Venom of Heaven- Prologue
Venom of Heaven Prologue- Fallen Pride
In the beginning, before Heaven and Earth, before Creation, there was darkness- vast, endless, nothing. But out of the darkness came a small, but bright light, divided into two, and manifested into two Celestial Beings. Both whom are eternal, transcendent, supreme, and benevolent. Male and female, and in the cloaks of darkness, they used their powers to create everything, including the first race in all of existence- Angels.
Among the Angels were Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Lilith, and Amitiel, whom they would be later known as the Angels of God, also known as the Creator. Lucifer was the most favored and the brightest and beautiful Angel among all of the Angels, first to Lilith, whom she would later become his beloved consort, his partner, his wife. He was even supported by Michael, as they were close, close like brothers in a way. Everything with right with Creation. But as eons went by, everything changed.
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Birthday Werewolf by VitoTalford Birthday Werewolf :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 10 2
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Act IV: Olive- Chapter 4 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 0 0
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Act IV: Olive- Chapter 3 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 1 0
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Act IV: Olive- Chapter 2 :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 0 0
Act IV: Olive- Chapter 1
Chapter 1- Disclosure
My dear Angelina, you wondered why I have been gone for so long after I ran away from the place I once called my home. But at the same time, you also told me that what happened back then didn’t matter, as long as we are together again. I know that we should put the past behind us, and yet, I never had a chance to get it out, nor did I want to keep this quiet anymore.
Remember when I told you about my childhood? Well, I never told you the whole thing since the first time we met, because my memories were a bit fuzzy since then. As I got older, they started to come back to me. Now, it’s time I tell you the whole story, starting with my early years.
July 1, 1995 at Pittsburgh, PA- It all started back at my birth hometown of Pittsburgh. My parents were Israel and Annemarie Henderson. Back then, I never knew about my
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Beast of Olympus- Epilogue :iconvitotalford:VitoTalford 1 0


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Chapter 9- Old Enemies Meet

It was a bit awkward to see my old enemies again, but after learning about my heritage, I was open to meeting with them. Of course, I already knew that Oddie, my husband, had a connection with the Patterson Siblings before, because he once dated Ellen before his parents interfered and forced him to be a religious enforcer under David, before transferring him to the Fenrisúlfr Association, testing them, manipulating them. He also knew Oddie would turn his back on my uncle, because if there’s one of the things that Business Stag hates more than Agnostics and Non-Christians of any kind, it’s Atheists.
According to my husband, religion is a concept that seeks to keep Creation in line, deceiving us, brainwashing us, even render us incapable of thinking for ourselves, as well as keeping us from learning on our own. Not to mention he doesn’t acknowledge the Creator as a God, yet a sustainer of everything, the source of balance, and maker of free will. For some, it’s a matter of belief. The rest, like Oddie, believe it’s about how one lives their own life, even when few, if not, some disagree.
Anyway, he and I were waiting for Adam and Sarah to come all morning in Solomon’s room. Little Ariel kind of cute, if you don’t count getting thrown up on the shirt. It happened before with Damien, my son. Being a mother is not easy. Which is why Tisha ended up his and Adelita’s nursemaid. Now, having both Oliver’s eye and Isabella’s eye, that’s very cool. Weird, but cool.
Even though Wilma is my aunt, Thad is my step-cousin. If Ariella was around, he would be called my co-cousin, and my father told me the day after revealing the revelation to her that she hates the idea of stepfamilies, reminding her too much of fairytales, such as Cinderella and Snow White. That idea doesn’t really bother me since I don’t see the term as all-bad, but knowing my sister, it’s totally her call. One thing for certain is Thad and I share the same strong dislike for David, after hearing of his deeds. Talk about a God-fearing dogmatist.
Being an advocate of the LGBT community, I was cool with having a lesbian for a cousin-in-law, with Emily being engaged to Ellen. In fact, Emily was the one who encouraged me to be brave and not let the past go to my head whilst put it behind me. She would tell Oliver the same thing, but knowing him, he’s as stubborn and fixated like Uncle Abraham, and he would not let anything stop him, hence the brutality of training the syndicate.
Looking at Solomon, I was still nervous. But he nodded to me, assuring me that I will be fine and to tell Adam and Sarah what needs to be told. I looked back at them, taking a deep breath to keep my cool. Finally, I spoke, “Adam, Sarah, first of all, I would like to apologize for the grief we caused you and the others over the years.”
“We both do,” Oddie responded, as he held my right hand with his mechanical hand. “We were lost, conflicted, and selfish. Not like my parents and Glanmor. Their selfishness was worse than ours, and we would’ve gone down the same road as them, if it weren’t for Thomas.”
“You didn’t have to apologize,” said Adam, as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Glanmor pitted us against each other, and David used him and many other organizations as a means to an end. So, in a funny way,” he rolled his eyes upward before looking back at us with a silly smile, “David was behind everything for the past eight years. Glanmor and many of the organizations were just the scapegoats, and Cosmo was the puppet.”
“Yeah,” I said. “Even the Stag I call my uncle had some influence throughout the years, even in the former Al-Maut.”
“Not to mention Adam and I were in this when we fought Oliver, as well as him falling into madness after discovering his family relations with you,” said Isabella.
Looking at her, I smiled only a little and responded, “Water under the bridge, Bella. Then again, divide and conquer has always been both David and Glanmor’s forte despite our faults.”
“Speaking of David,” said Oddie, as he looked at Adam and Sarah, “the reason we’re here is to discuss our plan in saving the citizens of Colorado from his tyranny, starting with Colorado Springs.”
“And how is that going to be possible?” Sarah asked in confusion.
The way he and I planned it out, with my father, my birth father, if you will, and Solomon being involved the night before Adam and Sarah coming into the room, is this. Since Uncle David is the leader of the mysterious cult called Electos Consortium, the Neo Morning Star Syndicate will be declaring war on them. Using that as a diversion, Solomon, Matt, Kumori, and Jay will lead the rescue team in the form of abduction. Meanwhile, Wyvrn, K.D., and Jason will pretend to side with Electos Consortium to battle with the Macros and Size-Shifters turned Giants in the form of the last resort. If the abduction façade ends quickly, the heroes should be able to get into Uncle David’s circle of trust. Once the Macros that Apple gathered are imprisoned, Team Solomatt will help the Neo Morning Star Syndicate survivors and the Macros escape, make it look at though Dr. Hugo planned the whole escape strategy.
“So basically, after this plan succeeds, if it succeeds, there will be a next stage to overthrow David and have him replaced by another, freeing Colorado,” said Adam.
“Only one problem,” said Sarah, catching our attention. “Some of those affiliated with the Order of Ariav and Ylva are cynical about the Neo Morning Star Syndicate. They’re still the enemy in public. Even if the overseers and the leader trusts it due to Thomas being in charge of that organization, few, if not, some of the others in the order don’t.”
“Well, they’re just going to have to, whether they like it or not,” said Solomon, as he held out his right hand as if he was holding a ball. “Besides, the term Morning Star is not really bad. In fact, last I checked, the Son of God is the Morningstar himself. Lucifer perverted it after he let his position as God’s Most Favored Angel go to his head.”
“Then, the Enemy of Creation should be called Satan Darkstar,” Thad responded, catching our confused, yet dumbfounded attention.
There was long silence. Darkstar? Tell me he did not just watch Ben 10. Yes, I’ve seen the series, including Ben 10: Alien Force. And the villain was called Morningstar before becoming Darkstar. So, yeah. I have to agree with my step-cousin. The First Fallen Angel ceased to be Lucifer Morningstar and became Satan Darkstar. Pardon the Return of the Jedi reference. And Solomon had a point about the Devil and Jesus being Morning Stars, with the latter being the replacement, so to speak.
After a long moment of silence, Thad asked in confusion, “What?”
“As much as I like your idea of giving a title to what the Christians call The Enemy, religion is still not my thing,” said Oddie.
“Even if the syndicate is still an enemy in public, we still have to remember who the true enemy is,” said Adam.
“Exactly,” said Solomon. “Now that the first stage of the plan is made,” he stood up from the chair, “I’ll inform Matt, Kumori, Jay, K.D., Wyvrn, and Jason of it.”
“What about Vito and his family?” Sarah asked, catching the Lion’s attention after walking halfway to the door.
“Your brother is at Lupinheim fighting another war right now. If he can, Vito can bring Bastion and the others along,” he said before looking back at the door, walking. “We’re going to need their help, too. After all, Slobodan is Lupinheim’s ally, and when an ally is threatened, the other ally comes to their aid whenever they’re needed.”
Well, as they say, “The more, the merrier.” And before Oddie and I went back to Egypt, I gave Adam and Sarah my phone number, just in case if they need our help and/or the help from the syndicate. They thanked us for it, and I gave them a pleasant smile, something I haven’t done before. This may be my road to redemption. But will that redemption last? All I did was cause people so much pain. My father understood what I’ve been through, not just Oddie, or Oliver.
Even monsters have good in themselves, despite not knowing about it. At least, sometimes, later on in life anyway. Now, I know how Abdiel felt when he switched back to God’s side after learning about Satan’s plan to wage war for power. Returning to the side of good is not always easy, but it’s not hard either. It depends on the person and their level of redeeming qualities. Through my father, family, and group, and like Abdiel before me, I have found new loyalty, love, and zeal. Today, training. Tomorrow, liberation.
Venom of Heaven- Chapter 9
Right where Chapter 8 of The Chronicles of Vito and Ariella: Venom of Heaven left off, this chapter is from the perspective of Garnet Michelson, now known as Garnet Parrih-Alberic Caelum. Since Christmas Month is coming, the Leon-Alberic Arc will be put on hold. I was originally going to have it end after 21 chapters of that arc, but after one of my friends decided to wait until Wrath of Paradise to be the co-author, and knowing that I have other stuff to focus on, including other stories in the Multi-Huedonaverse, this chapter will be the stopping point for Part 1 of the Leon-Alberic Arc. That will be plenty of time to come up with more ideas, find out whether or not there will be a substitute second co-author, and get back to Thaumaturgic (Finding out whether or not it needs to be edited again, as well as find a book cover artist for the entire trilogy of the same name).

Chapter 10 will be in production on January 8th, and be uploaded by :iconmattmacropika:'s birthday, so be on the lookout for it as the Leon-Alberic Arc resumes. Until then, enjoy this new chapter and your holidays! So, Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year!


Garnet, Odysseus, Adam, Sarah, Solomon, Isabella, Little Ariel, Ellen, Emily, Vito, Ariella, Thomas, Oliver, Tisha, Adelita, Damien, Abraham, Cosmo, David, Glanmor, and Story © :iconvitotalford:

Matthew Orlando © :iconmattmacropika:

Kumori Urufu © :iconwolffan94044:

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Jason Bursley © Lucariofan475 of FA

Jason "Jay" Evolution © :icondeviousjase:

King Dead, aka K.D. © :iconkingdeadwolf:

Appledectomy, aka Apple © :iconappledectomy:

Dr. Hugo Dougal Fleischer © :iconvitotalford: and :iconmattmacropika:

God, Jesus, and Lucifer/Satan/Samael/The Devil © The Bible

Abdiel © The Abrahamic Lore/Legends

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Chapter 8- New Darkness Rises

April 3, 2015- It was a big coincidence that our wedding would take place on my 24th birthday, and at St. Francis’s Church of Manhattan. Four months of engagement was one fateful destiny. The church smelled like a rosy garden with wolf statues on each pillar, the Stations of Jesus’s Crucifixion and Rebirth, and doves standing on top of the wolf pillars. Vito was my best man, while Isabella was Sarah’s maid of honor. The witnesses were both sides of our families, as well as friends, allies, and even the Order of Ariav and Ylva.
The groomsmen were Ethan, Noctis, Thaddeus, John, Mange, Marcus, Solomon, Ned, Darrell, Acario, Gedeon, Vince, Simon, Ishmael, Charlie, James, Dallas, Orlando, Luke, Noel, Michael, Matt, Wyvrn, Kumori, Jay, Jason, Kenta, Edge, Xyro, Bithor, and K.D. The bridesmaids were Ella, Ellen, Emily, Tara, Marisa, Maggie, Olive, Angie, Sherry, Helga, Flora, Patricia, Tesia, Susan, Rhonda, Valerie, Becky, Chloe, Paige, Lola, Eliza, Kylie, Camille, Samantha, Crystal, five new allies by the names of Melissa, Hedy, Cissy, Gwendolyn, Theodora, and a mysterious girl known as Smith. The usual flower girl and ring bearer are Nadine and Seth. And as usual, the bear cub tripped on the middle of the aisle, accidentally dropping two teal wedding rings. We were all shocked, but at the same time, we were amused, much to his smiling, blushing embarrassment.
As per tradition, Sarah and I placed our engagement rings from the left ring fingers to our right ring fingers before placing the wedding rings on each other’s left ring fingers saying our marriage vows- “We promise to look out for one another, to care for and love one another, through good and bad times, so long as we both shall live.” Onora and Mom were crying that day, not only because Sarah and I are getting married, but also because it was time for them to let us go on our way.
Into each other’s eyes, we listened to the Digitigrade Red Wolf Pastor, asking the both of us if we would take each other as lawfully wedded spouses. Our response- “I do.”
Smiling, he said, “Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”
Looking into each other’s eyes, smiling, Sarah and I kissed, and every clapped and cheers for our union. We officially became a family. Of course, Vito was more protective than Lykaios, so he made certain that I would take good care of his sister. Well, while Sarah is officially part of the Patterson Family via marriage, the Talford Family became my family, too.
The wedding party, as well as a birthday party, were amazing and funny at the same time, hence doing a cake fight. D.J. started it after he and Squishy refused to share, and the cyan-frosted, vanilla cake splatted all over my face. And as soon as Vito started chuckling, much to my humorous annoyance, I scooped the splattered cake and threw it at my brother-in-law. That’s when Nathan yelled, much to Juno’s dumbfoundedness, “Cake Fight!”
Manfred couldn’t do it because of his limp. Instead, he watched in amusement. Juno shook her head in disapproval, even though Onora and Awan were having fun themselves. Wulfric and Binta were just catching flying pieces of cake every chance they get. Even the band were having a good time after another piece of cake flew inside the trumpet. It was pretty funny right there.
April 4-27, 2015- Our honeymoon took place in Dublin, Ireland. We got to explore St. Stephen’s Green park, the Dublin Zoo, and the Dublin Castle. It was also the first time in a couple of months since we met a politician. His name is Johnathan Gallagher, and he is a Plantigrade Irish Wolfhound- gray shaggy fur, brown eyes, brown mustache, and wore a black business suit with a green tie, and round glasses. He was happy to have a picture with the both of us during the visit.
Although Sarah did have an occasional case of morning sickness, hence vomming either in the river, or the toilet, or the jacks as Irish Folk sometimes call it. Her carvings were of strawberries, oranges, and blueberries, especially when they’re on her foods. Don’t get me started on her mood swings. I got a bitemark on my right shoulder to prove it.
April 28, 2015- After our honeymoon, Sarah and I moved between the forest and the beach of Big Tancook Island at Nova Scotia, Canada. We owned a big house, made by Vito, the construction workers from Slobodan, and most of the Order of Ariav and Ylva. It was three floors high, the architectural structure was Victorian era-style, and completely weather-proof in case of hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tsunamis. There was the front porch that’s four steps up behind shatter-proof windows with hanger hooks next to the door, and chairs in front of the window for relaxation and viewing the ocean.
The first floor, clockwise and from the door first, was comprised of a huge hall with a huge bookcase at the right, a kitchen, and dinning room. From the top of the stairs on the second floor, the living room is at the middle door. To the left of the middle door were the bathroom, the infirmary, and a bedroom for the both of us, while the right led to the door to the third floor, the playroom, and bedrooms for children. The third floor is where I will work on stories, such as novels, poems, and plays. The greenhouse is next to the house from the big hall, where fruits, vegetables, and other plants grow thanks to the automated sprinklers attached to the ceiling.
The wooden floors were nice and smooth, while floors from both the kitchen and bathrooms are tiled and shiny, and the floors in bedrooms are green carpets. The ceiling is sky-blue. In our bedroom, there was a bathroom at the far-right, leading from the bedroom to the infirmary. The dresser drawer was next to the door, cloudy and white, and the bed was blue with a green blanket and pillows, the nightstands with a clock were at two sides of the bed, and there was a television set on the small gray entertainment center. In the first row, there was a DVD player, and there were both the PS3 and PS4 consoles. There were books on the right side, and video games, movies, and TV series of all genres on the left side. On top of the PS4 console was a note from Vito, and it said:

Adam and Sarah,

During your honeymoon, I took the liberty of downloading video games for each of your consoles, as well as buying them. Sarah, Little Sis, since I know you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts, I bought you 1.5 and 2.5 for you for the PS3. Adam, as a storyteller, I managed to download episodic video games from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones to Life is Strange to The Wolf Among Us on the PS4. Note that some of the games are incomplete until it comes to a full circle in the season’s final episode. Have fun, but not too much fun.



My brother-in-law knew us well, video game-wise. In fact, he’s the reason Sarah likes fantasy genre video games, and she got Kingdom Hearts II three months after her 10th birthday, a right age. Plus, the first story she played through in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is Aqua, hence seeing her as her favorite character, besides Kairi.
I haven’t played interactive video games in a long while, not since the games from Humongous Entertainment. From what I heard, The Walking Dead is very popular among the Telltale Games. I can see why Naughty Dog got that inspiration for The Last of Us.
Looking at my wife with a smile on my face, I asked as she looked back at me, “I have an idea for Halloween this year. How about we dress up as the characters from The Walking Dead?”
“But, Adam, who will we go as?” she asked.
“How about I go as Carl Grimes, and you as Clementine?”
Smirking with her arms crossed over her chest, she responded, “Last I checked, those two aren’t planned to encounter one another. Why not Sophia?”
“Because she doesn’t fight much. That’s probably why AMC killed her off instead of sparing her life.”
“Fair point,” she smiled. “I’m going to need the D baseball hat.”
“There’s time for Halloween plans later. For now, let’s enjoy our new home.”
Gazing into each other’s eyes, she and I embraced one another and kissed passionately. And during the kissing, I felt the babies in her womb kicking. They interrupted our kissing, and Sarah and I looked at her own belly, smirking and shaking our heads. I guess that was their way of saying, “Gross!” At least it’s just a phase, unless they’re either late bloomers or aromantics. Either way, we love our unborn babies all the same.
Before we had a chance to try the passionate moment again, BUZZ! My light-blue smartphone was ringing. Stunned, and my wife confused, I picked it up and noticed who was trying to call me- Wyvrn. Answering it, I said, “Hello?”
Adam, said Wyvrn.
“Hey, Wyvrn! How’s it going?”
No time for chit-chat, dude. You and Sarah better get to the Reality Tower ASAP.
Don’t ask. Just get your asses over here.
“Swear,” I groaned. “Sarah and I are going to be parents.”
Just get over here now!
“Okay, okay! Calm down! We’ll be on our way,” hanging up, I looked at Sarah. “Looks like our relaxation is going to have to wait a little longer.”
Nodding, she said, “Fair point,” she held my hand and smiled at me. “Let’s go.”
It took about ten minutes to fly myself and my wife to the Reality Tower, and by the time we arrived, and I shifted back into a Human, Sarah and I were stunned to see thirteen familiar faces. With Wyvrn, there are Solomon, Ned, Valerie, D.J., Abby, Squishy, Isabella, Little Ariel, Simon, Paige, Monty, Ashoka, Dallas, and Helga. Seeing tears dripping from Squishy’s eyes, I can tell something is wrong.
I asked Solomon what happened, and he answered, “Slobodan was invaded over three weeks ago, two days after yours and Sarah’s wedding.”
Eyes widened in disbelief, and Sarah and I looking at one another and back at the group again, I asked in confusion, “Didn’t the construction team and the Order help Vito out with the house during our honeymoon?”
“They did,” Ned responded. “But Solomon had to send a signal to them to not return to the ruins. The group of fanatics called Electos Consortium took everyone left behind as prisoners, including the Order’s leaders living there.”
Mouth gaping in dismay, I responded, “Mom and Dad, too?”
“They stayed behind to fight back,” said Isabella. “And that’s not the worse part. The Consortium’s leader is David Alberic.”
Dumbfounded, and pissed-off, I clutched my right hand and said, “That bastard.”
“Language!” Isabella and Paige reprimanded in unison.
Right. Almost forgot. Monty and Little Ariel were present, and even as babies, regardless of temporary short-term memories until they come of age, they can still hear people. I apologized for swearing in front of them and continued, “Anyhoo, we have to infiltrate Colorado Springs and rescue the prisoners. He already won the mayoral election. He banned us and the Talford Family from Colorado. What more does he want?”
“Obviously, not enough,” Wyvrn responded, as he crossed his arms over his chest.
“And the infiltration plan is not a good idea,” said Solomon, as he pointed out. “The last time Vito did that, he almost became bait himself, for Tara.”
“Then, what else can we do to save them?” I asked.
“We will discuss it in the morning.”
“Excuse me?!”
Touching my shoulders and standing in front of me, Sarah said calmly, “Let it go, Dear.”
“Solomon is right. Rushing into enemy territory is what David would be expecting. Even with a plan of your own, he knows you too well, like he does with Vito and Tara. Right now, we have to trust Solomon on this. Okay?”
A moment of silence came, and I rolled my eyes left, right, and back at the group again. I didn’t like the idea of waiting. At least not in the David Alberic situation. When Ned mentioned about the new fanatical group under the Stag’s leadership, I started to agree with what they’re getting at. Electos Consortium seems to be more dangerous and overzealous than the last organizations we fought in the past.
Finally, I said, “Fair enough.”
With all that settled and done with, for now at least, Sarah and I spent the rest of the day hanging out at the Reality Tower. It was going to be for one night anyway. Still, I do worry about the effects of time inside the place and what it would do with Sarah…again. Accelerated growth in pregnancy once is enough. Well, at least things couldn’t possibly get any weirder. Other than Stephenve Devon flying around and rubbing against my legs affectionately.
After breakfast the next day, Sarah and I went to Solomon’s room, next door to Wyvrn’s room. With him were Ellen, Emily, Isabella, Little Ariel, and Thaddeus. But to mine and Sarah’s eye-widening shock, there were two familiar faces we hadn’t seen in less than two years- Garnet Mic…no. Garnet Parrish-Alberic and Odysseus Caelum.
“Garnet? Oddie?” I said.
“I know we had our differences in the past, Ad,” said Oddie, “but we have a lot to talk about.”
Venom of Heaven- Chapter 8
Flash forward once more, we're now on Chapter 8 of The Chronicles of Vito and Ariella: Venom of Heaven. This chapter from the perspective of Adam Patterson. It takes place before and after Chapter 4 of Advent Epoch: Before Vito and Ariella - Act IV: Olive, revealing the fates of the Escapees of Slobodan. It's also been a while since a chapter ended with a cliffhanger.

Anyway, Chapter 9 will be uploaded later on, so be on the lookout. Until then, enjoy this new chapter! And Happy Halloween!

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Chapter 7- Brother's Keeper

According to a majority of Christianity, we are all born sinful because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. The rest, including the other Christians, disagree with it, because they are not capable of understanding God’s Will, let alone His Plan for all of Creation. As a Child of God, it is my sacred duty to accept the fact that I am sinful and to pay for it by living my life by on the Holy Bible. In my documented diary, I will chronicle all of my life starting with my childhood. I, David Sean Alberic, a Devout Christian and a true Child of God, begin my story with vice and sin.
February 26, 1973- It was mine and Thomas’s 12th birthday, and we both attended Enoch Middle School, final year of it before high school. We were close and stuck by one another through thick and thin. The problem was unlike me, he didn’t know how to keep the truth to himself whenever we got into mischief and trouble. Bearing false witness was sinful and therefore, I didn’t want him to lie either. Instead, I wanted him to keep silent whenever there is a certain truth that I feel shouldn’t be exploited.
And on that day, before one simple truth came into being later on, I noticed my brother being beaten by three male bullies- a Human, a Plantigrade Crocodile, and a Digitigrade Grey Wolf. It was at the middle school parking lot, and there was my younger brother, crying in his fetal position with his hands on his head, getting kicking mercilessly by the said bullies. Angry, I placed my schoolbag down and rushed over to them, beating them senselessly. They were all scared of me, as they should be.
I started by punching the Crocodile in the jaws and snout hard until five of his teeth were knocked out and blood coming out from his nostrils. Feeling the Human touching my left shoulder, I pushed him on the ground and beat on him next. The Grey Wolf was terrified by what I was doing, and I noticed him running off in fear. I was too fast for him, and after I left the Human crying with nothing but a black-eye, a broken jaw, and a huge nosebleed, I tackled my last enemy on the grassy, dirty ground.
Wrothful, raving, and boiling inside, I was showing Thomas’s bullies no mercy. They deserved to be beaten for what they did to him. They deserved to be punished and more. Though the Lord Jesus Christ taught us in the Gospel of John Chapter 8 Verse 7- “He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.” But I wasn’t going to take any chances. It was better to be God’s instrument of vengeance than go by the Book of the Romans Chapter 12 Verses 17-19 all the time. Doing so would leave Thomas defenseless and, possibly, beaten to death. Which is why there was another quote from the Bible that I also live by all of my life: Isaiah Chapter 14 Verse 24- “The LORD Almighty of Hosts has sworn, “Surely, as I have planned, so shall it be; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand;””. If it was God’s Will for me to beat the bullies to defend my brother, then so be it.
But what I didn’t anticipate was that He had more in store for me. And it started with the arrival of my parents. Before I could deliver one last punch to the Grey Wolf’s snout, my father Adam grabbed my fist, scolding me for what I have done. Fueled by fear and terror, my younger brother’s bullies fled, and my mother Sarah dragged me by the ear to car. I groaned in pain as my right ear was pulled hard before I was forced into the backseat of the car.
So, why, God? Why did You decide to let my parents punish me instead of backing me up? Did Thomas really deserve to be beaten for something I wasn’t aware before, or was Your Plan to have me take the fall in his stand? What gave my brother’s bullies the privilege to beat on him? Am I really meant to be a sinner for all eternity? Am I not meant to be with You? Has innocence ceased to exist after Adam and Eve’s disobedience, and good along with it?
Back at the house, Thomas and I were in the living room. The walls were cloudy white on top and coal black on the bottom, the carpet floor brown as sand, and the ceiling blue as the heavens. The couch we were on was as green as grass. The television set on the small entertainment center was opposite from the couch, the fireplace was at the right side from the couch’s view, the bookcase at the left, and a telephone on the left side of the couch.
My father and mother looked at the both of us, but my father gave me a stern glare. My mother only gave me a concerned, yet sad expression. That was self-explanatory considering my hands still have blood from when I committed violence against my younger twin brother’s enemies. Dad was the first to speak, “David, why did you beat on the three boys today?”
“Because they were beating on Thomas,” I answered before looking at him. “Someone had to protect him, make sure he would never be picked on again.”
“Son,” he said, catching my attention, “there’s a difference between protecting people and committing violence against those who wronged them. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
“After seeing what you did, David, we’re worried,” said Mom.
“And Tom,” Dad looked at my bruised-up brother, “why did the three boys beat on you today?”
“They called me a fag all because I was flirting with a boy a school,” Thomas answered hesitantly, much to our eye-widening disbelief.
“You did what?!” I yelled.
“It’s true. I’m gay. That’s why I have no feelings for girls.”
From the moment I heard my younger brother reveal his homosexuality, my parents were the only ones who were okay with it. I, however, was not. The Book of Leviticus Chapter 18 Verses 22 that homosexuality is an abomination, a sexual act that is a threat to God’s Will. Even the Gospel of John, the Book of the Romans, and the Book of the Corinthians proves it. Thomas committed a sin by being attracted to those of the same gender as him.
Knowing him, he would have no intention of dating girls. And so, to keep him from figuring out my plan for him, I told him that night after our birthday celebration to keep his sexuality to himself and not attract the wrong attention. That was something he would agree on. But would it last? I was not sure. That’s when my search for a girl for Thomas happened the next day.
February 27-March 3, 1973- For the next five days, I have looked for a girl for my brother to go on a date with. But no matter how many times I tried, even in secret, his romantic tendencies always remained towards boys. I didn’t want to give up. If I was to save from Thomas from eternal fire, I needed to find a way to help him outgrow his homosexuality. It is my sacred duty to help those in need of God’s Grace. I don’t want to see them suffer the fiery pit of Hell.
However, over the first three days, I discovered that girls were not the only people I was attracted to. I was also attracted to boys, transgenders, gender-fluids, androgynes, etc. No. No! NO!!! This was not possible! I can’t! I won’t! I have to resist the temptation of my pansexuality before I end up sharing the sinner’s fate! If I am to save my brother, I would have to first save myself. And I pray to God and His son the Lord Jesus Christ, and beg for forgiveness for my urges for those other than full-fledged females, excluding females with cross-dressing habits.
March 4, 1973- But after Sunday Mass that day, fate came into our lives. Thomas, my younger twin brother, went into a relationship with a male lion named Daniel Leon, who was also gay, as well as turned 12 on the same day. Another homosexual that rebelled against Your Will, O Lord God. Frustrated and disappointed at the same time, I marched into Thomas’s room, located at the basement and next door to the laundry room. While his is normally messy, mine is perfectly clean and spotless.
Confused, my brother asked, “What?”
“You went against God’s Will, Tom!” I scolded.
He sat up from his bed and rebuked, “So, these girls back there were from you the whole time!”
“It was for your own good, as well as to save you from Eternal Flames! Have you any idea what you’ve done?! Going into a relationship with another male?! You disobeyed Our Father! You shamed His Word! You broke His Law!”
“God also taught us to Love everyone!”
“That’s no excuse for what you’ve done! As a Child of God, you should already know that homosexuality is an abomination to Our Lord’s Plans! You violated this principle! Non-Heterosexuality is a threat to Our Almighty’s Will and a sin!”
“And pride isn’t?!”
“That is a completely different matter!”
“No, it’s not!” yelled Dad, startling me from behind.
Turning around, I saw him and Mom, giving me a disappointed look. He continued, “Your brother may be gay, but you can’t spend your entire life living it based on the Bible alone. If you do, you’ll end up no better than those who perverted the entire belief system.”
Crossing my arms over my chest, I reprimanded, “You’re doing the same thing by supporting a fag! If you support gay people, you’re automatically the Enemies of God, whether Love thy Neighbor teaches us to love them or not!”
Tears coming out from her eyes, Mom yelled, “That’s not fair, David! Look, we get that you support the Bible, and we know you like to see it as the Word of God…”
“Which IT IS, FYI!”
Enraged, smacked me across the face and yelled, “Don’t interrupt your mother while she’s speaking anymore, or did you forget Honor thy Mother and Father?”
Snarling, I responded, “How can I forget, Dad? And if you hit me like that again, I’ll…”
“You’ll what, David?”
Damn it! My father’s trying my patience. I get he and Mom love me and Thomas unconditionally, but what’s the point in following God’s Will if they’re just going to support my brother’s homosexuality? But even if I’m pansexual, I can’t disobey Him, or I’ll end up sharing his fate, whether the Christians pray for us or not. If my parents want to see Christians praying for mine and Thomas’s souls due to our sexuality as a sign of disrespect, then I cannot see Mom and Dad being in Heaven with God. Times have changed. Unconditional love, charity, kindness, and respect are not enough anymore.
If I end up being understanding to my parents, I’ll end up defying You, My Lord God regardless of obey one of Your Commandments. But if I defy them, not only will I lose my trust in them, but I’ll also disobey both Honor thy Mother and Father and Love thy Neighbor. Fine! I’ll do what they ask of me…for now. If that is Your Will, so be it. But after my time under their roof, I never want to see their faces or Thomas’s again.
“Mom, Dad, I know you love and respect Thomas in every way, and perhaps I’ve been too harsh on him most of all. And for my behavior, I’m sorry,” I said, as I looked at all three of them.
“Yeah, you better be sorry,” said Thomas, who wiped tears from his eyes after he heard me call him a fag. “I know how passionate you are about your Biblical beliefs, and I respect that, but please, respect that I can’t help with my feelings towards boys.”
“He’s right,” said Mom. “You shouldn’t be trying to control things that are beyond our control.”
“And next time, David, treat others the way you want to be treated,” said Dad. “We’re proud that you’re trying to be more faithful to God, but He is not out to get you.”
Tears came down from my eyes, and I responded with a little smile, “Tell that to the Christian community.”
“You can be impossible at times, Son, but we still love you.”
“I love you guys, too.”
“Mm-hmm,” Mom responded sarcastically, “you better. Even God had hard times Himself, and Lucifer’s betrayal proves that, not just Adam and Eve’s disobedience.”
“Touché, Mom. Touché.”
The four of us did a group hug after I made up with them. I still despise Thomas’s sexuality though, but after receiving another scolding, I didn’t have much of a choice. I would have to let my brother be a while longer, otherwise, I would be scolded again. How long would I have to keep this up? It doesn’t matter. Even if my own brother is supported by Mom and Dad, and because of his pride in being gay, refusing to repent, he’s going to Hell regardless. And if my parents insist when their time comes, they’ll be joining him. Until that time comes, I would have to be patient and wait, and pray for his lost soul, and Mom and Dad, too.
April 22, 1973- My prayers were heard after Mass on the Day of Christ’s Resurrection. I found a note inside my jacket pocket. Curious, I wondered what it was about. And so, I read:

Potential Candidate,

You have been selected to join Electos Consortium, an organization with the goal to restore Creation back to the way it was before the Fall of Man, before Christianity was corrupted by the aftermath of its legalization by orders of Constantine I of the Roman Empire. The first step to your initiation is to tell us your sins. The second is to tell us the sins of those around you. Do this, and not only shall you be forgiven, but we will help you eradicate the problem, unless they join us, too.
But since you are not of age to become the full-fledge member of the organization, you must wait until you reach 18 years of age. By that next birthday, come to London beneath the Palace of Westminster alone. And remember- you must never reveal your newfound alliance to anyone, not even to your family. May the Lord Our God and Savior Jesus Christ watch over you until the time comes.


The Grand Master

My Creator, my Lord, my Father, my God, you really do understand my pain. I really can be forgiven for the sin that I learned from myself. Now, I will be able to get a second chance. Never again will I ever suffer the urge of pansexuality, nor will I ever experience it. Thomas, one way or another, I will help you outgrow your homosexuality, and you will earn your place in Heaven. And if you don’t, and Mom and Dad defend you from God’s Wrath, and if damnation is the only way to set an example, so be it.
Venom of Heaven- Chapter 7
Far into the past, we're now on Chapter 7 of The Chronicles of Vito and Ariella: Venom of Heaven. This chapter from the perspective of David Alberic, the main antagonist of the same story. This is where the chapter explores his villainous origins in depth. As I said before in the previous chapter, and the other chapter before that, those of you who are religious-sensitive, you might find some of the material offensive, even if it's only a work of fiction, so be warned.

We'll be getting back to the present time on Chapter 8. Well, the current year of the story, technically. Be sure to look out for it in the next upload, and enjoy this new chapter.

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Chapter 6- Bust

July 17, 2015 according to the World of Animals- I barely remember anything while living in Colorado Springs. All I could remember is how I could be a mischievous, sometimes spoiled, yet fun-loving child. There was also school during my father’s days in the military. Sometimes, I was innocent. At other times, I was a brat. And in these experiences, some adults often don’t understand children, disability or not. I knew at least one adult who pushed “treat others the way you want to be treated” too far, mostly out of waning patience. There is an old saying- “Never mess with the wrong people.”
Anyway, to avoid suspicion from security, I placed my cloak inside my dimensional backpack and blended in. The first thing I was going to do was find a place to eat. Hadn’t eaten since breakfast. McDonald’s would suffice, if they still have it around. No, not the Big Mac. I’m more of a Chicken McNuggets type of person. Been that way about a year before I moved to North Carolina. One of those times I had burgers from fast-food places is usually Sheetz, which I would end up going to years later.
By the time the lights turn to cross, I walked to the other side of E Cheyenne Rd., and I heard a stern voice coming from my left behind me, “Hold up, young man.”
Startled, I slowly turned around with fear in my eyes. It was a Polar Bear in blue uniform and black Roman-style helmet. Those piercing green eyes were frightening. I wanted to run, but I was too terrified to do so. Plus, it wasn’t right to run from the police, judging from the uniform he was wearing.
“Where did you get the backpack?” he asked sternly.
“It was a gift,” I answered. “A gift from a friend.”
“For what, may I ask?”
Long silence came, and I answered a few seconds later, “Community service.”
“And what kind of community service did you do?”
Being a Universal Guardian, I learned from my previous adventures that there’s a time for truth and a time, not for lies, but for silence. Unfortunately, that Polar Bear Officer is not one to take silence for an answer. To keep the truth from him, I responded, “It’s a special community service. Like helping the needy, give people courage, and educational purposes.”
Glaring at me, he said, “Anything else?”
“That’s it.”
Staring me down, he responded, “You’re not telling me everything.”
“Yes, I did. I told you everything I know. What more do you expect from me?”
“For starters,” he pointed at my dimensional backpack, “what’s in the bag?”
I responded sternly, “That’s none of your concern. If you don’t have a search warrant, you have no right to search my bag.”
“For someone aware of the law, you should also know that refusing to obey a police officer can place you under arrest. Now, show me what’s inside the bag.”
Removing my bag, and unzipping it completely, I gave the Polar Bear Officer a mischievous smile, much to his eye-widening confusion. Opening the bag, I said, “Say hello to my little friends, asshole!”
Popping out of the bag and meowing in rage, Spud, Abbee, Lucky, Gigi, and D.J. attacked the Polar Bear Officer, who reacted dumbfoundedly at the last minute before the kittens overpowered him to the ground. Spud; the cream-colored cat with some ginger on the back and ring tail and blue eyes, bit him on left hand. Abbee; the runt of the litter and black and white cat with green eyes and a black nose, nipped the Polar Bear hard on the nose. Lucky; the black cat with a tiny, yet barely visible, white spot on his chest and green eyes, scratched him across the left cheek and left ear. Gigi; the other black and white cat- whiter than her older sister, with a pink nose and green eyes, bit his right hand. D.J.; the last black and white cat- blacker than Abbee, with a pink nose and green eyes, scratched him on both wrists.
The kittens rushed back inside my dimensional backpack, and before my new enemy could reach for his walkie-talkie, I dashed away from him. I knew this place was enemy territory. Guess not all police officers are as friendly as they look. That police officer was both aggressive, stubborn, and pushing the law too far. Germany was one thing, Italy another, Japan also, but Colorado Springs? This place…this was madness. What’s next- the United States getting another dictator? No time for jokes, speculations, etc. It was time for me to blow this popsicle stand.
While attempting to avoid the police- two branches based on one of the having a picture of a stag’s head on the right armband and the other having the emblem of Colorado in purple, blue, and white on the right armband; I hid among the crowd. Talk about face in the crowd. Criminy. This was going to be harder than I anticipated.
That was until I saw an alleyway. Waiting for the right moment, I moved out from the crowd and into the dark. The police branches were still looking for me. And it looked like I was not going to have a McDonald’s lunch after all. Not with all of the cruel officers lurking about.
Since there was security all over the place, I had to looked around my surroundings to make sure I wasn’t spotted. I would be screwed if one caught me on tape with the incident with the Polar Bear Officer. Now I know how George Taylor felt when he evaded the Gorillas in Ape City on Planet of the Apes. Oh, great! Now, I’m sounding Rick Riordan when he wrote his books, and I know how influenced he is by Joss Whedon, pop culture reference-wise.
Speaking of pop culture, whenever someone is hiding from danger, unexpected things happen. And it happened to me when I felt something touching my right shoulder, startling me as my eyes widened in fright. Before I could scream, my mouth was covered by a left hand- dark brown fur with fingers black.
“Shh,” whispered the voice. “You don’t want to alert both the Alberic Guards and the Colorado Secret Police.”
“Say wha?” I muffled in question.
“I’ll explain everything when we’re away from the public, but trust me on this. You can thank me later.”
Then, I felt the base of my neck at the right shoulder getting pinched hard. I neither felt pain, nor screamed, only winced. Everything went back as I almost collapsed on the ground.
Waking up, I noticed that I was in a white room with a brown pinewood floor. The cross was hanging over the black bed, the white dresser drawer was at the left side of the bed, and from there to near the door were the book case and the computer desk. At the other side of the door was a black miniature entertainment center beneath the widescreen television set. Stunned, I thought, What the? A PlayStation 4? Could Michael be right about this? I mean, I have a PS3, but not a PS4 before. I wonder when that console was released.
Then at the computer desk, there was a White-Tailed Deer sitting on his chair typing on his black laptop, a Stag based on his antlers- eight-racked. His fur dark-brown with black fingers and cloves and white tip of his snout near his black nose. He was wearing a black short-sleeve shirt with blue jeans and gray cloven hooved shoes.
My eyes widened in realization as I looked at his left hand. Tightening my eyebrows downward, I scolded upon standing up from the bed, “Hey! You just pulled a Spock on me!”
Turning around and glaring at me with his brown eyes, as well as revealing a scar grazed across each side of his snout, the Stag responded sternly, “It does have a name. It’s the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.”
“Who do you think I am- Jim Kirk?”
“So, you’ve seen Star Trek?”
“The movie, yes. Last year.”
His eyes widened, and he said, “Last year?”
“Long story, but before I tell you, I have a few questions,” I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrows back up. “Who are you? Where am I? Why is Colorado Springs going Star Wars? And what’s this about this Alberic Guards and the Colorado Secret Police? Is it just this city, or the whole state as well?”
Standing up from his chair and walking to the bed to sit down, he looked back at me with a somber expression. He answered, “This is a long story on my part, too. But since you’re new around here, I might as well tell you.”
Sitting down next to him, he introduced himself as Ryan Jacob Watson, and the place he brought me to, while unconscious on his back, was Alberic Manor, home of the Supreme Leader of Colorado- David Sean Alberic. It all started when he won the Colorado Springs Mayoral Election eight months back. When he won, the first things he did was both ban the Talford Family and those married into it from ever residing in the entire state and merged both Leon Corporation and Alberic Industries into Leon-Alberic Incorporated. Anyone affiliated with the Talford Family and still living anywhere in Colorado either left or joined David’s side. Those who refused either one ended up imprisoned, and he started with Colorado Springs City Council, except for Elsa Price; whom she moved away with her husband, youngest son, and relatives after she lost the election.
With the council out of the way, the only governing body of the city, as well as the state, was the Supreme Leader’s company. The other representatives and the second Senator of Colorado did not approve of David’s autocracy, and so they were given three choices- join him, stand down and leave, or face treason. Even his financial advisor is making certain that neither the U.S. Congress, nor the Vice President could do a damn thing to stop him. That’s when Colorado became a police state, hence the Alberic Guards and the Colorado Secret Police working together to control people through fear.
The worse part about David’s dictatorship over the entire state is that he mingled federal laws with religious laws, defying the 1st Amendment via violating the separation of church and state, making Christianity the only religion to be legal with the rest, as well as atheism and agnosticism, being demonized. He also condemned equal rights of women, LGBT communities, and any non-conservatives. Not to mention free will was labelled the Original Sin, much to my outrage.
“Ultimately, he took me away from my family and made my sister his slave just to prove how inferior woman are compared to men,” he said in fury.
“That’s sexist!” I reproached.
“I know,” he looked at the front and continued, “He believes in the Bible, but he’s taking it too far, interpreting it in a stereotypical manner,” he looked back at me. “He doesn’t care about the consequences for stereotype, nor has any intention to. As long as he has money, power, and followers at his side, there’s no stopping him.”
“Ryan, don’t talk like that. There’s always a way to defeat a tyrant. No matter how difficult it can be, there’s always something, somewhere to stop him.”
“Well, not everyone shares your optimism.”
“And not every hero gives up.”
“What makes you so sure things will be different?”
“Because…” I lifted my right short sleeve, revealing the Mark of the Guardian to the Stag, much to his eye-widening surprise, “…I’m one of the chosen protectors of the multiverse.”
It took me a while to explain myself to Ryan, and I started with my first time in another universe to the last battle against Lucifer and the Dark Society back at the Tetraverse. I kept it short so that I wouldn’t bore him to death, let alone try to take too long. If where we’re at was indeed David’s house, then I wouldn’t want to stay here any longer. I didn’t want to risk getting caught.
After bringing that up to Ryan, who was astonished by what I told him, he said, “No way, dude. Curfew will come into effect in fifteen minutes, and there are surveillance and patrols everywhere in the state. If you get caught, you’re fucked.”
“Hey!” I reprimanded. “Watch the F-Bomb.”
Eyebrow raised up and smirking, he responded, “How old are you?”
“Then, you’re allowed to use that word. Just don’t do it in public places, let alone people under 18 years. Now, let’s get you into your night clothes, and I’ll help you out of Colorado in the morning.”
“Fair enough.”
Picking up my dimensional backpack, I was allowed to use Ryan’s closet to change from my street clothes to my night clothes- white nightshirt and black sweatpants. He helped me sneak into the bathroom so that I would brush my teeth in peace. Once that was done, he opened the secret floor door under his bed, leading to a hidden room that half as large as his bedroom. It was all made of wood, and there was a bed at the right corner with the two secret compartments for him to hide the bookcase and entertainment equipment. He told me David doesn’t like books outside the Bible, nor does he like video games and movies unrelated to it. They were all black marketed after those products ended up banned by the Supreme Leader’s orders.
Tomorrow, I’m to leave Colorado and go on a real adventure. For the time being, the room beneath Ryan’s bedroom was my only sanctuary away from the cruel environment. And so, as I tucked myself in, I drifted into a deep sleep.
In the Dream World, in a room filled with billions of stars, I encountered Jesus, who was in the form of a lion- same gold fur with light yellow on the snout, fingers, and toes, a brown mane and tip of the tail, bluish-green eyes, and in a red tunic with a blue cloak and sandals. He was sitting on a boulder, glaring at me. That left me a bit nervous at first. Finally, he said, “Merlin, I get you don’t approve of the changes going on with your family. Yes, Olivia was not herself as of late, and yes, Joseph and Percy did let their loyalty to her get to their heads, but they do love her.”
“I do, too, but she didn’t act like it. She even threatened to abuse me if I act up again, whether I’m making the right call or not,” I responded irritatingly.
“Yes, I was there when she said that to you. Even when you make mistakes in the past, I also know that sometimes, you’re a slow learner. But you’re also a late bloomer. That wasn’t your fault. Some things are just beyond our control. But when Olivia was living under Gillian’s roof, before she met Joseph, she knew only fear, anger, hate, and suffering. Your grandmother used fear to control people, like she did your mother, your uncle, and your aunt. Trying to prove yourself is one thing, but creating a clone and running away like that is very irresponsible.”
“How so? Like going against Honor thy mother and thy father? Last I checked, abusive parents, even the mentally-ill ones, didn’t do things worth being honored.”
“That’s only the literal term, that’s true. But figuratively, if parents both abusive and mentally-ill, or one over the other, can’t change their ways, it’s better to respect the way they are, even move away from them and never look back. You can still love them, but their actions, as you pointed out, can’t be tolerated. However, the 5th of the 10 Commandments are only the byproduct of your actions for going to another universe. What’s at issue is your newfound attitude the moment you reached adulthood. By doing so, you failed to realize the consequences of your actions.”
“What does that mean?”
He sighed for a moment and answered, “It means you placed your own life at risk.”
Raising my right eyebrow, I asked, “I did?”
“What you did to Commissioner Demeter this morning, you exposed yourself, catching the attention of both the Alberic Guards and the Colorado Secret Police.”
Aggravated, I reprimanded, “Ryan saved my ass, even if I’m hiding out in his master’s house!”
He stood up and scolded back “But he didn’t tell you everything! He kept one other part of the truth from you!”
Crossing my arms over my chest, I asked, “And what other part of the truth are you referring to?”
“David Alberic is not just his master!” Jesus calmed down, but still disappointed. “David Alberic…is Ryan’s father.”
My eyes widened in disbelief. That wasn’t even possible, but knowing the Savior, he wouldn’t lie about anything. Sure, he had his share of mistakes during his time, but he would never deceive anyone. If that were the case, then I believe him. Uncrossing my arms, I said, “Then, why didn’t Ryan escape himself?”
“Because David won’t let him,” he answered. “He seeks an heir to help him control all of Creation. Not just the city, or the state, or his company for that matter.”
Merlin!” said a voice, catching mine and Jesus’s attention before the latter had a chance to tell me everything else.
Waking up, I noticed Ryan sitting on the bed I was sleeping in. I glared at him, leaving him confused. He asked me why, and I answered sternly, “You didn’t tell me everything, Ryan.”
“Excuse me?” he asked.
“David is more than your master, isn’t he?”
Frozen and dumbfounded, he lowered his head with his eyes closed. Ryan responded, “It’s true. David is my father, but I never acknowledged him as one. How do you explain the scar on my face?” he looked at me and pointed on top of his snout. “A real parent would never do something like that,” he placed his arm down. “Now, get dressed. We have to get you out of here.”
“Hold on!” I got up from the bed and crossed my arms over my chest. “Is there anything else you’re not telling me?”
“I’ll explain after I help you escape.”
“Because David is here in the house, and we don’t have much time.”
Rolling my eyes left to right to up to back at the Stag, I responded after a long silence, “Good call.”
I rushed over to my dimensional backpack to get dressed. Removing my nightclothes, I put on a purple short-sleeve shirt made by ECU, blue shorts, and white street shoes. Cleaning my glasses and putting them on after putting my watch on my right wrist, I put the backpack on my back, and Ryan led the way upstairs to his room.
Just when we got to the door, however, we were busted by another Stag. He was at least 8' in height, short black hair spread apart and a little bit spiky, brown eyes, dark-brown fur, white tip of his snout near his black nose, ten-rack antlers, and he wore a light-blue business suit with a white dress shirt underneath and a dark purple necktie. Looking into the malevolent-grinning Stag’s eyes, I was as terrified as T.J. Detweiler when Miss Finster caught him trying to steal food from the cafeteria refrigerator during Recess’s first episode. Jesus wasn’t kidding when he told me about the consequences for running away into another universe, especially travelling there for personal reasons.
The grin faded, and the Stag looked at Ryan and said aggressively, “It’s unwise to bring strangers into my house, son.”
“I told you before, David!” he scolded. “I’m not your son!”
In response, the Stag called David backslapped him across the face, much to my mouth-gaping shock as I saw Ryan fell on the ground. Staring the older Stag down, I rebuked, “Hey! Leave him alone!”
Grabbing me by the right wrist, much to my eye-widening fright, David glared at me and said, “I’m his father! I can punish him however I want!”
“That doesn’t give you the right to abuse your authority! If you want to punish someone, punish me instead! Leave Ryan alone!”
Giving me another cruel smile, he said, “You got spirit, boy, I’ll give you that,” he looked at Ryan as his smile faded once more, “but his punishment is only the beginning. Ryan Jacob Alberic, you will stay in this room until you learn to respect me and see things my way.”
Staring his master down, Ryan gave him the bird. In response, David smacked his son’s hand and told him that his recent action denied him any meal for the entire week. And to make certain that the younger Stag wouldn’t try to leave the house, the older Stag locked him up in his own room. I was dragged downstairs against my will.
The living room was a vast library, with books that are both the Bible and books containing Biblical references and connections alone, and nothing else. No magic, no equality, no fictional gods of any kind. I guess David is not of fan of C. S. Lewis, nor of J. K. Rowling, nor of J. R. R. Tolkien, etc. He wasn’t even into Lauren Kate either, labeling her both a heretic and a traitorous hypocrite, as he told me.
I was going to ask him about his opinions about other fiction writers, but he insisted to “not get off the main subject of our heart-to-heart.” The last time I had a heart-to-heart with a villain, I nearly got killed. But that’s a story for another time. For now, let’s get back to the main subject.
After a few minutes of interrogation and reassurance, I said to David, “Look, I already told you. Your officer started it. I was being a law-abiding citizen and tried to reason with him. He may be the part of law enforcement, but that didn’t give him the right to be abusive of his authority, let alone be overzealous about it.”
“And yet, you attacked him with your cats,” he responded irritatingly.
“He didn’t give me a choice. If he did, we wouldn’t be having this so-called heart-to-heart.”
“Still, you assaulted a police officer.”
“In self-defense. Just because he’s a police officer doesn’t make him above the law. If it weren’t for Ryan, I would’ve been thrown in prison unfairly.”
Angry, and standing up with his eyes wide open in outrage, he responded, “Unfair?! Let me tell you what’s unfair,” he walked toward me fast and cornered me like a rat. “Having my company’s reputation ruined by a delinquent, a brainiac, and a broken boy from a broken family! Now that I’m the mayor of this city, they will never come back!” he calmed himself after taking a deep breath and going one step back. “As for Ryan, he’s not just weak-minded, but he’s also weak-willed, and too stubborn to accept it. His so-called adoptive family are the same way, and they’re the reason he’s too soft for his own good.”
Staring him down, I asked, “Did you also know that Salome was adopted?”
“As a matter of fact, I did, but she’s not Ryan’s twin sister. She’s his half-sister. Same mother, different father. In fact, unlike my real firstborn son, Salome was a product of adultery alongside her older twin brother, my false heir.”
“Is that why you made her your slave, to punish her for what her mother did behind your back? Why not punish her instead of her daughter? She can’t help being born. Her existence was not Salome’s fault.”
“Then you haven’t been paying attention to the Doctrine of the Original Sin, even if it is an invention of Catholicism,” he crossed his arms over his chest sternly. “When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, their sin gets past down from generation to generation. Innocence ceased to exist before we were even born, and therefore, evil is no longer made. It is born. Good, however, is not born, but made through baptism. Even when newborns are born without the knowledge of good and evil, they are still born sinful regardless.
“Those who claim to be born innocent, and deny being born evil through Adam and Eve's disobedience, must pay the ultimate price for their blasphemous vanity. That is the will of God, the very being all of Creation have to both worship and fear, lest they be damned into the fiery pit until Judgement Day wipes them all from existence with the elected being the only ones left. That is the true side of reality.”
“Dude, you’re pushing reality too far in this case. If you believe I’m really born evil, why not just get it over with and put me in prison regardless of self-defense?”
Smiling deviously, he answered, “I like how you’re capable of being humble, but that’s not going to save you. As for imprisonment,” he raised his arms up like a priest in church, “THIS is your prison now,” he pointed at me, “and you’ll be my servant.”
Outraged, I said, “Don’t you mean slavery? Last I checked, slavery was banned in the United States.”
“Because people like Abraham Lincoln was too weak to understand the value of slavery. Hagar was Sarah’s slave, Zilpah was Leah’s slave, and Bilhah was Rachel’s slave. Therefore, slavery is not all evil as some originally claim. Without it, progress can never be achieved, and there would be no sacrifices for the good of the city and the state. And so, young man, your time in slavery will be showing you the true nature of reality. Starting tomorrow, your servitude begins.”
This was really bad. Percy was right, but for the wrong reason. I wasn’t ready to be on my own. I was reckless, arrogant, and selfish. Wondering off on my own as a child was one thing, but that was out of ironic, yet newfound curiosity. But doing so as an adult, that was a completely different story. Because of my recent actions, I became David’s personal slave. Because of me, my life is in serious danger. And so, I was forcibly sent back to Ryan’s room against my will. The next day, welcome back to Hell, Merlin O’Toole.
Venom of Heaven- Chapter 6
Welcome back to the present time, and we're now on Chapter 6 of The Chronicles of Vito and Ariella: Venom of Heaven. This chapter from the perspective of Merlin O'Toole, and it continues from after Chapter 1 of the same story. Parts of the chapter is based on the nightmare I had after having read KimmyKun of FA's The Golden Week, thus David Alberic was "born." Now, I know how Akira Toriyama felt when he created Frieza, or when R.L. Stine created Slappy the Dummy (Don't get him started on calling him a Dummy. LOL XD).

Anyhoo, Chapter 7 will be uploaded later on, so be on the lookout.

Marked Mature for violence and language


Merlin, Ryan, Spud^, Abbee^, Lucky^, Gigi^, D.J.^, Salome, Elsa, Michael, Joseph, Olivia, Percy, Gillian, David, Commissioner Demeter, and Story © :iconvitotalford:

Abraham Lincoln, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, Lauren Kate, Rick Riordan, and Joss Whedon © History

God, Jesus, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Hagar, Bilhah, Zilpah, and Lucifer/Satan/Samael/The Devil © The Bible

^They are based on my RL pets (Rest in Peace, Lucky.)

Note: Those of you who are religious-sensitive, you might find some of the material offensive, even if it's only a work of fiction, be warned.


John D.
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
In real life, I am known as either John, or J.J., or Merlin, but in furry fandom, I am known as Vito Talford. I am mostly going to put in stories as I would art, but the latest work that I am going to upload is an online-only story called Chaos of Valhalla. It is a story about my fursona and six other main protagonists who are living in the universe where there are more anthros than humans. Just as things are good, everything changed when they got into a middle of a war between the Order of Ariav and Ylva & the Fenrisúlfr Association. Throughout the story, Vito and Ariella (his girlfriend turned wife) will encounter new friends, new allies, and make dangerous enemies, including facing their most dangerous enemy- Fenrir Lokison. You can also read the chapters on FA. Just go to this website-… The story is still ongoing, so it will take a while before Chaos of Valhalla is finished.



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