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World War 2: B24 Little Lulu 'Thad's Last Victory'

B-24 (H), "Little Lulu" no. 42-52479 (Red J, 776th Bomb Squadron, 464th Bomb Group, 55th Bombardment Wing, 15th Air Force) was attacked by German fighters and shot down while on a bombing raid, the target of which was an oil refinery in Pardubice in Czechoslovakia. The event occurred near the village Vlcice in the territory of Jindrichuv Hradec (Czechoslovakia) when the bombers were returning to their airbase in Pantanella in Italy on 24 August, 1944. In the picture, Nose Gunner Sgt Thad J. Watson Sr.(KIA) is shooting down an FW-190A8 (W.Nr.681361, II.(Sturm)/JG300 "Wilde Sau", "Yellow 7", the pilot Fw. Hubert Engst) from his nose turret. The radio operator, Sgt John F. D'Amore, was the only survivor of the crew.

illustration for book of 70th anniversary of Bombing Raid to Pardubice.…
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Looks like I'm late to this party....Thad Watson was my great uncle. I will buying this piece. Very nice job!
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Does anybody know what became of the German pilot, feldwebel Hubert Engst ?
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Congratulations, your artwork is amazing, capturing the scene perfectly
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how is this done? it looks amazing
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its digital art- I use tablet and photoshop. Here is short tutorial [link] :)
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ah ok, cool, it looks like an acctual painting
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Great artwork! How about a picture of the carnage of 27 Sept 44 when the 35 B-24's of the 445th Bomb Group were jumped by approximately 100 Fw 190-A/8-R3 and 50 Bf 109G fighters in a climbing stern attack. Waves of up to 15 aircraft blew through the 445th's formation and in a savage 6 minute battle, shot down 25 aircraft and so badly damaged the remaining 10 aircraft that only 4 made it back to their base at Tibenham in England. The Kassel Mission Historical Society (website: [link]) was organized by one of the surviving pilots (Bill Dewey) and is dedicated to keeping the memory of that mission alive. You will be able to get more information from Linda Dewey, daughter of the founder.

Mike Simpson
Webmaster & Unit Historian
445th Bomb Group Memorial Association
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thank you for nice comment. About your idea of painting Kassel Mission, Its really interesting but we dont have enought facts to paint scene from this event but if U have an idea of specific situation please contact as (in a note) and describe it... Actually we are working on series of paintings of bombing raid to Pardubice (Czechoslovakia) on 24.8.1944. Now we added another painting from this flight, U can check here [link]
B-24 42-52479 "Little LuLu" was my Grandfather's plane. He served as the first crew that flew the plane. It was the second crew that got shot down. Amazing painting, I will share this with him.
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wow, its really interesting. Im glad that you like it and you'll show it to your grandfather. May I ask, how old is he? And could you please tell us the names of the 1st crew (where your grandfather served)?
My grandfather is Carl E. Will and he served with the first crew of Little Lulu (42-52479). He is currently 87 years old. The first crew consisted of: Pilot, John R. Stallings, Sr., Co-pilot, 1st Lt. Dwight D. Baker; Navigator, 1st Lt. William J. Pawlowski; Bombardier, 1st. Lt. Delbert L. Hicok; Engineer, T/Sgt. Garland D. Meyer; Radio Operator, T/Sgt. Carl E. Will; Assistant Engineer, S/Sgt. Nicholas J. Ferrera; Gunner, T/Sgt. Albert A. Warren; Gunner, S/Sgt. Wesley H. Warner and Gunner, S/Sgt. Salvatore J. De Nicola. They were stationed out of Pantenella Italy.
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Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to brilliant gallery at :iconbestdrawings: keep up the good work! :dance:
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wow that is amazing. The colors in it is brilliant. I especially like how it looks like the planes are in motion.
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Wow - fantastic detail and a great perspective. I feel like a crewman in a nearby B-24 watching this in real time!
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Very cool,must have been very difficult to do.
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This is fantastically cool, wonderful work I wish I could paint like that!!
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and if i fall, you gonna fall with me
and if i die, you gonna die with me
i fire my machine guns and shoot you down
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You and your cover drawings againg! i got to say im starting to admire your work , oh and thank U for helping me with my tablet problem now i know what to buy:)
Ps: have you being thinking in making tutorials?
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thanks and np. Ah, Im glad I could help ;) Will u go for A5 as me? :)... oh yes I made few tutorials. But not for aircraft paintings. I made some tutorials for scifi and fantasy pictures :D one of the u can see here: [link] It has two parts...
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