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Icadyptes salasi, the giant penguin (estimated at >1,5m tall) knowm from the most complete fossils, and also the first one to have the skull found. Said skull is, in some ways, different from modern penguins: it had a long and thin beak, like one of a crane, which had a vascular texture not seen in other penguins, but seen in Sulidae birds; the authors who described Icadyptes proposed that it suggests a distinct rhamphotheca.

It is also worth noting that Icadyptes, along Perudyptes, contributed a lot to our understanding of the evolutive history of penguins.

Cold porcelain, 1/8 scale.

More photos of the model: vitorsilvapaleoartista.blogspo…
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I love giant prehistoric penguins. Imagine if these things were still around...