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Edit: corrected head shape. Many thanks to :icontomozaurus: for the feedback ^^
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Pretty good, and also pretty accurate physiologically, apparently.
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What was there to correct on the head shape? Don't we only have fossils of the rear portion of the skull? Or was the rear portion what you were corrected on?
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For the rear portion, the eye position was corrected. The snout and jaws were fixed too, they are now less thin and the premaxillary area was too elevated earlier (it was looking a bit "ducky" hehe). The front is, although speculative, "more likely" now.
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you are welcome :)
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Finally! A proper Cryo!
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Wow, thank you!
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Really beautiful, love it. ^^
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You're welcome. :)
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Sorry, had to.  I've never seen a depiction of Cryolophosaurus with feathers before; I like it!  It's different ^_^
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Many thanks! I knew someone would post this gif hehe. I always depicted this species scaly, them I decided to do it feathered this time. The coat would be a perfect adaptation for the cold weather.
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Sounds legit to me! :)  And I couldn't help but do the Despicable Me reference.  It was begging for it!
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