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November 7, 2011
Of the Wind by ~wackypenguin
Featured by Mollinda
Suggested by medli20
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Of the Wind

A ridiculously belated gift for :iconhel999:. Check out her art! She's really amazing ;D.

Long story short, I signed up to be a contest prize-giver last summer, hoping the contest would end well before summer ended so I would have time to work on a prize piece. It finally ended ~ october? Then, junior year happened.


My apologies! I know all these excuses don't mean much and just say what a loser I am ...

Back to writing personal statements ;_;

Acrylic and ink on canvas.

I must have painted over this at least a dozen times. Never really satisfied with the result : \

If i do change this piece at all, I'll update this image here.
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Don't change it please, i love this work of yours Heart +fav 
ancira's avatar
nice I like the colors and contrast and everything :)
jonesblachowicz's avatar
I’ve shown your work here: [link] Great work! :love:
ViTong4's avatar
thank you so much <3
TheDragonAce's avatar
One of the best paintings I have ever seen!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Really beautiful! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
ViTong4's avatar
thanks hun ~ :]
Angie-Pictures's avatar
It’s my pleasure! :hug:
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Hey! I never got the chance to say congratulations on the daily deviation, I realise I'm very late. I have always loved your work and it's so wonderful to see that you have gotten the DD because you deserve it. This is amazing. :heart:
ViTong4's avatar
thanks so much for the kind words :]

i was so surprised i got the DD actually ^^
ChrisSilver's avatar
Oh it's not a problem! You shouldn't be surprised, you're absolutely amazing! I've been going on your page for awhile and have left you some comments (don't know if you'll remember) but I'd just like to say KEEP AT IT and upload more, I can't get enough of your work. What really attracts me to your work is your knowledge of mixed media (and creativity and skill and general awesomeness), something I wish to improve on. Anyway, are you still studying art?
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Of course I remember you :]
oh.. i don't think i have that much knowledge of mixed media. I simply love to experiment with what I have on hand.

I'm currently a high school senior so I'm "studying art" in a sense that I continue to paint and self-study at home and I attend beginning ceramics at school. I really hope to at least minor in art in college though :]

I just haven't posted much lately because of the workload I have at school.... and I've been silly with my time management. I have sketches I post on my blog every so often though... hah .. =.= i need to get with it.
ChrisSilver's avatar
Well I think the spontaneous way you approach art is amazing! Maybe I should stop shying away and try new things.

Are you doing a portfolio course at the moment then? I've never tried ceramics, it sounds rather tricky!
Oh no, I hate stress, I procrastinate way too much! I'm in my last year of school, I'm doing photography, art and music so I don't have to do essays or anything which is pretty good. Don't worry about it, just keep at it and try your best! Oh? Do you have a tumblr or twitter or whatnot?
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uuh. i sort of have a portfolio ... or at least a collection of 15 or so pieces that I shuffle around and send to colleges.

I have a tumblr and a blogspot. Actually, I believe I just followed you on tumblr. [me=paperisblood]
I mostly reblog art I like though x - x
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Ooh cool, I'm building one right now but I'll probably do another one when I'm more experienced.

Did you? Oh yay :happybounce:
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Amazing colorssssssssss
ViTong4's avatar
ViTong4's avatar
thanks so much!
LovEya4evaXD's avatar
breathtaking! it leaves me absolutely speechless!
ViTong4's avatar
thank you :] (and sorry for the late reply)
Awesome, just awesome.
It's not really a problem, but it might feel incomplete because of the top left corner. It feels like the hair was stretched because you didn't know what to draw there
ViTong4's avatar
I see what you mean :]
I tried to fill that with some texture-ey stuff...

It does still look/feel incomplete due to that ^^"

I'll see what I can do/if i can do anything to it

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