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So real life is a constant state of busy-ness and I haven't been able to post or make as much new art as I'd like. But recently I've decided to try building an actual portfolio based on everything I have learned and hopefully will be learning. 

Unlike most people, my goal is to make my tumblr the more polished collection of rando art. =P But maybe eventually there'll be a sharper divide given how I'll be concentrating on certain looks I'm not sure will interest my current watchers. huge incentive for y'all to come follow me on tumblr, I'm sure

Anyway -- please follow me and challenge me using the "ask" box, as well as critiquing/giving feedback/reblogging (only if you like it of course)! If you keep an art tumblr blog, imagine how many reiterations of lovely things we can spread through reblogging! We'll be like a network of awesome. Or something. 

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ok will watch !