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Emma Watson wallpaper

Are you a fan? go ahead and download it. but it's a bit big in its original size (1680x1050), so you may have to crop it to fit your screen.

have to appreciate a pretty face when i see one...

and no, i'm not a lesbian, lol, in case you're wondering...

was just surfing the net when i saw Emma Watson's official page [link]

can't say i'm a fan, but she's not a bad actress. I think she'll be really good one day... not to mention extremely popular....

one of the pics in the changing background was this B/W shot, and i thought it was a really nice pic for a desktop

so did a screenshot, and messed around with it a little in photoshop... this was the result... though i'll post it up to share with anyone interested...

enjoy... ;)
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spearmint-toothpaste's avatar
I really, really like how simple this is. Pretty!
sierrapianks's avatar
It's awesome. I love it. Thanks so much!
llllauraa's avatar
I love this picture of her, especially the hair on this pic :D
MyGreenEye's avatar
Really beautiful pic. She is the most beautiful person in the world (in my opinion :D).

Great :)
Liavy's avatar
soo pretty :]
SilverColoredGold's avatar
t-lis's avatar
Great and beautiful!
Arckanda's avatar
Beautifull subject (:spotlight-left:Emma:spotlight-right:) + great work = this picture.


x-xLithiumx-x's avatar
this is beautiful
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