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The Game. Underwater.

You can see more photos here:

And full resolution images here:
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Why do you keep putting your photomanipulations in the photography folder? Please be fair to people and don´t try to make things look more special or better than they are.
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Do you have any evidence that this is a manipulation?
Well, the fact that the dolphins don't even look real is enough evidence for me.
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Here, look, I've gotten you some examples. This is for example his deviation 'The Game III': [link] but here you have the same 'photo' only then with extra dolphins and an underwater view added, on his shutterstock page: [link] and here is the same jumping dolphin, only then in a different photo alltogether: [link] Here you can see how he prob. made this photo and many of his others. 'Empty' picture: [link] and now with dolphins: [link]
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It is so with many of his dolphin shots. He links to his stock photo account in the description and you can find there, for example, the background only of another 'dolphin photo' he has in his gallery, also called 'the game'. I often can't truly pinpoint the 'evidence' that something is a photomanip, but you can just see it here. The whole background is slightly blurry with vague lines and not too great overall quality. And then those dolphins are pasted on top of the whole scene, in amazing sharpness and clarity, with hairsharp lines - it just doesn't fit. The bubbles in the lower right hand corner are also pohotshopped in, the quality also differs too much from the rest of the photo. You know, it's a bit like with a painting: you see that something is wrong, but you can't tell exactly what. Same with many of his photos, I see and know they are manipulations, but I couldn't tell you exactly why, not with all of them at least.
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Beautiful, absolutely love this picture! I so wish I would be there! :D
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Love it when they show up..... Who's checking out whom. Great Image
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