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Art Of Sunrays

Red sea, december 2013

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I really like the colors of the ocean in this picture.
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This is quite incredible!  It's perfect.

~ Kurt


Due to an arbitrary and unfair suspension for 30 days by some anonymous and cowardly administrator who won't respond, I no longer post on deviantART.  I refuse.  They took down all of my photo descriptions and models' credits - which have not been restored - and I'm not going to bother putting them back up.  They deleted many of my works even though they were not pornographic.  They even took down my biography (which I did restore).  This is the THIRD time they've done all of this to me.  So I'm finished here.  This site is run by immature children only interested in anime and cosplay.  

But be sure to keep a watch on me here for future announcements about my book projects!  I will announce them here.  But I'm now only posting all of my new work over on tumblr:… So if you're interested in following my latest work and book projects, please go there and follow me.  Oh... and be sure to leaves "likes" and notes, too!

This is me:




ModelMayhem: (3 ports there.  Just follow the links under my name.)

My Bookstore:

"LIPS"… (I'm currently working on Volume 2 of this.)

... and something from my deep past: "The Face Of Hollywood"…

Thanks - and see you on tumblr!
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It's different than the horse but It's very beautiful too :)
nice picture.

shame the sea where i am from isnt as beautiful as that.
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