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Die Glocke : The Bell

The 3D Models used in this picture are available for purchase at TurboSquid :

The bell :… Basement objects :…

The device is described as metallic, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high with a shape similar to a bell. It contained two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a substance similar to Mercury that glowed violet when activated, known only as Xerum 525 it has been speculated to be Red mercury.When active, The Bell would emit strong radiation, which led to the death of several scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.

The Bell was considered so important to the Nazis that they killed 60 scientists that worked on the project and buried them in a mass grave and the only reason we know about the Bell is that the SS General that was tasked with the murders, Jakob Sporrenberg, was tried after the war by a Polish War Crimes court for murdering his own people on what subsequently became Polish soil.

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I read it about in Polish web... and I have to tell you, it's an hoax. Project Chronos or die Glocke never existed.
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-The original TARDIS. :lol:
there are many difrent WINDS in this type of telaporter. its a stom that builds up speed in order to take flyte at a amazing speed. they got the idea from UFoS space craft. thats how they were wining World War 2. Americans wanted to type of technology that Nazis had, when the war was over they arested Nazi Scientist......... they manage the Nuclear bomb. they test it out in New Mexico, after the Test UfOs apeared out the sky, Rosewell was hit with a Ufo, They came up with the Elemen 115, after that Crash they send a man to the moon, but Russians were the first once on the moon. Russian Rosewell; after taking down aa UfO the russian got started on the UfOs Space craft that will take Man to the moon.. Alians Made Cell PHones happen
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I saw this on tv it was about nazi ufos!!! It was a strange show
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that is some freaky shit i trying to do a report on it but here is no info on it,it like people dont want you to know about this shit
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I think they had results, because there was a powerful stimulator for success at work, a gun pointing at you.
It only shows that at war, technology marches extremely.
And also shows how brilliant germans were.
But some one mentioned here. No this would not win the war, Germans could win only if they took down Hitler, made the nuke and made light-medium tank than heavy tanks.
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The myth about this device is so interesting, but also frightening considering that the 62 scientists that worked on it were executed, and that no one has proven or disproven it's existense, nor does anyone know it's exact purpouse...
Anyways, this is some really nice 3D modelling, I love the detail and the atmosphere!
I heard about this... freaky stuff.
If only they were allowed to contuie think of all we would have right now
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Some people think that the Kecksburg UFO incident might have been an offshoot from the Nazi project [link]
I think I'd prefer the Nazis not finishing any of these wackjob WunderWaffe things they had all cooked up.
I would think about it massive tanks diffrent engines mass new weapons and the abilty to strike planes form the sky and Teleportaion it woul dhave been worth it
Eh, anything that would have helped the nazi war effort, I'd rather do without.
But if they had held out for 4 month a A bomb would have fallen on Berlin the glorius Fires of redemption searing it away
Mmmm, 4 more months would have equalled hundreds of thousands of more deaths.
Death is nessacerry for Innovation i pray for lost souls but will glady sacrfice mroe if it means knowladge
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