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PercyJackson and The Olympians

"I gave you a hero's fate, and a hero's fate is never happy. It is never anything by tragic." [pg. 346, Lightning Thief]

I can't wait for the movie, although I'm pretty iffy about it. Brunette Annabeth & Athena? The girl who plays Annabeth is 23 years old. At least Logan Lerman is 16, just 4 years older than Percy is supposed to be. I think Logan fit rather perfectly. Anyone else surprised Grover's black? I just thought the curly hair meant curly hair, not need-a-pick-to-fix-my-hair curly. (x

But anyway, no talk about Book 3 +. I'm still reading. (:
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i haven't seen the movie i hear it sucks compaired to the book.....and they cut out Aries ARIES!!!!! THAT WAS A MAIJOR PLOT TWIST IN THE FIRST BOOK WTF!!! I also hate the Annabeth and the fact tht they are supposed to be MIDDLE SCHOOLERS and they look like they are seniors in high school!!! WTF?!
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Logan Lerman is actually 18. Turned 18 on January 19.
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Hah, yeah, I figured that when I started celebrating his birthday on that day, and I realized, he's only 8 months older than me >.<
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yeah the movie really looks iffy.
for crying out loud camp looks like narnia.
and if i see the movie annabeth's hair is going to bother me the whole way through but oh well i can't do anything about that.

i really like this wallpaper
it's so dark and tragic looking
please forgive my minnie rant
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No, go ahead with the minirant. I like it ;D
And thank you. (:

And did you know Clarisse isn't even in the movie? I mean, I looked on imdb to see who's suppposed to be playing Clarisse, and I couldn't even find her. WTF.
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ok that's just stupid
that means there's no I become supreme lord of the bathroom scene
i liked that part in the book
this movie dissapoints me so far
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Gah, I just wanna laugh with the director about it and then kick his ass. |:
I really liked that chapter, too. And what the hell about the future of the movie series? She's an important part of the damn book. They can't have a movie with Clarisee. :rage:
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it's just so stupid!
if they make a second movie how will they be able to make the sea of monsters without clarisse!
i'm starting to think there really is no future for the movie if their going to forget about important supporting characters.
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meant to say **without Clarisee x]

I agree, I mean, hey, thanks for making it a movie, but fawk you for messing it up!

*As I said before, I never repeat myself* - very funny. (:
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