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Minimal Bar v2.0

By Vit-Ok
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Minimal bar for Rainmeter (рекомендуемое обновление)

Доработан инсталятор, улучшен код, изменен адрес папки в баре и незначительные изменения в погоде...

Icons: Faenza (by Tiheum)
Windows theme: Soft7 v1.8 (by AP-GRAPHIK)
Wallpaper: brush the dust away (by fancq)
© 2010 - 2021 Vit-Ok
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Minimal for ICS
skin for Rainmeter to display the time and date
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how do you do to change the time format to 12 hour only but then instead display also the AM or PM mark?
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How can you switch the time format to be 12 hour only but instead display if it's AM or PM ?
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Спасибо, а как расположить по центру гаджет?
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Вручную передвинь
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Nice one, if you could make it customizable, I mean, to could include more shortcuts into it, these theme would be definetely awesome :)
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И незначительные изменения в погоде... :)
Классно сказано
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excellent work my friend :)
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I like it but, as the previus version, I have problem to set my city.
Pls say to me how to di it
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in line
enter the city code
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Thx, now it work. Its cool ;)
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Nice Skin, Theres a Rocketdock Theme like minimal bar?
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It's all rainmeter
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Очень хорошая тема :)
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Молодец, всё отлично, но @include=Languages\ в коде захер не нужно)
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Сделал все же несколько вариантов бара) Молодец!
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