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MacBar 3.0 en

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You will find in this set: explorer with a menu of programs, time, recycle bin, weather, power management and player controls (Foobar, iTunes, WinAmp(Aimp 2.x), WMPlayer) . Set completed.

Wallpaper: bebequ hires [link] (not included)
Theme: Blend 2.0 [link] (not included)
Start Orb: steelOrb square2 [link] (not included)
Miranda: Native [link] (not included)

Macbar 3.0 rus [link]

Thank's for the installation [link] :iconpoiru:
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Foobar is not work?
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Great bar, may you make more "bar.png", pls? :)

Ex: a bar.png like aero glass taskbar in windows 7 :)
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I'm a bit new to customizing rainmeter skins. I managed to change the folder names to what I want and adjusted everything so it won't be overlapping each other, made programs drop down to show only 5 apps (instead of 7), adjusted 220.png so it won't show excess space. The only thing that bugs me is the trigger for the drop down. I can't adjust to where I want it to be, (I want to move it to the right a little bit). Adjusted the trigger for each folders the only things left was that Programs dropdown. Anybody can help?

PS: If you don't undestand my post comment it out I'll show your a screen cap on what I want to do. 
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thanks :) very good i like :)
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topflofloStudent Interface Designer
How change my location? :/

I don't understand this : Url=[link]

my location : [link]

-> great job for your work ;)
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How do I change the weather from Celsius to Fahreheit?
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look for this line in weather.ini


Change unit=M to unit=F

Do this for all three days in the file

Save the file

Refresh the skin!
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CorpseOfaSinnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey guys Its kinda easy to add more on the programs tab. Took me like an Hr to figure it out. just check it out. Maybe ill make a vid tut if its ok with the Developer :P

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CorpseOfaSinnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey i used and modified your Mac bar a bit. Thanks for making this.

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can you tell me .how to make the bottom of the menu. l like it very much.thank you
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AiskenStudent Artist
Loved it, thank you so much ;)
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ChingachcookProfessional Photographer
Hi, is it possible to add another Pull down Menü (like Programs) and if how ?
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how can i keep the weather icon from becoming un-clickable when i click the mac bar?
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ChingachcookProfessional Photographer
Right Mouseclick and change appearance to "be in front"
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ok i did this but now the weather shows even when im surfing the web. any way to make is so it doesnt become unclickable on the bar but doesnt show up when i have a webpage open?
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its one of the best things made for rainmater! Thank you! :deviation:
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Love this theme.

One question. Is there any way of creating additional drop down menus like the "Programs" one? I've tried and failed miserably.

Any help much appreciated.
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ganknevetsHobbyist Interface Designer
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Macbar 3.0 en please........
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Used here [link]. I modified it, but your design is praise worthy. Thank you.
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Wow....once again! :)
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