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Visuvampy 2019 cosplay plan

After the cosplay meme 2018, here we go with the tradional 2019 cosplay plan!! ( wall of text again sorry!)

like before if you want to follow me or see more picture of those without waiting for 2019 to be finish you can follow me on facebook or instagram under the name Visuvampy! I post a bit more there, maybe not daily or weekly but way more than DA hahaha.

So yeah! At first I was like eurrggh 2019 will be slow in cosplay since I cancelled half of my plans for the year, but in the end I still have lots to do hahaha 8D''' and the number is exactly on my average of the past year ( aka between 8 and 11)

Don't worry it's impossible for me to do all of them hahaha i may be crazy, but not 100% crazy. Plan always change during the year!

I will only describe the definitly\surely section and not the maybe hahaha it would be too long.

The first section is the cosplays that have the highest chance of being made\done by the end of 2019, the ones with the most hype or have a specific time to be done like a convention or shoot or something.

Second section is the maybe list. ( I got to say some where suppose to be secrets, but I wanted to complete my row and not let it empty hahaha) some of them aren't even in my facebook folders yet ;) ! This section is if time\hype\money let me, they might happen during the year, some are already started so i'll try to finish them (motivation is a bitch for them lol), other I want to order them if money let me and some are close to be in the surely category but I had to make some choices XD'

But here we go with the normal list!

1- Youko from Onmyoji: I am one of onmyoji bitch hahaha i've been playing non stop for almost a year now (only 15 days until my 365 daily login hahaha) Youko , especially his 3rd skin as been my first cosplay crush from the game! Even before the NA release I had my eyes on him. My plan is to finish it for either Nadeshicon or Otakuthon.

2- Ibaraki Doji from Onmyoji: Told it hahaha my soul is sold to onmyoji for a while :P . Ibaraki is one of my favorite character ( i still haven't summon him yet, but when i do, i'll call him ze precious), so when they release his genderswap version because of the story I just had to do him. It migh happen earlier than expected if I kick my butt 8D'

3- Dice Arisugawa from Hypnosis Mic: Favorite homeless boy! Hypnosis mic as been my suprise of 2018, I didn't expect myself to love it so much! If everything goes well I am suppose to debute him at Ganime. It's half casual so I only need to find a good wig for him and do what is missing. (there is ill doc in the maybe list, because he have more to do on him and a really specific wig, so i'll see with time and money)

4- Squall from Final fantasy 8 : it was suppose to be done for 2018.... like this month.... but I had to cancel my presence to Kupocon and many thing happen during the end of the year so I had no motivation to touch him. But hey! they may have some chance of going to newark kupocon so i'll try to finish it for that time :) .

5- Fye from Tsubasa reservoir chronicle : In duo with a friend! it's been year since we talk about doing fye and kuro together and this version won the poll and was one of my dream version for fye <3 to be debuted for Animara con if everything goes well during 2019.

6- Nuriko from Fushigi yuugi: well I found a new baby and addiction in the last weeks hahaha saw him in the past, but didn't gave it serious time until recently. Another crossdressing trash character just like I love them hahaha. Might be a more simplier version tough, but I have like half the fabric for this version from past costumes :) so i'll see ;)

7- You keika from Ling Qi : this year I discover that chinese can do good anime and I am currently in my chinese theme mania hahaha. It's not over the top the best anime, but it was fun to watch and enjoyed it enough, for me to do a cosplay from it. My wig was order during black friday, I wanted to debute him at Ganime.... but I don't know with canada post if i'll have it in time. But anyway it's the easiest version of him to start the year with, might do other version later :)

8- Secret cosplay for world cosplay summit : the name say it all it's secret! suprise! for Otakuthon 2019. My wig was bought on black friday with you keika.... but yeah I am going to be fab !

9- secret project! : it might have some big chance of not getting debuted during the year, because it's a huuggggeeee project. It's my hakutaku 3.0 project and will need lots of time and money. And if I base myself on hakutaku 1.0 it took 1 year and a half to complete. But yea, the challenge aren't at the same place :)

so yup! this is my top 9 priority to be completed during 2019. The rest are potential bonus during the year if plan are made or change. Cookie to those who know the underground character from the maybe list :P 

Visuvampy 2018 cosplay meme
I've already posted it on my cosplay page on facebook, but I had to post it here too! one of the rare thing I still keep posting on DA hahaha! And the quality will be better here too :) 
If you want more content even tough I don't post daily or weekly all the time you can follow me on Facebook and instagram with the name Visuvampy :) the content is a bit different from one another, but you will indeed be more up to date with what I do during the year in general.

So yeah! It's that time of the year!! My annual cosplay meme where I do a montage to resume all the cosplay that made their debut during the year. Either made our bought.

This year it was really difficult to do... because I did not have shoot with all of them or either don't have any true picture with them. 
It is also my second less productive year since I started doing those meme back in 2012 (this is my 7th one!) My most productive year was 2013... so I tend to always compare my capacity to that year... but then I remember my sewing skills back then was horrible and I was able to do so many because I didn't care that much about quality.

2012: 14
2013: 23
2014: 3....
2015: 9
2016: 10 or 11
2017: 11
2018: 8

So yeah I guess the average per year is now around 8 to 11. At first I tough I really sucked this year because I didn't do alot of new ones and couldn't keep up with everyone productions.But in the end I was in my own average hahaha, I do less of them, but the quality get better. I also don't have the body and budget to order 100 of them on internet unfortunatly, so I need to make 80% of them.

This year favorite and obvious cosplay is Hakutaku from hoozuki no reitetsu hahaha he is now my current pride until I beat that quality.  Thanks to him I am now a Master category in local masquerade :o but it is also more stressful 8D'

SO here the real resume XD:

1- Hakutaku from Hoozuki no reitetsu : Debuted in January, finished-ish for april . Won an artisan award at Nadeshicon and a Best-in-show at the workmanship competition at Animenorth. The cosplay I have worn to almost every convention this year XD'' except 3 of them hahaha.

2- Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 : Debuted in may at Animenorth for our FF7 group. Was supposed to be finish for december 2017 but I made wallmarket cloud instead at that time hahaha. Need some adjustment and a more official shoot :) one of the rare picture I have of it.

3- Lapis Lazuli from Houseki no kuni : Debuted in may for Animenorth and a small group. I don't have real picture of it only selfies and that was the picture that was the best looking hahaha. Unfortunatly for that costume it get my deception of the year 8D'''. I really love it, but I feel like I should not have made it for many reasons it's also the start of when my mood for cosplay went crumbling down the hill for this year unfortunatly. I am thinking of doing a shoot with it and selling it if anyone is interested.

4- Casual Sailor neptune from Sailor moon : Debuted in June for yeticon , not an official version, but I liked the style and it's when I discover I wasn't looking that bad as her ( you know sometime I have some little confidence boost and this is one of them hahaha) so expect more sailor neptune in the futur hahaha

5- Haru Yoshida from Tonari no kaibutsu-kun : This one as actually been debuted in 2013 .... 8D'' but in my meme you can see it was the only one with no picture, not even a selfie. I had worn it once .... took some weight since the first time I bought it, but it was deserving a proper shoot, Haru is one of my favorite character , like in my top 5 of character I call my babies ( cuz yeah there is a 1000 husbando's hahaha)

6- Tiffany from Bride of chucky : Debuted in July for Montreal comic con. My leather jacket died that day XD' I will do a better version not last minute next time. I am a fan of horror movie and grew up watching chucky movies :P(yes even as a child I loved them 8D') so I had to do a cosplay from it someday and I love tiffany!

7- Scanty from Panty and stocking : debuted in august for world cosplay summit. I have mixed feeling for that cosplay XD'' it's an old dream cosplay since the anime came out, but now that it's finaly made I have regrets of thinking it was a great idea hahahaha. It was a pain in the ass to do, so many problem from A to Z and still is and god that freaking bodypaint. I almost died from exhaustion because of it ... ( never drive when you have no sleep for days 8D'') and now.... all the world shall see is this big red potato that I am (or lobster like my friend would say 😂) and how the skit wasn't much of a success 😭on some picture i am like : well I don't look that bad :o and on some others i am like: issshhhh this is so horrible and it's on internet forever 😂god damnit. There would be soooo much to say on it but lets not go there.

8- Leo Tsukinaga from Ensemble stars : debuted in september at Animara con. Ensemble stars is one of my last idol obsession, love live unfortunatly died in my heart for many reason (i'm still gonna enjoy the music and anime tough, but no new cosplay) and this is it's replacement hahaha I have so many cosplay I want to do from it. At that moment the Knight sport uniform was the easiest to do in a short time and my Kamui wig was perfect for Leo! I need to finish the hoodie hahah but it will get a proper debut next year.

SO yeah this is all for 2018! Hope you liked it and sorry for the wall of text like always XD' but this is my end of the year resume after all hahaha



visuvampy's Profile Picture
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: rock,heavy metal,pop,hip hop,classic,etc
Favourite photographer: Bahamutnight and maverickdelta
Favourite style of art: Mangas,realistic,photographie,etc
MP3 player of choice: My cellphone for now
Wallpaper of choice: gorgeous or with many character
Favourite cartoon character: too much to write them
Personal Quote: If you don't do what you really wanna do because of your look , you will never do what you wish for.

Facebook page:
Okay almost one year.... I am not dead !! Not yet!! I was looking to find an artist I watch to see what happen of her\his kiriban when I saw that hey.... my last journal on DA was october 23 ... 2016.... 1 month and a few days would have been 1 year.

Lot of stuff happenend in my life and I am really sorry of the lack of content I post! I check DA at least once or twice a week. I still manage 2 pages after all and want to see all your lovely arts :)!!
I am way more active on my facebook page and the content is more recent ( I do am slow there too, but at least I post stuff there XD')
Here the link for those interested : [link]

In the last post I say I was droping 1 job of my 2 jobs in 2017.... well I did drop one, and drama happen at my second job and I was the third to be fired of my staff :I'' making me jobless. That is when I decided to go back to school! After a good 3 year on the work market... I'm back to school!

I am at my fourth week right now, it feels weird and I feel old XD'. But it's fun and I find this field way more my type than tourism. I am currently in a 4 years program to learn about the field of theather! And I want to take the costume and stage set course. So yeah in the futur I might me a great seamstress in the field ;)  ( I can always dream hahaha) 

But that class is really weird on schedule... making it hard to find a job... So I guess I'll have to work during vacation time. 

So yeah I did say 2017 was going to be the year of change... it took a different way than I was expecting last year but it's for the best :) 

Cosplay side I did continue to make cosplay as always, less than before obviously but on each costume slowly I see a personal improvement and this make me happy. I make less, but the quality get better since I take more time on each. 

I am currently working on a big personal project who I think gonna beat (in my eyes) the prettiness of my la muerte cosplay. I am at the point right now where I am not proud of la muerte anymore XD' and I would re-do it but I am not crazy enough for that. Though Fye I might be crazy some day or just change version...

Like always plans change, come and go since life come in the way, but I still cosplay and go to convention! During this long year I am thankful for my friends to have stay with me and made it better. At the begening of the year I tough it was going to be the worst ever, but now in september I have good memory of the year and it's not as bad in the end :) 

I soon will start to have more time to post picture and edit my sets. But my first priority and resolution for my back to school ... : try to get a normal sleep time. Aka do not live the night and look dead during the day XD'. It's hard since I've been 3 years on night shift, but slowly but surely I'll get there 8D'. Also get use to go up the stair to go to 4th floor.... I am  totaly not in shape and this is a big proof of it.... it's an old school and the stair are biiiggggg. With this I might be able to get up early and do stuff instead of being dead in my bed until I need to leave XD'''

I'll try to be more active before the end of the year but if anything happen see you in 2018 ;)! and If you are interested well you can see my work on my cosplay page Visuvampy cosplay on facebook and follow my progress, final result and adventure to convention!

See you everyone!
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  • Reading: Blood lad, berserk, too many stuff...
  • Watching: Vatican kiseki chousakan, isekai shokudou, Altair
  • Playing: love live (forever) + fate grand order
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And it's not a random message it's really appreciated!

Thank you!! 
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
Well her design is without a doubt one of the most detailed characters to note so I can see why you'd feel such a level of pride to accomplishing her costume as you did.  Besides just the face painting work alone there's still the work on some things from the candles, the size of sombrero and even the tall look she has.  Again, compliments to achieving that and so much more with her Visu and all the best to your continued work with cosplay.  Your a wonderful artist with what you create and how you wear it. *tips hat*

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