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Fan Poster by yours truly for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar
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I recall seeing this somewhere without any credits. Wasn't this a work produced before the film?
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Beautiful. I am such a fan of this movie. In fact I'm watching it right now!
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Me too! Great film. Although my last viewing is awhile ago. Guess I gotta give it another go soon. Enjoy the movie, again! :)
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It really is. I love how eerie and beautiful space is depicted, and the acting is fabulous. Your poster really captures that mysterious feeling.

Thanks... this is my third time watching it. :D Best tidal wave in cinematic history, btw. 
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Ha, thanks! Mystery is what I wanted when I created this poster. Although, It's pretty much the only thing I could think off back then. Made this poster so long before the movie got released, hell.. I don't even think the first teaser trailer had hit the web back then (or maybe it was when the teaser hit).
And yeah, best tidal wave without a doubt. Damn it, now I want to see it again ;D
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Well, I think your Interstellar posters (now that I've seen more) are very close to what the movie was going for. It's especially impressive that you hadn't seen much of it when you made this.

I'm such a fan of tsunamis... used to have lots of dreams with them so seeing such a mind-bogglingly huge one was really something. Go watch it again! :P 
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Yeah it was only for the first few posters though, whereas I hadn't seen much of the film. The other posters that I made were largely inspired from the trailers though. I've must've seen the trailers a million times or something lol. 
Not all of my posters for Interstellar are on my dev page though. Only uploaded them on tumblr. I guess I was too lazy too upload all of them on here :P

Tsunamis in your dreams? Are you like... surfing on them or something? ;D

And I'll probably check out the movie again in a couple of days once I've finished my freelance projects!
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You must've really liked them to watch them that much! I just remember learning that it was based on Carl Sagan stuff, and so was Contact, one of my favorite movies. So when I learned that it became necessity that I see it lol. Do you have a link to the rest of them on Tumblr?

Haha never surfing on them. It's usually like they're inches away from hitting me. Or I'll be overlooking a wide chasm where the collision of the water just barely reaches my feet. They tend to be terrifying while I'm sleeping and then awesome when I'm awake and remember them. 

I hope you enjoy your rewatch! Freelance projects... I need more of those myself... best of luck with yours!
visuasys's avatar The posters are somewhere way down below, so just scroll a bit. It's a bunch of them. And I mostly just post my own (fan) art/poster stuff on there.

And that dream sounds like a dope idea for a digital art piece. Shit, I feel inspired! 
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But some people said it was stupid, boring and make no sense.
Quentin Tarantino praised for Christopher Nolan's skills and defending the movie.

 Tarantino talks to the Guardian,"It’s actually old film-making craft. He’s calling up directors who don’t give a shit, and dealing with their apathy, and trying to explain to them how important [film] is. I would want to punch them in the fucking face. But being British, he actually rises above all of that and tries to be diplomatic about it. I think it goes very well to the respect that they hold him in. It’s not just a dollars and cents thing. Christopher Nolan would be just as good of a filmmaker as he is, just as a potent filmmaker as he is if he was making movies in 1975. Or, if he was making movies in 1965. I’d like to see Chris Nolan’s version of The Battle of Bulge. That would be fucking awesome."
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Your poster is really nice! I love it. The movie was so good, too! Would you read my review of it? :)…
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Well fuck, this is as good as it can get! Better than the actual film poster, bloody fantastic work!
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where did you get the stock images from ? used in the poster 
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awesome work bro. check my fan art of the interstellar poster if you want :)
can you make a wallpaper, based on the trailer? please La la la la 
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Chris & Jonathan Nolan along with Producer Steven Spielberg. what more can you ask for?
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Can't wait for this movie!
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Me neither! ANYTHING Christopher Nolan makes gets me excited :)
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Good job on the poster btw!
And yes, Christopher Nolan is awesome, but what I'm most excited about is that John Lithgow will be playing in this!
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Oh yeah, same here. Very underrated actor. Absolutely LOVED him as Arthur Mitchell in Dexter.
LisaCooper91's avatar
He was sublime in Dexter... :) He's such a wonderful actor.
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