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Bane: The Fire Rises

By visuasys
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I made this wallpaper a couple of weeks ago when they released the picture of Tom Hardy as Bane for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Just a few hours of fun in Photoshop.
There are a few small errors in the design I poked out later when it already was finished, so I know that, but this thing really just is for fun purpose! *Fanboy*

I've included a .zip package that is downloadable wich contains 3 formats (16:9 - 1920/1600/1280) + 2 different color versions of the wallpaper (besides this red/orange style, a green/yellow & blue-red version).

Download it here: [link]

I cannot wait for this movie to come out!

Like it on Tumblr if you will please! [link]
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I am in love with this!
this is now my new laptop background<333
Viggex's avatar
nice picture and awesome movie!
this remembers me of Brand from League of Legends :D [link]
visuasys's avatar
Haha, funny you should say that.
I used to play Brand quite alot in LoL like a year ago. Could have been that I was "unintentionally" inspired by that haha.
canuleyo's avatar
IT does rises.
michael0808's avatar
I (97bmhn) could not have written my theme without your awesome picture :)
visuasys's avatar
Aw thanks man! Keep up the good work buddy!
If you're even going to create a fan score again for Batman or w/e and you're in need for some art, hit me up sometime!
Maybe I could create something special for it :)
michael0808's avatar
I am scoring a fanmade batman film link [link]

I could really use a Scarecrow Dark knight Rises wallpaper.

Thanks. Your work is just amazingly awesome! :)
visuasys's avatar
Fix me some HQ Scarecrow pics and I'll see what I can do :)
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wow i found this image by a Youtube user (who credits you - so it's cool) but he or she made an amazing fan-made theme for Bane u should listen to it

visuasys's avatar
Oh damn, that is quite good actually :)
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Great work on this! I've been looking for a good TDKR wallpaper for months! Glad to say I finally find it. I love it!
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Looks good. I really want to see what Nolan has done with Bane's mask though, theres not really a good veiw of in in this photo.
MikeMoroney's avatar
i want the color scheme of TDKR to be green so badly... i have no idea why it's important to me in the first place. And by color scheme I mean like the main color in BB was orange, in TDK it was blue, and I just think green is the best choice... ya know? lol i'm sucha comic/art nerd xD
visuasys's avatar
Aye! That's exactly the reason why I created a green-ish version of this wallpaper aswell.
I think it could look wonderful in a dark greenish theme.
MikeMoroney's avatar
awesome i'm not alone! :iconicameplz: lets hope for the best bro :D
visuasys's avatar
Yep... only time will tell. But i'll take anything that Chris. Nolan does. Even if he goes out full pink, lol.
There is the thing though that Christopher is Red & Green color blind :(
MikeMoroney's avatar
same here! he's my favorite director :P
but yeah i read that somewhere, it made doing the Joker scenes a bit difficult
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Nicely done man :salute:
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