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Visit - (MAD Zacchie) by ImWatchingYaoiFuck
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Welcome! Visual Story Telling is a group dedicated to the art of story telling through a combination of written and visual media. We're interested in illustrated books, graphic novels, or any other work which uses illustration to enhance the story.

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Thirty years ago, a world war ravaged the land of Esskoi. Even though technology and weaponry has improved, the land still faces death and despair.

In the Kingdom of Orvdinania, a civil war between three egocentric kings is drawing other nations into the conflict. A popular swimmer, an introverted chieftain's daughter, an avid artist, and an aspiring soldier are selected from four of Esskoi's countries to bring peace to relieve the growing tensions.

The adolescents will face perils beyond their imagination, while learning the true meaning of hope, remembrance, and inspiration. In this action packed tale of perseverance, love, and tragedy, one will easily understand the importance of youth activism in a turbulent world.

The first thirteen pages are going up soon!
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Is anyone managing submissions right now?
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i have a story but i don't have much art for it....
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Me and a very good friend of mine on da are working on a pokemon fan story, we really need a lot of help on it.
Dose any one here want or would like to help out ???
If so , this a link to the mane hero of our story.
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sorry, I accidentally submitted to the featured folder; please set this right, if possible, I meant to put it in "Concept Art"... :ashamed:
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want your story visualized?
hy guys,
i am an artist and looking for a small plot to draw as a 10 page comic. if you want your story visualised by me take a look at:… (yes, non profit)
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hi there,

thanks for accepting in your group.

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