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Love Me Under The Moon

This is for my sweet friends Linley (Aussie-Blonde) and Steve (AussieSteve1961) they are such wonderful friends and people, stop and visit this lovely couple from down under :)

:iconaussie-blonde: and :iconaussiesteve1961:

Stock Credits:

Moon by twins72-stocks: [link]

Couple by kymscave-stock: [link]

Background by AshenSorrow: [link]

Song Inspiration:

"Full Moon" by Brandy


Boy, I saw you soon as you came bouncin' through the door
You and your mans and them just took over the floor
Started doing your thang
And it made me notice you even more
The way you turned around and looked at me seemed as though
You must've somehow felt me staring on the low
Something tells me you're the kind of guy I'd like to get to know

I ain't even gonna front
I ain't even gonna lie
Since you walked up in the club
I've been giving you the eye
We can dance if you want
Get it crackin' if you like
Must be a full moon
Feel like one of those nights

[Verse 2]
Why is this the first time that I'm seeing you around
Could you be visiting or are you new in town
Yeah, whatever the case
I'm feeling you right here and right now
Your smile and all the love you showing lets me know that you
Like what you see and wanna get to know me too
This could very well be the start of something special
Happy that I met you

[Chorus (two times)]

I didn't think that I'd come here tonight, meet someone like you
Start feeling the way I do
Seems like we've known each other most of our lives
After one conversation, this might be right

[Chorus out]
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My little couple look like they are having a wonderful romantic time in a
stunning setting..beautiful.. :wave: :rose:
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:iconveryexcitedplz: :spotlight-left: Masterpiece Alert!! :spotlight-right: :iconveryexcitedplz: you have been Featured here :woohoo:

VisualPoetress's avatar
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Ooohh wow :wow: :iconwowplz: this is fabulous :jawdrop: AMAZING work :woohoo: :winner: sexy sexy feet on her too :eyes: :drool: this is soo beautiful and romantic :love: sorry im so late getting here babe we got the wicked flu over here :puke: this is AMAZING sweetheart :woohoo:
VisualPoetress's avatar
You get better you two :hug: I am glad you like it :)
netta43's avatar
Lovely work sweetie. :wow:
VisualPoetress's avatar
netta43's avatar
My pleasure. :iconnewhugplz:
Lauraest's avatar
Stunning work. Love the colors :love:
VisualPoetress's avatar
Thank you Laura :) xoxo
Twins72-Stocks's avatar
awww this is sooo lovely , wonderful work my dear :heart:
VisualPoetress's avatar
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:iconhightonight:My pleasure my dear!!!:iconiloveit-plz:
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AussieSteve1961's avatar
thank you so much Michelle for the dedication. I'm sorry that we dont chat as much as we have in the past but its been hectic here with the two businesses and I seem to have lost my art mojo ......hopefully its here somewhere :)
VisualPoetress's avatar
It is okay dear, working graveyard I sleep so much and I miss alot of what is going on here on DA. I still adore you two :)
Aussie-Blonde's avatar
Aww thats lovely Michelle!!! Aww very sweet indeed! thanks heaps for thinking of us, very sweet of U:hug:
VisualPoetress's avatar
Anytime hun :) you two are my favoritest :)
Aussie-Blonde's avatar
:iconbossplz: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank u!!!!!! its sure been really quiet with out u in here!!:D
VisualPoetress's avatar
Working in the wee hours of the morning wears me out ... I sleep more than a vampire during the days :rofl:
Aussie-Blonde's avatar
the wee hours are much too hard on your body!!!!:D well as long as u dont turn in to a vampire, other wise we are all in trouble:lol:
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