Hello all,

Thank you for voting. We now have the winners for the VN Review contest! These give you a flavor of what some of the submitted VNs were like, and hopefully encourage you to play the actual games! :)

*The VN Review voting poll was here.

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:winner: First Place :winner:
:iconangelofstars:, 2011 vn review - TCAST

:winner: Second Place :winner:
:iconsachixakechi:, VNF2011 Reviews

Honorable Mentions -- Thank you for your contributions!
fav.me/d47y8hg :iconhiddenwings07:
fav.me/d48jfc8 :iconhushedwolfie:

The following are the prizes for the VN Reviews. If you have won a prize, it is up to you to contact the prize donors about your request!

VN Review Prizes
-- 1st Place --
:icontooaya: CG waist up
:iconblizz-mii: CG waist up
:iconludeshka: Colored CG
:iconkomi-tsuku: 636 points (worth a 3-month subscription)
:iconrumi-kuu: 1 CG Waist up

-- 2nd Place --
:iconludeshka: B/C pic


Hello everyone!

We hope you've gotten the chance to play some of these great games at Original VN Festival's Game Compilation ! :)

Apologies for the long wait, but here are the winners for the VNs...! (VN Review judging coming soon!)

:winner: First Place :winner:
That Cheap and Sacred Thing by :iconcarosene:

:winner: Second Place :winner:
Reverie by :iconhushedwolfie:

:winner: Third Place :winner:
Rapunzel by :iconhappybackwards:

:winner: Honorable Mentions - all of you who participated in this year's Original VN Festival :winner:

For the technical or curious...
The top three had average scores of:

3.90 That Cheap and Sacred Thing
3.87 Reverie
3.78 Rapunzel


Art 30% (rating from 1~5)
Storyline 35% (rating from 1~5)
Music 15% (rating from 1~5)
Tilt 20% (rating from 1~5)
Add-ons - extra points. Added (1/100)*(how important was it? from 1~7)*(how awesome was it? 1~5)

As a reminder, these are the prizes for first, second, and third place for VNs.

Winners, please contact your prize contributors directly about your request!
We've sent a note telling them to anticipate you contacting them. :)

Original VN Prizes
-- 1st Place --
:icontooaya: CG waist up
:iconblizz-mii: CG waist up
:iconfoxy-sierra: One full commission
:icontozoku: Fullbody picture
:iconludeshka: Colored CG to first places
:iconhushedwolfie: 5 USD thru paypal
:iconlady-nightstars: A character (probably the main protagonist) from their VN
:iconmyztsmajik: Custom drawing
:iconkomi-tsuku: 2,396 points (worth a 1-year subscription)
:iconrumi-kuu: 1 CG Waist up

-- 2nd Place--
:iconfoxy-sierra: One inked commission
:iconludeshka: B/C pic
:iconkomi-tsuku: 1272 points (worth two 3-month subscriptions)

-- 3rd Place --
:iconfoxy-sierra: One sketch

:clap: Judges :clap:

I'm so grateful to you, fellow judges, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to play and judge these submitted games. Thank you so much!

Closing comments...

This year's festival was rather small with only nine VN entries.

But each had its own flavor and all were very well made, especially considering how little time there was to prepare them. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing in some of these games. Clearly we have some professional writers in the crowd! :)

Ultimately, though, with more interest in the VN genre, more members, and more publicity in general, I hope we can preserve an environment of playing, creating, and sharing something that we enjoy in a friendly community. At the end of the day, what matters most is that we have fun! :floating:

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