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adj. phobic of being abandoned
n.m., f. sb who is terrified of being abandoned

It’s quite a common fear amongst adopted children… To be abandoned again, and forgotten. At least; it is certainly my own biggest fear.
I didn’t want to portray someone broken and crying; the little girl is standing and proud even if the fear is eating her heart… isn’t it the way how we should all face our fears? ^^;
My entry to the fears and phobias contest by: :icondarkartists-inc: [link]

Many thanks to:
Little girl: (image 965701_45724336)
Background: :iconannerirestock: [link]
Castle: :iconsacral-stock: [link]
Dog: :iconpeace-of-art: [link]
Clouds brushes: :iconscully7491:
Trees: :iconautumnsgoddess:
Crow: :iconcatoninetales:
Birds brushes: :iconredheadstock:
Smoke brushes: :iconmannequinstock:
Light brushes: :iconredheadstock:
+ Some Personal stuff.

I’m very unsure about this one… I made like 15 different versions with different tones and lightnings and still, for some reason I’m not very proud of it. :frustrated: :no:
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very sweet pic. the dog looks adorable! nice use of textures too
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! yes, isn't he? :D
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simply beautiful :love:
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Wonderful work once again, the texture and the location really help to portray a feeling of loneliness. The little puppy even adds to the effect (aside from being cute).

I really like how the dock she's standing on is detached from any land, allowing it to either float to or away from the castle; underwriting once again the theme of the image.

Well done :clap:
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Your comments always make me happy, thanks a lot! I'm even more grateful since i was very unsure about it, portraying a fear is difficult, and it's hard to know if you succeed or not.
And bravo for the dock! :highfive: is she really lonely and abandoned? or maybe is it just her fear who blind her? i guess she's the only one who can know the truth...
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You are very welcome :D
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Your artwork has been submitted here


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This one i like very very much.
I like it white the little doggie hihihihihhi
I add it to my :+fav:
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Thank you so so much! i love that little doggie too :heart: :dance:
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Beautiful work ! Very emotional and insipiring.

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Thank you so much! i'm very very glad you like it! :iconnewglomp:
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Wonderful job, thank you for using my stock! :)
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Thank you so much! it was such a pleasure to use this amazing background :heart:
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that's very beautiful work it's meaning more !!!
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Thank you so much! i'm glad you appreciate it!
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"for some reason I’m not very proud of it. :frustrated: :no:"

Looks like you're working on a new fear. Lol! I like it. The mood fits what you're trying to portray. The dog is a nice touch also, because I think they fear being abandoned also. Plus, it doesn't matter how alone we feel, our companions are always there for us, even if we forget.
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You’re right, we often forgot, or sadly are too scared to just notice that there IS a person who cares…
Hundred of dogs are abandoned every summer :no: , also the dog is here to accentuate the “innocence” of this fear.
Thanks you so much for your nice comment, i appreciate it a lot! :iconnewglomp:
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Ahhhh, the innocence of the fear. That's good, I like that.
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Haunting image... so beautiful :heart:
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Thank you so much! i'm very glad :iconnewglomp:
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