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Please read the questions and answers thoroughly.

This FAQ covers common questions people are likely to ask. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section of this blog and we’ll respond as best we can.


Question 1 - Can I join the group?

Yes! Simply go to the homepage and look for "Join Our Group" and click on it. Member requests are auto-accepted.


Question 2 - How do I submit my artwork to the group gallery?

Go to the gallery, click "Contribute to this Gallery" and a window will open. Choose the deviation you wish to submit and then choose the correct folder for your artwork. Click “Submit”.


Question 3 - Can I submit my artwork to the Featured Gallery?

Yes. Please only select your absolute best artwork. This gallery as a rule has higher standards than the other folders but don't be put out if your featured request is declined! Your artwork may still be applicable for one of the other group folders.


Question 4 - What if I submit to the wrong folder?

The best option is to withdraw your artwork and then re-submit to the correct folder. The piece however may already have been declined, but you can drop us a note letting us know you submitted to the wrong folder: if the artwork meets the group's quality standards, we can request it to the right section of the gallery ourselves.


Question 5 - Why were my submission(s) declined?

We only accept high quality artwork. The two most common reasons for declined submissions are:

1 - Large amounts of 'blank' space within an image containing comparably small imagery.
2 - 'Wrong folder'. Please note that admins prefer ALL fan art pieces to go to the "Fan Art" folder, regardless of media.

Please view the group galleries of accepted submissions to get a better idea of our standards.


Question 6 - Why did you request my artwork?

We want to share your art for other people to notice. We would also like you to join our group so you can post more and increase your exposure.


Question 7 - What gallery folders are there in the group?

Featured, Fan Art (2), Digital Art (2), Traditional Art, Cartoons and Comics, Photography (2), Photo Manipulations, Artisan Crafts, Design and Interfaces, Film and Animation, and the Mature folder.
Please note there is no 'Literature' folder as this group focuses on visual art alone.


Question 8 - Are sketches, line arts, WIPs or adoptables acceptable?

No. Any artworks under this category are not accepted within the group and will be declined.


Question 9 - Can my group affiliate with your group?

Disregarding groups we feel contain offensive themes and/or content, we will gladly affiliate with other groups.


Question 10 - You haven't replied to my comment/note.

The group is run by a skeleton crew of very busy people! Due to high amounts of submissions in need of processing we do not provide automatic reasons for why a piece has been declined: read the submission rules on the front page, as these should offer up an explanation!


Question 11 - How do I leave the group?

Go to the front page. At the top under the group name where the member's avatar/group status is depicted, click the icon for the drop down menu. At the bottom click on "Leave the group".

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