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Conservation of energy.

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For everyone that is skeptical or does not believe in climate change [link] here is a nice and easy to follow 'how we know it exists' article from nasa.

I made this piece with climate change in mind. I think it captures that when you burn something like oil, or in this case a matchstick, that energy does not just vanish and can have a great negative influence on our environment.

Comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated, I will try to answer all. And you can share my work, it's even appreciated but please link it back to me!

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great definition!
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Great shot, I love the soft smoke and the subtle grey tones in the smoke make it look like satin, awesome work :)
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Thank you very much.
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Amazin photo, perfect capture!
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I think this is more about mass conservation ;) the energy dissipate and radiate to space (if possible).
I agree with your fight anyway, we pollute our planet like porks (or perhaps even the porks are cleaner than us).
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Love the concept.
It's a strong and heavy thought you manage to share here...
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Thank you very much. glad you agree with the thought
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You're very welcome :)
Keep posting great works ^^
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Very impressive image. Did you tweak it a bit ? If not, the exposure is amazing and you caught just the right moment when the flame vanishes into smoke. I'm also very concerned about environment and I'm mindfull about all those small things that happen billions of times a day. I pray for better tomorows. You can leave a comment in my gallery if you're interested, but if you don't no big deal cos' I was really attracted by your image.
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The only thing that I did was crop it into a square and up the contrast. The rest is just the raw photo. I almost lost my patience making this photo it took some shots to get it right :faint:

Thank you very much for your comment!
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i know ne to nothing about photography but i really like hope you captured the swirl of the smoke here great job
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This is a very nice photo, I love the way you've caught the smoke! It's also an original idea to represent your worthy cause. Quite often I see pictures taken with a message on DA and feel that they are insincere or cliched, but I like what you've done- I think there needs to be more work like this on DA.

I thought the link you posted was interesting, although I think it needs to address the issue of where these facts are coming from, because the reason some people are skeptical to global warming is because scientists make claims such as "650,000 years ago, the CO2 level in the earths atmosphere was X" without explaining how this information is obtained. I'd like to know how this is possibly measured. If anyone has any insight on this, I'd be pleased to hear it.
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first of all thank you very much for taking the time to write shush a wonderful comment!

There are multiple possibilities in the example that you give.

One of the most reliable methods is polar and mountaintop ice. As snow falls, it traps small bubbles of air and as even more snow falls, the layers compress to become ice with tiny bubbles of trapped air. In places where that ice has not melted, the bubbles of air can be recovered and examined by obtaining large cores of ice by drilling into it and carefully melting them so that the air can be captured.

A not so direct method is to look at the growth rings in trees. Trees grow quicker when the climate is warm and especially when CO2 levels are higher, just like animals get bigger when oxygen levels are higher.

There are lots of more methods of course and most of the time a claim like the example you give is based on the data of all those ways combined from polar and mountaintop ice to trees or layers of calcium.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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very nice ^^ great use of the smoky effects
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Every skeptic I know of, Knows that the climate is changing, and in fact, a number of them have published peer-reviewed papers on various aspects of climate change, I myself, have a degree in geology- climate plays a huge role in geology- and have been following the controversy for three decades. Claims that we do not believe in climate change are totally false.

Those people who say that the climate is not changing, are primarily uneducated on the subject, nor do they have time to educate themselves, for the most part- there are bills to pay, children to raise, bosses to work for. In other words, people living their lives, all across the globe.
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Well I wish every day that what you say would be the case. But if you only look at some of the people in the republican party in America today, then you know that this is not the case. They all went to universities and have the data and every study on it available to them and some even read it. But still they keep saying that it's a hoax.
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Strange that it is just Republicans, don't you think?
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It's not just republicans. Even here in the Netherlands good and educated people think it's a hoax. And all over the world there are educated people, who make these bizarre claims, and just deny the evidence. I just gave this as an example to show that your wrong. You can't underestimate the power that this has. We would be way further on our way to sustainable energy otherwise.
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