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Welcome to Visual-Novelty!
Please do not submit adopts! This is a free-to-use-resource type of group!

Need a new template for your Visual Novel? What about some ideas for themes? Do you need some tips and guides? That's what this group is all about!

We are a small group that hopes to aim for an easier time in Novelty - The Visual Novel Maker. However, Visual-Novelty has evolved into supporting many different visual novel/game makers since we have first gone live. Visual Novels, as I'm sure you know, are interactive, story-based games that capture a player's attention and keeps them wanting more!

With this group, we hope the resources (background images, visual guides, customized characters, and more!) will be easier to create your own story and show it to the world! This group isn't just limited to Visual Novelty, either! Perhaps you're just here for the backgrounds, maybe you just need a new idea - it doesn't matter! We welcome all guests! Get creative and help us become world-known! Share this group with your friends and don't forget to check out these different Visual Novel Engines to help get you started!

English engines:
Novelty | Ren'Py | Belle | Om3ga | Narrative Game Engine | GameMaker Studio | RPG Maker | jStory | TyranoBuilder | NVList | Cloud Novel | MATAG.Tokyo
Japanese engines:
KiriKiri | LiveMaker | nScripter | MazeNovel | CatSystem2

Text Adventure Engines:
Twine | General Coffee | Quest | Inform7

Other Engines:
Ambrosine's Game Page | Adventure Game Studio | Adventure Maker | Monogame | Alice | Love | Lua

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Here are other sources that might spark your interest! Hover over the links to see what they're about!

Konett's Resources | Gekai | Jewel-s | OpenGameArt

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Seven-Four Featured By Owner May 29, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, it's me again. I went back to work on my VN project on Novelty and i wanted to have an extras button in the title screen that unlocks after the playesr finishes the game. But i don't know how to do i know i can make a button disabled at start, but i can't find any action that enables it, for example when a switch is toggled on.
The closest thing is the condition for each button in the show menu action.
I believe it has something to do with the scripted events, but i have no idea how these work
SG9CreationsStock Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2022
Thanks for requesting my art! :) (Smile) 
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lirlare Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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