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Finally something new from me.
After a big break I decided to make something new.
The Gtk and Emerald is already known from my "Shades" - Screenshot.

The pack includes both Gtk and Emerald.

I hope you enjoy it :)
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Fk i want this wall -_-
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Good lord..its so great...might be one of the best desktops i've ever seen. And the wall is just AMAZING

:+fav: For the glory!! haha
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I slightly modified this bugger and noticed it's not on gnome-look or xfce-look at all. With your permission I'd like to put it on up there. Full credit and link here, obviously.
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I could use that wallpaper too please,

Thanks :)
Awesome shot! :)

If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you could send a copy of the wall to :

Thanks :)
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Excelent Theme

Can you tell which font is that pls?
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nice dark project. I like it more than your white/cleaner ones.!

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very nice, dude!
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Beautiful !! can u link wall plz ??
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Nice! Slick design, no fuzz and black! I like it!
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:D Happy mode. I think we are all very curious as to what that panel at the top is.
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and i answered it 2 times already. :D
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lookin awesome...i am curious about that wall...can you link to it?...thanks
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i can send you the wall. i found it somewhere in the web
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yeah ill be pleased...send it to ...thanks
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:clap: awesome theme man!
combined with the wall :)
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This is pretty nice.
One of the reasons why I should start running Linux.
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Schön geworden :)
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