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'God Save The Gulf' T-shirt

By VisionHaus
Buy your SUPER COOL shirt here :: [link]

Millions of gallons of oil have oozed into the water since the April 20th rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Some estimates calculate the oil flow to be over 70,000 barrels of oil a day—making the BP spill already eight times larger than Exxon Valdez!

And we still don't know when it will stop.

So, Vision Haus :: Photography + Design, is now selling our "God Save The Gulf" T-shirts.

100% of all proceeds (after costs) will be donated directly to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to aid in the cleanup and restoration of the entire Gulf Coast.

To order your shirts click below ::

CLICK THIS >>>>>>>>> [link]

digg it >>>>>>>>>>>> [link]

Edit 1 :: :la:OMG our first DD:la: thank you so much to :iconpurpelblur: for your help in spreading the word!!!!!!

Edit 2 :: We are in the news! Two of our local news stations interviewed us about this T-shirt last week!! We are continuing to raise as much money as possible:dance:. Thanks for all of the DA support!

Edit 3 :: Here is the YouTube video >> [link]
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You've been featured here: [link] and here: [link]
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Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the fact that people seem to think that the saying is being derived and blamed on Great Britain.

Great Job, AJ!
Yoghurtbecher's avatar
Good cause.
Offensive design. This tee implies that this is not BPs but Great Britains fault.

Depicting an entire nation for being responsible for a catastrophe like this is pretty pathetic. Especially when it comes to environmental issues. The USA is responsible for over 24% of greenhouse gases. So why not make a tee with the American flag and "God save Ameri- God save our climate"?
ViciousMakeout's avatar
Wow...You're a fucking idiot. that's not the purpose of the saying at ALL. The saying was derived from the hugely popular saying from let's say the last fucking century. It's a play on words. You better not have a fucking car and better have solar panels and other mother earthly shit all over your god damned property or else you're a hypocritical asshole.
Yoghurtbecher's avatar
Calling me "idiot" and "asshole" and assuming I didn't get the purpose of the saying just because I disagree with you makes YOU the idiot in fact.

I just said that using a flag when it comes to environmental disasters is offensive and idiotic and I used the USA as an example. In what way does this make me a hypocrite?
And if you disagree with me on that, then at least try to talk to me like a reasonable person and not like some butthurt shmock.
kittysan5's avatar
Nice tee. =) Great job!
DeBeginning's avatar
Congrats for your DD! :dance:

Maybe you could be interested to join this contest: [link] ...if so, good luck! :D
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When you know that oil from the Exxon Valdez can still be found today beyond pebbles on some beaches...

Good work, you deserved your DD, congratulations!
PeaceLoveandCookies's avatar
omg Sex Pistols reference... i need this :iconhurrplz:
candynice's avatar
hey man do you have the models of the tee?
kara-lija's avatar
I live in Pensacola, FL. Our beach is coated with oil 10 feet back from the waterline already. I don't have to watch television to see what's going on because I'm cleaning this shit up in my back yard.

Trust me when I say that NO ONE around here blames England at all. It doesn't even come up in the convo here on the Gulf Coast. Yes we're angry that BP was negligent on safety issues, but some anger is also directed to our government and it's sluggish reaction to the disaster as well.

With that said I do like this tee, though I can't buy it because I'm broke. Without tourism I don't make any money :(
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:C I wonder when this issue will be solved. It's effecting the land around it, and it's not good. Can't they stop launching men onto the moon and clean this mess up?
vajrasana's avatar
They haven't sent a man to the moon for years, and the Obama administration announced they're cutting some of the finding for the space program.
Harzlek's avatar
What does sending people to the moon have to do with this?
Erasable-CoLoRs's avatar
Cause we can send people to the moon, but we can't even clean up an oil spill.
Harzlek's avatar
That really does not asnswer my quiestion. Cleaning oil and sending people to the moon require very different technologies. Think it out.
Erasable-CoLoRs's avatar
Nevermind. I'm done trying to explain.
Harzlek's avatar
No comment then.
Shauntinasha's avatar
in my opinion, i only believe people are offended because the flag is there and they don't want to rightfully take credit for something that they totally weren't even directly involved with, so...

this is dumb arguing,
disregarding the fact that this is a political debate-fest, i would most definitely wear this shirt. :heart:
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