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The Essence of Art

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 10:11 PM
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Thanks to all you wonderful artists who contribute and share your work here...

and special thanks to our Co-Founder libramoon :iconlibramoon: for maintaining the site almost single-handedly week after week!

Members: Notice that our site now has folders divided by the year each work was submitted. All new works should be submitted to Featured which corresponds to 2015.

and now to the main thought.... :)

The Essence of Art

Art is about participating in the Divine Kingdom. The most fulfilling creation of art is when we directly experience the transformation of bringing some aspect of the Kingdom into this world through our work. It is a fulfilling, illuminating, and freeing experience that integrates our human life with divine reality.

Through orienting our lives to noble principles like service and self cultivation, we develop the capacity to perceive reality objectively. Through this cleansed vision, we overcome the mechanisms of deception that are so deeply embedded in the world humanity has created. We purify our eyes and our perception and develop the ability to perceive the objective value of creations, and particularly of art.

Through this purified vision, we can look at ourselves, at our art work, and the art work of others with a clean and sober eye. We can see that no matter how skilled an artist is in the techniques of any given school, the traces of their true spirit and vital energy are embedded in all the works they create. Thus technique, as it has in so many places and times been used to obscure truth, no longer has the hold on our bearing to control our experience of what has now become a direct and obvious remnant of the artists’ objective state.

Living according to noble principles is a sobering and illuminating path to walk, for it destroys the fantasies of our cultures and our personal consciousness. Art becomes not a competitive agenda of egos, but rather a revelation of souls and the states in which they embed themselves. The prolific values in the so-called "art world" - which in our global Western culture place such high emphasis on obscuring power structures and truths - are effortlessly discarded, in favor of sincerity of expression and commitment to honest self cultivation.

The commonly implemented rules of art - e.g. perspective, balance, figuration, etc - are no longer experienced as transcendent limitations of internal expression. Rather, certain rules emerge from within the artist naturally, according to what serves the sincerity of his or her artistic expression. We can discover and refine techniques such as perspective through holding true to our personal vision just as powerfully as by training with any book or curriculum. It’s not that the study of technical principles will never arise during artistic growth, but rather their study ebbs and flows as the artist answers to the essential rhythms of his or her creative vitality.

Many art students are trained through curricula that enforce the need for artificiality of practice as a prerequisite for successful personal expression. This operates by a false and life-denying principle, which asserts that our vital flow must be suppressed at times in favor of artificial practices. This is fundamentally false, as the true development of creative expression comes not from its suppression in favor of technical practices, but rather from allowing it to flow within supportive environments sustained by the presence of a teacher. The art teacher’s role, therefore, is primarily to direct the vital flow of students’ natural creativity within a safe and supportive environment, rather than to suppress it and supplant it with mechanical practice.

In this light, we can look to the art curricula of many schools and see that it is not defined by real teachers, but rather by people who have most successfully internalized technical abilities. This also explains why so many MFA students express the attitude of becoming successful artists in spite of their education, rather than because of it. The true measure of the artist, and of the art teacher, is the commitment to living according to noble principles.

Our path as artists is for us to choose. We can walk an easier path through which we find acclaim, money, and praise by serving egos and established power structures. Yet ultimately we cannot hide from ourselves nor can we hide in our art from the cleansed vision of a true visionary. For walking a path of noble principles like self development, service, and love, we develop true power according to the operations of the objective universe and the Divine Kingdom. And further, I believe that the time is at hand when even the earthly rewards of acclaim, money, and praise will be flowing more and more in the direction of those who are sincerely choosing to follow the destiny written in their hearts. Those seeking easy rewards will be crushed by those who are claiming their true place in the Divine Kingdom.

Thank you for reading, and Godspeed on your creative endeavors....

---Gregory Bart aka Kiminjo:iconkiminjo:

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Is this group still active?
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InaAuderieth Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for suggesting my work to the group! :-D
EyeOfHobus Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
My request to join expired, is this group still alive?
candy-hippie Featured By Owner Edited Feb 18, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hi there. I submitted two pieces of visionary art here, and they were declined without explanation. The vajra, representing vjarayana or sudden enlightenment, is a core element of leading visionary artist Alex Grey's work and visionary art in general, as the vajrayana experience is closely reminiscent of the common practice of combining psychedelics with artmaking, a defining practice of the movement. Vajras and mandalas are both definitive motifs in visionary art. So, I don't understand why my work was rejected. Could I have an explanation please?
Strength Vajra Mandala (Colored) by candy-hippie Goddess Brooch (Colored) by candy-hippie
gloriagypsy Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  Professional General Artist
I am not sure who has declined. There are more than one moderator for the group here. Perhaps they will discuss with you. I have added the mandalas to the group however as I feel they fit here.
candy-hippie Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.
libramoon Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
very pretty patterns and colors, but they say nothing to me 
I have to feel something or I can't say it is the kind of art I want here
I have had this issue with mandalas before, but not all of them, not mandalas as such -- many of them feel meaningful while many of them just look pretty
I am sorry if my subjective feelings are not a good enough criteria for you, but that is all I have to work with
candy-hippie Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2018  Professional General Artist
Of course your 'subjective feelings' are not good enough. This is stated to be a visionary art group, not a "libramoon's personal feelings" group. We've all got our own profiles and favorites for our personal feelings. There's also a 'featured' folder in every group for the moderators' favorites. 'Subjective feelings' are not all you have to work with. Work instead with visionary art, as advertised. You are treating me -- and probably a lot of other artists -- unfairly, and selfishly muddling the genre.
libramoon Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
straw sky
Straw sky
Moonless, Sunless, Starless
Leaveless trees pointing gnarly fingers
to the heavens
deepening into darkness
Frayed and tattered dreams
Lucid praying
A feeling beyond touch
Beyond fear or sadness
A feeling unlike hope
Without reason
Yet delineated
Like constellations.
I make motions with my hands,
Move my skin into contact
With ineffable realms,
Move with the oozing miasma
Creating signs in faint luminescence.
Bit by bit they encompass
the night's horizon.
But there is more.
It comes to me in dribs and drabs,
Droning, encircling, swooping in and out.
I organize a study chamber
Pull out maps and rulers,
Set my quill to taking notes.
Images engaged in excited conversation
Pull me in to their heady company.
I can feel the sky breaking around me,
Bits of colored prisms falling.
Make a wish.
Wintry Forecast
White denotes purity,
cold somber reason.
Winter's the season
turning inward,
reflecting light.
Sunbeams on drifting snow
cast shadows, expose
past images layered below.
To see, to feel, to breathe
all luxury.  To hold,
transmit as manifest energy.
To paint upon translucent canvas
liminal etchings, private muses
generously revealed.
Identity refined, re-gifted,
planted in potent fertility.
Visions, cantations,
the tinsel of starlight;
the subtle scent of frigid night;
the feather touch of eternity.
Let me fall into velvet voice, enchanting form,
move with conscious rhythm;
caressed within words’ and worlds'
Cozy beside home’s translucent, receptive door,
wise old fire djinn awhirl in sumptuous fantasies.
Grab tight to this wondrous globe of fortune,
shake for your life, your destiny.
Snow descends, flies within desire's fortress.
Light, free, prism-pure, soothes, excites.
Colours collide, glow, sparkle, entice eyes.
Lost in extreme streaming radiant stars emit molten fire.
Resplendent figures morph through incandescence.
Weather Vane
Wintry White lace
dribbling through my mindspace
etching out photographs
unknown to my sight
one simple demand
worrying my grand plan
how to follow laugh lines
in flight out of fright
Juries listen closely
to tales out of turn
spun so very grossly
it's very hard to learn
what is True
What to do?
Singing of silence
doesn't stop the violence
dancing 'neath the Moon
never keeps out harm
transfixed in wonder
still we may blunder
but caught up in the tune
in the moment in the form
what seemed so important
dissipates into rain
into storm.
For Julie
    The Temple Bells sound clearly.
    Early morning misty mountain rising.
    Pale moon to jolly alpine sun.
    Soft blues & golds
    throughout the Valley.
    And, hark!  Hear the bells
    over hillsides, rockslides, 
    slip of skis, powder peaks,
    & rime held skies.
    That frost smell, plainly
    on that open mountain day
    & no one around but enticing odor
    of clean virgin snow.
   The darkside of the moon faces shyly.
    Sly shade moored under awaits her cue.
    Anticipation pure with mirth.
    & Night comes quickly.
    Icy stars blank out now pallid sun.
    And moonbeams twinkle - oh la!
    Pawprints mar niveous path.
    The mountain creature stalks.
    But soon hides & shivers 
    in providential crevice of warmth.
Vestal white reigns high.
    crystal stars
    celestial tableau.
Snowflake ribbons, cloud dust,
    shatter into mirror-images & gone!
    Scatter, swirl
Twinkling snowflakes in cold dark night.
Wishing, laughing, taking fancy's flight.
What are the visions your snowflakes bring?
What are the songs your carolers sing?
Where is that land -- secret in your mind --
surging seas hold strong, daring winds blow kind
and everything turns up right in the end?
Where is that place, and who is the friend
counting snowflakes across that broad, brave sky?
Who is the playfriend;
who is the I?
Twinkling snowflakes, I wish I may
Send warm, healing enchantment by dream-drawn sleigh.
A Winter Parable
Two old men sit 
wrapped in wool, contemplating a frozen stream.
Their memories soar out past yesterday's horizon
to youthful pleasures and dismays.
Yes, time has been harsh as the coldest winter;
and beautiful as late night snowfall that
covers the world in symbolic purity,
sets off 
strawlike, colorful northern herbs
against a star and moonlit sky.
To know profoundly, we need not be old,
only of a romantic nature.
To share these epiphanies, 
we need only be in love with life.
Before It's Over
They say in dreams a house is a metaphor for a life.
Windows open to the world, mysterious eyes seeking snowfall,
slush debris, snarls of auto travelers rushing into night.
Hidden inner rooms may appear, unsought buried treasure.
Deep within decorated walls, a smiling child painting with excrement.
Dimpling, she offers scent of flowers never known to earth's earnest soil.
Silly dreams, silly imagery, skillful denying;
making much of
a molehill on alpine ground.
Mountains are metaphors for achievement.
Struggling like Sisyphus, discovering like Pythagoras
basic relationships on which to build.
Empires, like species of mystic birds
emerge from smoldered flame.  Flogging slaves to
roll those rocks from imperial graves up the peaks of glory.
Like family, and its social cognates, enslave to stories:
"This is who we are."
February snows through conflated years.
Fear was my ally, hailing me on, hugging
with glorious laughter, carrying unsure steps through
onerous trails. And those ebullient ecstasies of survival.
Drunk on the gold that surpasseth science or light.
Touch the cold sting, letting the song sing through me.
Do you?
Feel the music?  Abandon your amygdala to dance free
awhirl in a swirl of laughing snow?
In dreams, inchoate, unremembered, do we play in those
moments of bliss to keep us balanced, to give courage in a life
less lived, less honored?
Old, glazed-over eyes seek momentary solace, look long,
longingly, into a silly mist of snow beyond windows closed
securely against the cold.   Dream world revealed,
in the interplay of eyes and mind.
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