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Hi to all my friends and followers! My core membership expired and sta/sh storage is full, so I cant upload new photos:(
My funds are low know, all was spent on boys) If you like my works and want to see new ( I got plenty! ) maybe one of you could give me membership as a gift! Sorry for asking and thanks in advance! 


Sun Nov 24, 2013, 8:49 AM

my facebook

non-commercial use -download for points

If you want photos in hi res or for ads and book covers contact me to buy via paypal

How to become a photographer.

Sat Apr 6, 2013, 3:44 AM

A photographer need attention, patience and curiosity. We call this set the maximum state of alertness, willingness to act but with inner peace. It is a physical and mental concentration, alertness, vigilance, the ability to instantly move to action. 

The problem is that the photographer has to work with the ultra-small segments of time, most often in the area of ​​1/200 second, and even 1/8000. It's amazing that our brains can work and respond in such time frames.

 So a good shot is almost always a chain of "saw-pressed the trigger," but "analyzed the dynamics, pulled the trigger."

With experience, you can analyze not only simple motion path but such complex processes as facial expressions

This state is a core skill of any photographer, and not related to his outside shooting temperament. Nervous and noisy photographer, in the moments when it is necessary will be in the same state: calm, focus and passion. And a lazy and apathetic person can be successful not only in the landscape, but also in sports photography. Maybe not a good example, timing in landscapes  is no less hard than in sport, but you know what I mean.

Based on his experience, the ability to take pictures is the ability to control attention, and even some time.

So, saying that the basis of photographic skill is the ability to create and maintain a certain state of attention. Using this condition, and having certain technical skills, improving communication skills and expand cultural knowledge, you can become a good photographer.

And photographers are divided into two types, good photographers, and not photographers.

Back to St-Petersburg

Sun Mar 31, 2013, 4:18 AM

Back home to Russia for two next month. some of my favorite models are ready again and hope to get some new stars)

Moved to Kiev

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 10:10 AM

Hi! i moved to live to Ukraine,Kiev.
Mainly because of all this cute Ukrainian models and better climate)
if you really need to get in touch-

and yes you can use my photos as references for non commercial projects

What you need for stock?

Fri Aug 31, 2012, 2:25 AM

Hi! I am uploading some photos fro stock, but I cant understand what is good for you) do you need simple background( isolated white?) or you prefer interior or nature?
also what is better:freaky complicated pose with strange camera angle or more classic poses?

I don't promise you to make what you need, I'm too lazy..but maybe, but I got terrabites of archives


Sun May 6, 2012, 3:24 PM

Will be in Ukraine for a month-5 cities, lots of models) will try to upload new stuff from time to time)

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Blog on Tumblr

Wed Feb 8, 2012, 5:27 PM

Finally I had no photo sessions for 3 days! Or 4 days? And I really fed up with photoshop. So I had time to update my web-page!__main-en… with a kind of english version, but its more like english menu.And I started a blog on tumblr There is really much going on im my and models life and I know you are curious :)
On my camera manual I swear I'll keep it update-if not, send me angry notes !
ps facebook…

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Lots of Letters

Sat Feb 19, 2011, 9:31 PM

Hi! I do rite a lot about photography or about myself in context of photography but in Russian. Maybe I should try to write in English as well. Sorry in advance for all mistakes! I worked as a guide before photography, but my writing English never was good and I had no practice for a long time. After my deactivation accident I thought I should communicate more with DA society. When it happened I thought nobody would really notice it .Not because I was so frustrated, but you know nowadays we have so many connections with all the social nets and artists sites. It might sound selfish but I'm afraid I wouldn't notice one of my fellows going away.

Maybe I am just too busy (or pretending to be) with making new sets to give time and attention. You know my friends are getting married and divorced and sometimes I didn’t notice it! Again, not because I am actually doesn't have time, just because my ideas of private space are a little bit too strict. But on my own experience I understood that all this modern technologies needs a human heart to work so maybe my photo experience can be somehow transferred and be useful.

It's hard for me to separate my work experience from my life, because strangely for me photography is my life, either it might sound pathetic. I never liked people who are too much into profession, sport or business; mostly they are boring and can talk only about their passion and let’s say about themselves.
Looks like I am one of those guys, at least I hope I am more or less versatile in conversations, but when I talk about photography I talk about myself and when I talk about myself-it’s about photography.
I always loved photography but never thought it will be that big for me.

When I was a kid I had a camera and processed films in dark room, and yes I am that old. I miss this days, either I am a fan of digital revolution, but there is really some magic in seeing your work slowly appearing on paper, so I know what this old jerks mean when they talk about generation of button pushers.
Sure I wouldn't advise to work with film, if you are not a big( and rich) fan of it, but my advice is to imagine, that you have 70-100 frames only, and each will cost some money. It really brings better cropping and more well exposed pics.

Since 18 I worked as a guide in my city. Met a lot of fantastic people and got unique opportunity to talk with top business art and political. The good and the bad thing about photography is that you need a little bit of everything, if you don’t make money by it you‘ll never meet challenges that can improve you as an artist, if you don’t know world culture- you suck, and if you can’t communicate to people mad disorganized people in extremely stressful situation –you wouldn’t be able to be a wedding.
So my advice, if I really can give some, is to be more social. I hate anti-social artists, they can be extremely talented but one sided.

If you don’t have a chance to meet ministers, gallery owners and evil Goldman Sachs top managers (they knew!)- read more. I know reading is not big now, I myself can hardly read a book now, but at least try and go to nearest art museum-those Renessans Italians were the light.
The main lesson I got from guiding experience is how to be patient. It’s a big topic but believes and remember that all clients and even professional models going through self-confidence crisis on a photoset.
And sometimes you’ll have to work with people who had completely different views on life, maybe aggressive or believe that photography is girlishly-gay thing. But what can you do if skin heads and criminals are so cute? So after you imagine that you work with film and not digital add a feeling that model can cut your throat-it’s a good motivation to take every model or client serious.  

After 5  or 6 years of guiding I had clients from Norway, journalists who asked me to organize a photographer for there magazine. I offered myself, rented a good digital camera and had a really good set-one of the best I did, with perfect rainy weather, old soviet car and my friends who had to pretend to be a “gold youth” of new Russia. It really turned out good and I thought why not to go into it more? I was a little bit fed up with all this aged and wise people who anyway new much more than me about my city and arts.

It was a beginning of social nests time, we got our Russian version of facebook called . Peaty, because it grow so big that now we are like on island separated from facebook and the world. So at the beginning I was offering my work for free, didn’t’ know anything about working in studio and had cheap (hay it wasn’t that chip those days! ) canon D400. I had camera classes thousand years ago, was it in Soviet Union? Now I think I was too young when SU collapsed, anyway before digital. When you starting, be frank and don’t charge people, not even a penny. I think you should pay them, but if they are agreeing to be lab rabbits, and you give them all photos it might work. You’ll “murder” first 10-15 models, but it is an experience. Think of yourself as a doctor who is really curies about people organs and got a dozen of duty free prisoners from dungeon. Cut them but remember every photographer got his own photo “cemetery“.  

Then the photoshop came in. I studied it the most boring way-read a huge book. What can be more boring than a book about computer program? But youtube videos will never replace a Photoshop book, with video you just learn some tricks, and will never understand what you do.  And most important thing about understanding photo editors-try to use them less. Forget all this awful filters! Just don’t! Correct your mistakes and save it. The good thing about working for free is that you  really can experiment with back light, reflections, crop and angles. I did some really cool works at the beginning and I am not brave enough to do such great shit now.

After I did sets with some girls, and girls are the worst object to photograph for me but реу best as fans followers and related customers I had a set with a guy, boyfriend of one of them. Was a very silent guy, good looking but he asked me to do a photo with a tiger face on his. Really want my cup of tea, but I did… .I know I know, its awful, but lets say next day I was flooded with requests to to a set from cute guys, he turned to be a champion of Europe  in sambo, a kind of wrestling sport, and his students and fans wanted to be photographed by me. I never belived in such marketing strategy, but it worked with a world champ in bodybuilding and one very expensive prostitute, so a scientifically proved move, take it and use.

There must be an accessible local star, that actually dosn’t know that he is a hero for some kids and needs your help in publicity. But don’t take rock and emo groups they will never become popular and too skinny.

Would love to continue, rather I’am not sure that many people would be able to overcome this graphomaniac text, but need to go for a wedding set. It’s – 21 C outside! but I really want to make some money for spring trips.
Any questions?

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Fri Feb 18, 2011, 11:40 PM

As maybe you noticed my profile was deactivated for some time. It was done by my (ex) boyfriend, actually a very strange way for revenge but he was right, it was a big frustration for me. First I didn't want to try to reactive it, but friends from DA contacted me and cheered up, a big help in this period. Thanks to DA help desk stuff, and to all my friends.
So, one advice-really change your passwords and keep it safe. And never date your models :)

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Grand voyage

Sat Aug 7, 2010, 4:24 PM

Hi! On Monday i am going to Ukraine...reason? sure not the sea or landscapes but lots and lots of cute guys.I mean serious hot, even to my taste. I think you understand why not one of the normal tourists destinations,but it was a but hard to explain it to my mom ^) not sure that they have internet, maybe dial up? oh..tshh.tzzzz..shhhh, anyway will try to find a way to keep you updated on whets happening.
hugs! :blowkiss:

Stock and stock use

Sat Jan 23, 2010, 9:26 AM

Hi! photos on DA is for non commercial use, feel free to use it for photomanipulations or drawings. If you want photos in hi res or for ads, you can take them from this stock Fotolia

By advise of my friend and a talented artist I published a book on Lulu. It’s a 23 pages U.S. Letter size book called «Boys together” with my best couples photos
Buy, rate and support at…


I did around 280, according to my messy records. One of my cameras got broken-the stutter ran out of its capacity. Never in my life I had less clubbing,sex and sleep.I always thought of myself as a lazy person who is to board to be involved in anything. But photography slowly took all of me. I don’t think that it made me smarter and I think my early works are still better than what I do now. It didn’t made me rich either I didn’t expect it, but I cant believe that I have no time for shopping! There is nothing holy left in my life) A year feels like one long day, separated by short sleeps in-between sets. I order food by phone, what is an extreme act for Russian. My best friend got married and divorced and I still haven’t seen her. Okay I know my brother got married, I was a photographer on his wedding. And this entire people! There are too many models who want attention. Am not complaining, I’m more surprised by myself and situation.
Maybe if I worked less, or did less free sets or worked more, I could organize and pay for a well prepared sets, with haircuts and make-up and some freaky wardrobe…is it something that is called growing? Oh shit, this needs some much time, I could do five people instead! The problem is that I am not a good photographer, Im just captured by all this characters, its like thousand shiny gems and I cant take my eyes from this kaleidoscope. I still don’t have enough force to stop it, so I will go on. I want to thak sll my friends and internet baddies and commenters on DA, sorry I don’t have time to answer to most of your comments, and actually some of them are rather trashy. But your sense of humor analyze and attempts to analyze what I do entertained and gave at least some reason to all of this. Thanks to all artists who used my works as references! It’s a pleasure and honor to me, apart from some scary Photoshop experiments but I am okay with it too.  Its 5 in the morning and Im invited to armrestlers  competition , and have to be there at 12.Its – 10, snowing and I have nothing for breakfast…but there will be this fantastic guy Igor, and guys,you gonna looove him-extremely slim waist, wide shoulders and big hand, blonde with big blue innocent eyes, straight as hell and hungry for photos-that’s ma client)

New,requests and questions

Fri Jul 24, 2009, 6:12 AM

As long as most of my models are on holidays on south of Russia or abroad, I have time to work with archives. When I have 3 shootings a day I sometimes have no time to look at the photos. I’m in folder “bodybuilders”, dancers, fighters and a mysterious folder “other” are on away. I fond some good works that you haven’t seen yet, so I am thinking of putting works I choose before and haven’t published and then to add some re founded photos. DA a place for such a photo flood? I am okay with putting one two photos from a set, but there are many who use my works as a base for their art and they I think need more than one photo. To make it easier I am making folder in my DA profile
My profile is a stock, but if you need hi res works for art, write to me, I’ll check your portfolio and then will, or won’t send it to you. Sorry, but there were many ugly works based on my works.

New Facebook page

Fri May 29, 2009, 6:26 AM

Hi! I lost my account on facebook and have to make a new one…

Check out my new videos, photos and notes. By the way. I am also a gay guide in Saint-Petersburg, so if you happen to appear here-drop me a line)

Where do you get them ?

Sat May 2, 2009, 4:20 PM

Ive been asked many many times  and I tried to answer by massages but its easier to do it as a journal entry. I have to start from far.
When I started to take photos serious and thought of going to a photo school. Ive been to one when I was a little kid, but now I thought I need the coolest photographer as a teacher. And one of the big commercial photographers here has a school more like a high courses. I brought my works that was just some photos of my friends who actually look like most of my models, and I was told to grow portfolio first and then to come again. Apart from poor portfolio the price was a bit high- 1500$ what I was willing to pay ( oh those times when I had money because I wasn’t a photographer) but didn’t pass the portfolio test. I made a group in Russian social net (like facebook) called foto for free. I offered free photo set to any who find me a good setting or make a nice idea. Sure I did some girls which are sometimes happen to be as good as boys , as model I mean! Than I offered set to a Sergei -hot guy I saw in net. He wasn’t sure at the begin but I saw by amount of creepy soap camera photos that he want it. And  he found a cool location-burn stables, brought a cute friend with him and we did a great set… And it turned to be a bit gay you know guys playing with each other, giving looks or doing what was called ‘friends spanks’. These two guys are from sambo sport section, and all friends after seeing new avatars wanted to do a set. Many of my model are from sambo…maybe 1/3 are from sambo. I also did one of they key figures in this sport here-… didn’t know who is he and still sorry that I charged him full price. After him all sambo kids were proud to have photos from me.
Other big source is one of the night club, which is not gay but they got go go dancers. And this are always really good-looking  gays, but mostly bad models-lazy, late and queeny. But great bodies-like he is…
To be a go go is a hard job and they dosn’t stay for long in a club, but most of them are getting a photoset with me. Then there is a huge pack of bodybuilders. I made and advertisement in one of the big sport clubs… -actually haven’t got that many clients but I worked with some of the trainers like this twins…
I can go like that for long, but there is already too many links so, here are some of my advises
Offer yourself on facebook
Get one cute hot guys, maybe pay him like 50 $ no nude, just some kind of a sportfolio
Work with girls-they got brothers)
Get a key person-a local star, sportsmen.
Make ad in the nearest sport clubs-some will ask for money-ignore it, find a place that will be happy to have a photographer working with them. Yoг place Ad and do some event photos in exchange.
Be open-some of the boys who looked bad on photos turned to be fantastic I’ll post some examples.

Ill post more about how to work with models, maybe it will be useful for you guys.

A Missed Opportunity

Fri May 1, 2009, 3:59 PM

Today I couldn’t catch the most beautiful boy I’ve ever met and believe me if I say ‘most beautiful’ it means it. He saw me taking photos and got a bit interested and sure I offered to be my next model but oops…I had no visit cards with me and he was in a hurry following his friends (cute too). Awful situation which actually happened with me few times.I don’t have business card because I got no logo. And I don’t have a logo because I am awful in drawing. Oaky maybe I should print some simple cards but a photographer must impress! I’ve kept photos on DA open for whatever for 3 years and now I need some help from you guys. There are must be some designers favoriting my works-I need a logo, design for visit cards and stuff like that. What can I offer you in response? Any work you choose in hi res? My nude photos? A blow job? Any price will do.

I dont really know what I want but I cant but a photo or some photos becouse models are always jelouse to each oter: But more or less I seek it like somthing black and white..and cool)